Would you like to be in Angelina's jacket?

June 26, 2008 (USA)

All Angelina Jolie fans have suddenly got a reason to smile, as the sexy and stunning leather jacket that is worn by her in the upcoming film is up for sale. On CharityFolks.com has put the garment for auction. It is anticipating massive online participation as Angelina rests in the hearts of millions world wide.

The Hollywood actress has worn the black jacket in her forthcoming action flick ‘Wanted’. It's the diagonal front zipper and the tassel that gives a glamorous and classy look to the jacket. However, if one wishes to flaunt it, the wearer must have a curvaceous body like Angelina, as it is in extra small size!

The website is expecting to earn big bucks that will help the organization, Plan!t Now, started by the Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman, one of the most respected Hollywood actors.

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