Jewellery Collection Event In Dubai

Jewellery Collections Dubai is just around the corner as the UAE gold market touches record highs of Dhs2.8bn in the second quarter

Jewellery Collections Dubai will be held from the 11-15 of December at Halls 5-8 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with an exclusive ladies only viewing on the 13 December between 12pm - 4pm.

As the time passes, it cannot get more precise than the staging of Jewellery Collections Dubai.

The festive season has begun
and wedding bells will be heard in the air. It's a time for giving, and it's hard to think of a more appropriate and enduring gift than an exquisite piece of jewellery.

A evidence to the region's enduring love affair with jewellery, Jewellery Collections Dubai is a part of the new three show format at Dubai International Jewellery Week, which will feature an unbelievable range of jewellery from across the globe.

The ultimate retail jewellery event of the year, will take place from the 11-15 December at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and welcomes some of the biggest names in the industry including Al Masaood Jewellery, Amwaj, Damas, Dhamani, Euro Pearls, Forever, Jovial, Mahalatti, Pure Gold, Rosy Blue, Samra, Su-Raj, Taka and Thamina all showcasing their latest creations. 'Coinciding the show dates with this time of the year adds an extra sparkle to the show, with Eid Al Adha and Christmas round the corner' said Ms. Trixee Loh, Exhibitions General Manager of Dubai World Trade Centre, the show's organiser.

'It brings out the best in the exhibitors and also gives visitors the opportunity to choose from an array of international collections.' she added.

Are you looking for a perfect gift or a jewellery for your loved ones then this will be a perfect choice for those, the variety on offer at Jewellery Collections Dubai will be a perfect match. From exotic Tahitian pearls that offset a gown to elegant pear shaped diamonds that add sparkle to your evening wear or a pendant which symbolise the journey of love, there is something for everyone at Jewellery Collections Dubai. With many exhibitors saving the best for last and unveiling their never-before-seen creations at the show, visitors have the chance to get their hands on these masterpieces before anyone else.

'We, along with our retail partner Pure Gold, will be unveiling the Omri 'Journey of Love' pendant at the show, as we feel the timing and setting is perfect for such an exclusive product. It captures the mood of the season, and it will definitely appeal to people of all age groups' as said Mr. Harshad Mehta, Chairman of Rosy Blue. Visitors to the show can also get a taste of the world, from Hong Kong, India, Italy, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey.

The show will also feature some eternal pieces that will stand the test of time. The choice is eclectic for someone looking to purchase a piece of jewellery as an investment or a family heirloom that changes hands through generations.

A Trunk Show by renowned Canadian-Indian designer duo Sikha & Tsufa promises to add to the glamour of the event. They will present a stunning range of theme-based designer gowns studded with precious and semi-precious stones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and Swarovski Crystals. The Mogul and Red Carpet-inspired gowns are made exclusively for the show and will never be replicated, further enhancing their allure.

The strategic position of the two other jewellery events, Areeq Dubai and Jewellery Trade Dubai, alongside the retail event, will provide traders with tremendous synergy and benefits exclusive to Dubai International Jewellery Week.

There is a new exciting offer for all who attend the event excluding the people under 16 years of age. Entry will be free and all visitors will be entered into a free prize draw in which air tickets to a select shopping destination will be offered to the winner at his / her selective shopping destination.

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'Fashion Framed' - A Study On Fashion Photography

"A picture speaks more than a thousand words." - How true this statement is! A camera captures moments and conveys them much more effectively than words can ever attempt to. The right kind of photograph can speak volumes about a certain subject. The same holds true for fashion photography.

Fashion photography is that wonderful branch of photography that focuses specifically on 'fashion'. The trained eye of a skilled fashion photographer can work wonders for a fashion accessory, model or a show, and add to its beauty. This report seeks to study all about the field of fashion photography, including its evolution, the nitty-gritties of the life of a fashion photographer, the career as well as the scope.

This report has been prepared using a number of sources of secondary data, and an attempt has been made to design as comprehensive an account as possible.

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Lakmé Brings Bridal Sutra Collection By Sabyasachi

Rooted in tradition and inspired by Indian beauty and sensuality, Lakmé brings you this season its Lakme Fashion Week color collection by designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

The LAKME Bridal Sutra collection is for the contemporary Indian woman who blends a long heritage of Indian aesthetic into her own unique brand of expression.

The Bridal Sutra Collection is the first expression of the LAKMÉ Beauty Sutra, Lakmé’s beauty inspirations for every Indian woman - dedicated to the spirit of individuality and creativity sparked into vivid new expressions.

Lakmé Bridal Sutra line draws it’s inspiration from rituals & joy of a wedding, along with the splendid colors of Indian jewels and burnished hues of precious metals.

Expect myriad hues of crushed diamonds, sapphires and rubies, brought alive with the luster of liquid gold, silver and copper and textured to work fabulously with Indian skin tones and features.

The range comprises Enrich Metallic Lipsticks, Lip Chrome, Jewel Eyeliner, Eye Pot, Glide on Eye Color, Jewel Sindoor and True Wear Nail Colour - in exciting new colours that set the mood for the bridal and festive season, whether the occasion is a Mehendi, Sangeet, Vivah or Reception.

Bridal Sutra is about stretching the license for individual expression through gorgeous traditions of dressing up.

Sabyasachi, together with make up maestro, Cory Walia brings the looks alive on Lakmé models Indrani Dasgupta and Vipasha Agarwal.

Mehendi explores every woman’s innate spontaneity, Sangeet the elegant art of coquetry, Vivah – the delightful fusion of age-old traditions with very personal expression and Reception the translation of individuality with sociable flair.

The Bridal Sutra range is a tribute to Indian beauty and sensuality and will appeal to every woman who wants to touch the traditional side to her in her own unique way.

Expressing his thoughts on the new range Anil Chopra, Advisor - Lakmé said, “Lakmé’s legacy of beauty and fashion continues with yet another season celebrating the creativity of the contemporary Indian woman, along with her rich heritage and tradition.

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Current Fashion Trends For You

Do you like to wear fashionable clothes? Are you a person that is always curious of the current fashion trends? Find out what the great designers have planned for you. So, do you want 2008 to be your year? Dress up according to the current fashion trends and you will get an advantage point that will help you in all your activities. First of all, as autumn and winter are coming, you have to be prepared for these seasons. Contrast is what matters in this season. You can choose to be feminine and wear dresses or be feminine in a more subtle way and wear some sexy trousers and sweater. All is allowed in the current fashion trends.

Fall and winter current fashion trends

Do you like the cold seasons? Hot tea and chocolate will make your day? Well, count the current fashion trends in for a mood booster, as the funny looking models and styles will also cheer you up a bit when you think you need more warmth. Knitted extra large sweaters will be a great hit in the current fashion trends. Actually, all that is knitted and hand made is very fashionable this fall and winter. So, ask your granny to knit you some funny large blouses and wear these with some classy and tight jeans. This will be a subtle combination, just perfect for a casual look which is attractive at the same time. If you go for dresses, they can be knitted as well and wearing them with some colorful boots will give you a trendy appearance. If you want a more official outfit, you can opt for suits in stripes or in black and white or uni. The suits of the fifties will be of great success, so adopt this style for you as well.

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Fashion Shows Alongwith Sexy And Slim Models On The Ramp

Fashion shows are mostly organized by the main intention of fashion designers to promote their clothing and accessories which are worn by models on the catwalk. The first exhibition of such a show goes back to the 1900’s in New York. Back then, the main purpose of the show was to spark the female shopper’s curiosity in the latest Parisian fashion creations. This was happening in 1903 and by 1920 all over the United States themed fashion shows were taking place, often narrated.

Later on fashion shows are specializing more and more, usually becoming a display of art, accompanied by impressive decorations and especially selected music to blend with the presentation and the complex stages.

Since the 1970s fashion weeks are organized, events that focuses on presenting the latest designs from all over the world, from the most successful, popular and most acclaimed houses. Mostly these fashion shows happen in fashion capitals like New York, Milan, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and London. Many other fashion weeks are put on throughout the year in many other cities with the scope of promoting unknown but promising designers.

A fashion trend is presented each season which means fashion shows often take place from January until March and from September until November. These allow designers to inform retailers and the general public on the available trends for the next upcoming season in time for them to decide what to purchase and buy respectively.

Mostly Journalists, celebrities and photographers and other designers are invited to fashion shows for making the shows real entertainment programs. Because of high interest in fashion, fashion channels are available for the general public, so anyone can see it on TV and many other sources which help in choosing from specific fashion shows with clothes ready to wear, bridal fashion (for brides only), haute-couture or swimwear fashion.

Fashion shows are such fascinating events that are mostly associated with charity events and special exhibitions of accessories and cosmetics. These provide a better chance to famous designer schools to participate in. Most acclaimed fashion shows – specifically Fashion Weeks - take place in New York, Paris, London, Milan, London, Los Angeles and Rome and bring together a myriad of celebrities, supermodels, designers and fashion magazine editors, with a huge amount of media coverage and also attracts the fashion loving crowd to them.

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The Hot and Sexy Paris Hilton Runs For "Fake" President In New Music Video

The Gorgeous and sexy Paris Hilton is getting political again.

On Sunday, the heiress is going to debut a new music video, in which she runs for "fake" president.

The spot -- which she taped in Los Angeles on Oct. 3 -- will premiere on

What if she really were commander-in-chief? Think Of it Really Amazing!!!!

"I'd get jobs for people so we can get the economy back on track," she said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

Just have a Look back at Paris Hilton and other stars' first times on the red carpet.

Hot Paris Hilton got looped into the election after John McCain negatively compared Barack Obama to her in a campaign ad.

After taping a rebuttal in a FunnyOrDie clip, she recently shot another spoof, appearing alongside with "one of the greatest fake presidents," Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet on The West Wing, as she herself declared she was running for "fake president."

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The Exciting World Of Tattoos

Tattoos - think of them and the first word that comes to mind is 'style' or 'fashion'. But do you know how they originated? Tattoos have come a long, long way. Initially used for purposes such as identification and worship, tattoos have evolved into ultimate fashion statements today. Since when have tattoos been in existence? The art of tattooing has been around for a very long time. Not for a couple of decades, but for thousands of years.

This report aims to study all about tattoos, from their origin and evolution to the traditions in various parts of the world. It essentially consists of the following parts:

  • The meaning of 'tattoo'
  • Tattooing over the ages
  • Tattoo customs
  • Modern tattoos

Meaning of 'Tattoo'

What is meant by the term 'tattoo'? A tattoo refers to a design painted on the skin of human beings or animals.

The word 'tattoo' has been derived from the Samoan word 'tatau', which means 'to mark twice'. This has reference to the traditional method of applying designs on skin. The syllable 'ta' means 'hand', while 'u' means 'colour'.

Tattooing over the ages

When was the first tattoo done? In other words, when did the art of tattooing originate? The earliest instance of tattoos has been found from the Upper Paleolithic Era, i.e. between 10000 and 38000 BC. Instruments used for tattooing from this period have been excavated. These instruments typically consist of a clay dish and needles made from bone. The needles are inserted into holes made into the dish. It is believed that the dish would hold pigment, while the needles would be used for piercing skin and making designs. Another evidence that tattooing did exist during this period has also been obtained figures made of clay and stone that have engraved designs on them. Probably, these designs represent tattoos.

Evidence of tattooing in the Bronze Age has also been found. The tattooed body of the European Iceman 'Oetzi', found near the Italian-Austrian border in the year 1991 is believed to be from this era. This is the first instance of tattooing that has been found on a human body.

The following are some instances of early tattoos found in different parts of the world:

Egypt: Another instance of ancient human body tattoos has been found on mummified bodies in Egypt believed to be from the period between 2160-1994 BC. It is during this period that the art of tattooing flourished in Egypt and spread to other areas of the world. In this sense, Egypt is often referred to as 'the cradle of tattoo art'. Several mummies with body tattoos have been found from Egypt, believed to be from the period between 2000 and 3000 BC. One of these found at Thebes - is the mummy of Amunet, a priestess of goddess Hathor. Her body has a number of lines and dots inked on it all over. Other mummies found from this period show evidence of tattooing on the lower abdomen, in the form of lines and stripes.

Tattooed Egyptian mummies from around 1300 BC have also been found. Most of these tattoos are geometrical shapes, while some are religious in nature. Several of them have the goddess Neith tattooed on the skin.

Nubia: Another instance of religious tattooing has been observed on the Nubian mummies dating back to about 400 BC. Many of these mummies were found to have the god of rivalry, Bes, tattooed on the skin.

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Merino Knitwear Fall Winter 2009-10 Collection Launched

Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), a non profit making organization dedicated to the development of wool industry unveiled 'Merino Knitwear Fall Winter 09-10 Collection" at The Intercontinental, New Delhi through a fashion show. Special Guest, Mr. S.K Singhal, President – Textiles, Raymond India graced the occasion.

Top Indian models like Indrani Das Gupta, Amanpreet Wahi and Sonalika Sahay sashayed the ramp donning the elegant collection. The event was well attended by the decision makers and representatives of the leading Indian textile manufacturers, retailers, exporters and designers beside members for trade and business associates related to woolen apparel industry.

Based on new themes like Merino touch, Merino fresh and Merino Cool- the collection comprised of 61 exclusive pieces. Ranging from knitwear to woven apparels for men, women and kids, the designs had a unique blend of luxury, style and comfort.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Pascal Senkoff – Regional General Manager Asia said "We are delighted to present our innovative collection for the next season. The availability of high quality, unique, and desirable products are a way for AWI to expand product offerings to the fashion retail market and further promote the benefits that only Australian Merino wool can offer. Through this we intend to reinforce our commitment to bring new and innovative merino products to the global wool market."

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Damas Launches Diwali Jewellery Collection

Adorn yourself with fabulous jewels this Diwali and win instant rewards as Damas, the leading international jewellery retailer in the Middle East, kicks off its special Diwali campaign. The grand Diwali promotions will commence on October 11 and will last until October 31, 2008, covering 50 participating Damas 22 shops across the UAE and select outlets in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

Buy stunning Diwali special gold jewellery worth AED1,500 from participating Damas outlets and you automatically walk away with an exquisite silver pearl necklace for free. Purchase gold jewellery worth AED3,500 and AED7,000, and you get a gold pearl necklace and a gold pearl necklace and earrings set, respectively in this Diwali Festive Season.

For diamond lovers, every purchase of diamond jewellery worth AED 1,500 comes with a free gold pearl necklace. Buy diamond jewels worth AEDD3,500 and AED7,000 and you receive a gold pearl necklace and earrings set and Damas his/hers diamond watch set, respectively in Diwali Festive Season. Increase your diamond jewellery purchase to AED15,000 and you receive both gold pearl necklace and earrings set and his/hers Damas diamond watch set for free!

Tawhid Abdullah, Managing Director of Damas commented: “We extend our warmest greetings to the region’s Indian community as we welcome Diwali. Design superiority and production innovation have allowed us to build distinct in-house brands that demonstrate the many possibilities of gold and reflect aspirations of their intended audiences. Jewellery and personal adornment play an important role in keeping traditions alive and our extensive range of products allows us to connect to our Indian clientele on this special occasion.”

Rounding up Damas’ exciting treats during the Festival of Lights – Diwali, is the launch of the Diwali Masterpiece Set in gold and diamond editions. The gold masterpiece set is made from pure 22kt gold. Handcrafted and casted in Turkey, the alluring set combines glossy and matte finishes and is accentuated by coloured stones and zirconiums. The diamond masterpiece set, on the other hand, features sparkling round brilliant diamonds set in 18kt yellow gold. The prongs of each piece are polished with white rhodium, complimenting the brilliance of the diamonds.

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The Hot and Sizzling Sexy Pussycat Dolls Lingerie on the Catwalk

From bumping and grinding in a burlesque troupe, to creating a class "A" act in Las Vegas that has attracted such "A-list" guest celebrities as Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johannson, Eva Longoria to creating a reality TV show Girlicious, the Pussycat Dolls sure know how to make things hot and sexy.

They are ready to shake their booty on the catwalk in Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin showed her sexy lingerie collection called "...shhh" intoned Robin because it's "our little secret" he added.

Combining sex with fashion, burlesque with the catwalk, the Pussycat Dolls put on a show that brought out celebrities like Quincy Jones, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, among others.

They know how to put on a show, and this show was no exception as they intertwined the catwalk - walk with burlesque skits and Pussycat Dolls musical interludes, turning the fashion show into an entertainment event.

The braless look was very much prevalent on the catwalk. Black high heel stiletto shoes added height and sex appeal to them.

Adding to the braless look, one model wore a low "u" shape tank top without a bra, with sexy black denim micro mini skirt with the words PUSSYCAT blazing in red letters, knee high black stiletto boots and thigh high black leggings.

Leggings or stocking under micro mini skirts or booty shorts are a definite fall trend. Legs are definitely in, or out and on display for the fall.

We also love those hot leopard skin pattern thongs, especially when coupled with thigh high black stockings with garter belts and those ultra sexy black high heel stiletto shoes.

One model wore a white, gray and black tank top combination complete with the braless look, and boy shorts tied at the side. Another model wore ruffle thong panties, white bra with horizontal black Baby doll top with orange boy shorts was worn by a tall blonde model.

More stripes were also seen on the models, including a white string thong with black horizontal stripes with matching white bra and horizontal black stripes.

At the Closing, the real Pussycat Dolls - Kimberly Wyatt, Jessica Sutta, Nicole Scherzinger, Melody Thornton and Ashley Roberts donned their own boy shorts and bustiers to perform the sexy closing number.

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Corset: A Hot, Sexual and Appealing Fashion Accessory

Corset is a type of cloth mostly worn by women for beauty purposes; it may also be worn by men, as it has a medical function as well. This style detail has been extremely popular in middle ages and it's getting on top once again.

Corset is a garment worn to mold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes. They are typically constructed of flexible material, such as cloth or leather, stiffened with boning inserted into channels into it and held together by laces in front or back of it.

Corsets were usually worn in middle ages by almost all women and were surely most fashionable. Sometimes they even caused serious health problems, because women who worn them wanted their torso to be as slim as possible but ignoring their body fitness and health.

Nowadays, women wear corset for getting a bolder and a slimmer look. Corset is now used to slim the body. Corset is mostly used by women for a curvy figure by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips, whereas men use corsets to get slimmer and sleek.

Corset is considered to be a sexual detail, because as we have mentioned before that it's the best way to exaggerate the bust and hips while reducing waist, which makes the figure extremely feminine, therefore, sexy. Whereas on the other side wearing corset is also having some of the advantages and disadvantages also.

Firstly we will talk about the health benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits are as such that corset promotes good posture and they can reduce pain and improve function for people with back problems. Yet, they can cause Glenard's disease; deform lower ribs, which may lead to organ failure or dehydration. Wearing a corset may also deform stomach and liver.

Now, talking about personal advantages, corsets may give a straight posture by instantly reducing the waistline and spread the weight of big gowns. Some corset wearers enjoy the feeling of being "hugged" by corset and they also make people feel warmer. Moreover, the abdominal pressure maintenance by frequent corset use can help wearer reduce body fat by inhibiting the appetite without dieting, slimming drugs or cosmetic surgery. However, it's rather difficult to get used to wearing corset. If the wearer is unhabituated to shallow breathing, the muscles can soon tire and start working too slow, severely reducing oxygen supply. That's why it is important that the corset lengthens the waist.

So, It is recommended that if somebody plans to wear corset then he/she should be well practiced for shallow breathing and don't tighten it very hard. Getting is to maximum tightened corset must be performed gradually in order not cause health problems.

So, if you are planning to purchase a corset then enquire about it and then and then you should go for a purchase of one. You should just make sure that if you are using it properly, so it wouldn't cause you any problems. When you are habituated to wear it then you can wear it more tight and of course you will look more sexy and even a hot personality!!!!!!!!!

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A Second Life for Fashion: Used Clothing

A shopping mall in New Jersey displays T-shirts in a vibrant palette which looks trendy and is an up-to-date fashion. Far away in an African country, a young man happily strolls through a market wearing a T-shirt with an American logo printed on it. Though seemingly irrelevant, both panoramas are interconnected with each other through a line of clothing. How does clothing which is originally sold in the US end up in the clothing shelf of an African lad? Globalization and recycling of used clothing work together to make this possible. The journey of a garment does not end as a landfill all the time. They may be recycled in two ways; either it will be sold again as used clothing or will be shredded and mechanically recycled into raw material for the manufacture of other recycled apparel products.

A resale or used or second hand clothing encompasses the following:

  • Classic Vintage: Here garments from the past eras are sold.
  • Thrift: where storefronts like Salvation Army, and flea markets sell used clothing.
  • Consignment: where clothes that are 1 to 2 years old and are in good condition are sold individually through the owners through stores that share a percentage of the sale price. This is good option to buy designer clothes at a lesser price.

After the trade liberalization in the 90s, there has been a remarkable increase in the demand for used clothes. Cities like London, and Philadelphia export used clothing in 50 kilogram bales through their wholesalers. Mostly used clothing is being exported from US, and to African countries like Cameroon, Ghana, and Benin. T-shirts, bins and trousers are sorted first, and then quality garments are taken to vintage stores for resale. The bales are transported for a long distance to be sold to the local vendors. Majority of the people in many developing countries wear used clothes on a daily basis. Countries on the bottom of the economic scale like Zambia rely on imported second hand clothing. The wardrobes of many families in Zambia have only used clothing. A survey conducted in US states that approximately 15% of the discarded clothing is given for resale, and around 12-15% of the Americans shop for their clothing at the resale stores.

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Lindsay Lohan Launches Her New Legging Line Collection

Hollywood’s sexy actress & celebrity Lindsay Lohan is now ready to share her lovable leggings with the world! She had launched her new fashion collection 6126 at Henri Bendel in New York. The actress was very much excited with her grand release of leggings which she herself loves to wear them.

Lindsay added that "I love to wear leggings, so it should come as no surprise that my first venture into the world of fashion design is with leggings!".

Actress Lindsay Lohan named the brand, 6126, after Marilyn Monroe's birthday because she says Marilyn represents a "timeless, confident glam and that is the voice of this brand."

Henri Bendel and Lindsay celebrated the line Monday night at the New York store. She disclosed that a percentage of all of the 6126 sales from the evening will be given to Ovarian Cancer Research which is a very much hearty and good decision of her.

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Bodywear Online Expo At Fibre2fashion

Fibre2Fashion will host the body wear online expo from 15, November 2008, an online trade fair elegant and well-designed, to embrace the whole range of Body wear - Lingerie, Innerwear, Nightwear, Swimwear, Loungewear, Beachwear & Intimate Apparel.

One of the so dynamic ones, Body wear industry beholds amendments and new involvements reasonably day after day and moreover strapping up much interest from the bigger to beginners of international community.

With that ever growing absorption of fine Body wear products by an increasing number of the modern-age consumers, the Body wear industry has much to keep up with; that in terms of effectively penetrating into newer markets plus strengthening command over established markets.

When everything seems to keep growing in the burgeoning Body wear industry – more brands, more consumers, and more business – online trade fair can be a simple and effective stop-solution to reach to the maximum of a global target audience. Well, in such a B2B trade model, exhibitors can utilize the provided convenient platform to interact with and promote their brands to the target audience.

Fibre2fashion, the organizer of Body wear Expo’ 08 is rock steady and further growing in catering its services to the Textile-Apparel-Fashion industries for 8 long years now. At the Body wear Expo’ 08, the trade industry will get to acclimatize to the lucrative offers on the latest collections, and shall enjoy the opportunity of direct dealing. Body wear manufacturers, buying houses, retailers and distributors from around the world will gather to exchange business and ideas at this ideal online trade fair of the industry.

A majority of exhibitors – Body wear suppliers – shall be from China, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia etc. coming onboard to offer their products to the visiting buyers –majority of them from UK, USA, Russia etc. and European countries viz. Germany, Italy, France, Spain etc. Body-wear Expo’ 08 is to be online for a period of 60 days, dated – 15 Nov’ 08 to 15 Jan’ 09.

The product range displayed by the exhibitors shall be: -Lingerie, Bras, Panties, Nightwear, Beachwear, Fitness & shape-wear, Sportswear, Fantasy lingerie, Chemises, Camisoles, Hosiery, Bath robes, Garter belts, Corsets & bustier, Bridal lingerie & bridal sleepwear, Maternity wear, Innerwear accessories like lingerie wash bags, Slippers, slips, Push-up pads, Bra extenders, Men’s innerwear & bath robe’s, Lounge pants, Shorts, Fragrances, Fabrics & accessories related intimate apparel industry, etc…

Providing an eminent platform for manufacturers and wholesalers to exhibit their latest product lines and patterns under one roof, the 60-days online trade fair shall prove to be a premium occasion to exhibit their products for a maximum ROI. Further, the fair is looked upon extremely instrumental in joining forces across countries for expansion of business networks across markets.

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Five Mistakes Done By Most Of The Fashion Lovers

Today now a days Fashion has became the basic need for every person in the world. People are spending lot of money to look fashionable and look better than others in terms of fashion. But doing so only 10 – 20 % of them succeed and the rest in veins i.e., they do such mistakes that are necessary to be solved with proper thinking and observation in to the matter.

Below are listed some of the fashion mistakes that are performed by most of the fashion loving people and the possible solution for the mistakes done by them :

1. People Rely Very Much Heavily On The Fashion Media :

They buy all the fashion magazines religiously, watch awards shows, read the paper and keep up with all the online sources. No you may be thinking that how this can be a mistake. The answer to the confusion is as under :

Answer : By relying too heavily on the media to rule your wardrobe, you run the risk of being a fashion victim.

Remember: most magazines and TV programs about fashion produce an “aspirational” effect. They present you with fabulous clothes you’ll want to buy on fabulous models you’ll want to look like.

The problem is that :

(i) you probably can’t afford any of the clothes they show and

(ii) you’re never going to look like a supermodel or a celebrity.

Solution: Better ways to develop style

2. Most Of The Fashion Lovers Buy The Clothes Blindly, Even If They Are Not Fitting To Them Perfectly.

You may already know that you should NEVER buy something too small, thinking you’ll lose weight — even if it is the most running product in the market at a lower cost.

But do they know that little details like the length of your jacket sleeves or the place your pants them rest can make or break an outfit?

The best option is that to get perfect fit is to have a tailor alter the garment.

Solution: How your clothes should really fit

3. Just Mish-Mashing A Wardrobe By Buying Odds And Ends.

Purchasing odds and ends on sale may seem to make sense. After all, the easy availability of off-price merchandise has lulled us into thinking that minor purchases won’t blow our wardrobe concept or budget.

Actually, it’s the little things that kill your wardrobe. Without a plan, you can end up with tons of clothes and nothing to wear. But it’s never to late to change your habits

Solution: Always have something to wear

4. Getting stuck in a style rut.

Sticking with classics has been conventional style wisdom for ages, and for women with full lives and limited resources this is still a sure way to investment dressing.

The problem is that as we grow older, we sometimes become a little too comfortable wearing our old standbys

Sometimes all it takes is tweaking the basics that you look already own to fabulous.

Solution: How to keep your look up-to-date

5. Often choosing the wrong undergarments.

Celebrities get stuffed and tucked into heavy-duty body trimmers, push-up bras, even sticky tape to look good in designer dresses for the red carpet.

Just think what the right bra or support-top pantyhose could do for us mere mortals.

In addition to gravity-defying bras and body slimmer’s that eliminate lumps and bumps, there are other tricks of the trade.

Solution: Getting it right underneath

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Lingerie And Lingerie's Only - A Global Report (Part VI - US)

Women are unique in every way, and this uniqueness is also represented in the intimate apparels they wear. The delicate secrecy of feeling that one is secretly wearing something pretty underneath gives every woman a confidence, boosts her self-esteem, and makes her feel prettier and far more desirable. Customers do not need as many garments as they buy, and this is more visible in women's lingerie. They buy intimate wears just because, it looks beautiful, and fits under certain apparels. Western wears along with lingerie will rise as one of the fastest growing segment in US, and organized players are expected to constitute 40% of the intimate apparels market by 2009.

Ultimate Accessories – Industry Observation Of American Lingerie’s

During the past 25 years, lingerie underwent a metamorphosis and has blossomed into a huge money making segment of apparels. Since the removal of quotas in 2005, the lingerie industry in US is undergoing a rapid transformation. US apparel market is estimated to be around $9.6billion during 2007. Women's apparel market in US is expected to grow at the rate of 1.9% every year during 2004-2009. Retailers are now recognizing that lingerie market gives higher profits, and are launching new lingerie products or giving a new make over to their existing products. Lingerie vendors now, give more preference on making partnership with specialty stores than with department stores because the latter cannot store all the products of one brand.

On average, American women spend $100 on the purchase of intimate apparels; annually. Almost 65% of the global lingerie is sold to Western Europe and North America. Success of undergarments can be judged by the growth of domestic lingerie market. A New York based market research firm concludes that US retailers sell over $10.5 billion USD worth of lingerie's annually. Apart from its domestic consumption and exports, the country also imports intimate wears. Majority of the intimate apparel imports into US is from China. Due to this, the domestic retailers face a decrease in their profit margins due to the competition of cheap textile imports from China.

Discreet Brands In The US Market

Lingerie giant and retailing pioneer Victoria's Secret has created a lucrative market for lingerie business. They were the pioneers in creating a 'kaleidoscope of looks' for intimate apparels that would be sexy enough to tempt the shoppers. Kohl's, Target, J.C.Penny, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's Lane Bryant, and American Eagle Outfitters are some of the retailers who have followed Victoria's Secret and have added new products to their existing lines or come up with new intimate wears. Janes World boutiques are the leading edge in the lingerie business both in price and quality. Competition in the lingerie market in US has heightened as compared with the period two decades before when Victoria's Secret had a well established market all for itself.

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