Choose perfect wedding dresses for your wedding

The joy and excitement for ones wedding can't be explained inside terms. It is a sensation that you sense once that you experienced. You need every little thing ideal to make your experience a lot more unforgettable. There are many potential ideas as well as anticipations. You don't know the way it goes upon post marriage. It's a type of secret and you like to expertise this kind of secret as well as find out your own potential with each celebration moving slowly and gradually.

Your marriage ceremony is among the many auspicious occasions you will ever have. Your entire relatives and buddies provide you with their own wants as well as wish you will direct your lifetime efficiently on this new organization of relationship. It's the second of pleasure and get together. You wish your family towards you and also share your own pleasure and also hope for your pleasure. You are making all plans to make this service smoother and pleasurable.

But there are lots of jobs being performed prior to a relationship wedding ceremony. Actually need many preparations in time. You've got adequate a lot, emotional in addition to actual. You have to make a strategy for perfect wedding dress, decorations, photography, cosmetics as well as wedding ceremony master strategy. Wedding gowns are one of the most noticeable points inside a wedding. Which outfit in case you put on; the type and fitted will need the attention. Diverse nations have got different fashion statements with regard to gown designs. Therefore choosing your own perfect outfit is really a struggle.

There are lots of gown retailers inside Eire that are providing broad varieties of perfect wedding dresses. They also provide you working as a consultant in your choice and help make your selection. Nevertheless going to these kinds of retailers whilst making arrangements for your wedding day, isn't a encouraged thought. An individual barely get any time and energy to extra for just about any unnecessary job specifically through the busy schedule as soon as your wedding ceremony occurs. Consequently several retailers are providing online solutions to provide far better facilities inside your family room.

Sitting in the family area, you can do almost all acquiring to your wedding ceremony. You can observe types of decorations as well as other accessories. favorite items to add in your own checklist. Nevertheless, you can not flavor the wedding muffins online, however ordering your chosen flavor your visitors like becomes easy on the internet and it will save you considerable time for additional important preparations as well as your load is decreased often times making the wedding ceremony really a enjoyable expertise.

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All about Plaid Shirts

What we really know, to love and use the images of our days as a result of the "Tartan" of Scotland, used by the clans in islands and mountains, the identification. It was a piece of clothing with horizontal stripes woven in different colors. Since that time, the Tartan survived the repression, and how our loved ones, the boxes in some of folders you use most often in culture today uses resurfaced. Plaid shirts and cheap oakley goggles become one of smaller items of clothing by women and men, and like the one of the great opportunities for both sexes.

This is a model, and the bold, but it's OK to wear for men. Where flower and other designs are often used by men as something effeminate or aloud, preferably in the tile of the most masculine of men used to see, just look like the Cowboys, or the image of the cowboy Boy was created America maybe. Why is there plaid shirt that particular style is called 'Western' plaid shirt on market, with a little "out of the southwest feel? This kind of design absolutely same, even if sometimes the patches added in diagonal strips to the mesh go.

This cheap plaid shirts and cheap nike baseball cleats are very convenient to use and versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with the body shape. Available in variety of style and colors that produce heat in cold winters, in particular, the red shirts, blue and black, so hot this fall. Nevertheless, these bright colors are used from time to time and these can dominate the personality of the men in few cases. But the colors should be neutral and easily find the safest choices for the cabinet, as it may be used over a long period of time. With color, the printing of these pads also become an important factor. And you may try the small squares of a larger, but it's always good to start small when working with Plaids.

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Kingfisher Calendar 2012: Bikini beauties battle it out!!

Which of these beach bombshells will secure a page in India's hottest calendar? Here's a look at each of the 14 finalists.

With each passing year, the Kingfisher Calendar seems to take on more hype and desirability.
It's a plum Fashion Models modelling assignment, arguably the most prestigious in India and has played a part in the launch of Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Angela Jonsson to fashion superstardom.

Once again this year, 15 leggy lasses from across the nation are getting ready to compete for a spot in the new calendar with the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012. We bring you all their profiles save one -- a wildcard entry who will be announced as the hunt progresses:

 Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Akshitaa Agnihotri
Fashion pic (

Originally a beauty consultant from Chandigarh, Akshitaa believes she has the 'X' factor with a deadly combination of an angelic face and great body. She has struggled a lot previously, but sees the competition as her greatest challenge yet. She's come a long way from home and is determined to make her family proud!

Describe yourself in one word: Girl next door
Most confident about: My body and face
Biggest fear on the show: Nothing
My best asset: My smile
My worst asset: Nothing
Favourite non-modelling activity: Beauty consultancy
Most embarrassing moment: Wardrobe malfunction on the runway!
My inspiration: Deepika Padukone
Image: Akshitaa Agnihotri
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times
 Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Arjita Roy

Fashion pic (

From the city of Calcutta, Arjita Roy believes she should be the face of the Kingfisher Calendar because she deserves it! She believes her personality is her best asset and that nothing can stop her from attaining her ultimate goal -- a spot on the Kingfisher Calendar.

Describe yourself in one word: Smart
Most confident about: My body language
Biggest fear on the show: Nothing
My best asset: My personality
My worst asset: Nothing!
Favourite non-modelling activity: Gymming
Most embarrassing moment: Haven't had one yet!
My inspiration: Atul Kasbekar

Image: Arjita Roy
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times
 Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Arshiya Parmar

Fashion pic (

After a life-threatening accident at the age of 15, Arshiya almost lost the ability to walk. She battled against all odds to become the model she is today..A mixture of different cultures, Arshiya was born in India but grew up in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. She believes she has an open and accepting view on culture and beauty and has what it takes to be the next fresh face!

Describe yourself in one word: Wild
Most confident about: My face
Biggest fear on the show: Being lost and alone
My best asset: My face
My worst asset: The length of my torso
Favourite non-modelling activity: Painting, art
Most embarrassing moment: I used to get picked on for my large eyes

Image: Arshiya Parmar
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Ciara Yadav

Fashion pic (

The daughter of a yesteryear top model, Ellen 's modelling career took off post a massive weight loss. In spite of losing 38 kilos, she has been for many auditions and faced a lot of rejection, but is still focused on her one goal -- a spot on the Kingfisher Calendar!

Describe yourself in one word: Vivacious
Most confident about: Posing in front of the camera$0D
Biggest fear on the show: Getting yelled at in front of other girls
My best asset: My legs (to take long strides in my chosen career!)
My worst asset: My nose!
Favourite non-modelling activity: Cooking, gymming
Most embarrassing moment: Falling down the stairs in a club right in front of some hot boys!
My inspiration: Jennifer Lopez

Image: Ellen Modi
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Haya Baruah

Fashion pic (

Hailing from the city of Guwahati in Assam, Haya knows this competition is set to be a struggle! A self-confessed tomboy, she claims her family was shocked when she chose to enter the world of modelling. A spot on the Kingfisher Calendar is her ultimate dream -- something she would literally die for!

Describe yourself in one word: Unpredictable!
Most confident about: Facing new people
Biggest fear on the show: When I don't fear death, it would be unjust to say I fear anything else
My best asset: My eyes...anyone will get lost in them!
My worst asset: My anger!
Favourite non-modelling activity: Dancing and sports
Most embarrassing moment: I play my cards well, so I haven't been abashed by anyone!
My inspiration: Atul Kasbekar

Image: Haya Baruah
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Julia Dutt

Fashion pic (

Originally from Australia, Julia Datt says she practically grew up in a bikini and believes she has the right combination of looks and attitude. Moving to Mumbai to kickstart her modelling career and learning Hindi has been a real challenge for her but she believes she can do anything as long as she has her parents' support!

Describe yourself in one word: Sexy
Most confident about: Versatility
Biggest fear on the show: Falling over!
My best asset: My loonnggg legs!
My worst asset: My short upper torso
Favourite non-modelling activity: Eating and dancing
Most embarrassing moment: Where do I begin?
My inspiration: Priyanka Chopra

Image: Julia Dutt
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Time

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Khushboo Mendonca

Fashion pic (

A go-getter and a professional, Khushboo quit her stable job to enter the world of modelling. She belives she can bring a picture alive with her positive and fun-loving attitude. A former Miss Maharashtra, Khusbhoo will stop at nothing to get what she wants!

Describe yourself in one word: Sexy
Most confident about: My persona
Biggest fear on the show: None!
My best asset: My confidence
My worst asset: My short upper torso
Favourite non-modelling activity: Trekking!
Most embarrassing moment: Not a good idea to reveal it!
My inspiration: Oprah Winfrey

Image: Khushboo Mendonca
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Mariette Valsan

Fashion pic (

With her dusky skin and almond-shaped eyes, South Indian beauty Mariette draws her inspiration from Tyra Banks and Richard Branson. She believes that she doesn't fit the standard description of beautiful, but is always up to trying something different.

Describe yourself in one word: Happy
Biggest fear on the show: None!
My best asset: My expressive eyes and athletic legs
My worst asset: None
Favourite non-modelling activity: Singing, travelling, writing
Most embarrassing moment: When I forgot an important client meeting with my CEO!
My inspiration: Tyra Banks!

Image: Mariette Valsan
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Palak Agarwal

Fashion pic (

The mother of a small child, Palak Agarwal is truly a yummy mummy. She fought the odds and took the bold decision to participate, of course with the help and support of her husband.With her family backing her , she says there's no stopping hdr!

Describe yourself in one word: Bold
Most confident about: My body
Biggest fear on the show: Nothing!
My best asset: Eyes
Favourite non-modelling activity: Playing with my child
Most embarrassing moment: None
My inspiration: My family

Image: Palak Agarwal
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Khngfisher Calendar 2012
Priyanka Verma

Fashion pic (
Hailing from the rustic and royal city of Jaipur, Priyanka stood out at her audition with her unique face and fit body. She claims her audition was her first time in a bikini and impressed the judges with her calm demeanour. From middle class struggles to superstar glamour, Priyanka has her eyes set on one goal -- the Kingfisher Calendar!

Describe yourself in one word: The best!
Most confident about: My inner strength
Biggest fear on the show: Lizards!
My best asset: My height
My best worst: None
Favourite non-modelling activity: Adventure sports
Most embarrassing moment: When I fell off a bicycle in front of a lot of my friends!
My inspiration: Katrina Kaif

Image: Priyanka Verma
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Roaleey Ryan

Fashion pic (

With an unusual name and sparkling smile, Roaleey believes she has all the required traits to be the next Kingfisher Calendar girl. With her entire family backing her, she is set to fire up the competition!

Describe yourself in one word: Mysterious!
Most confident about: Myself
Biggest fear on the show: None as of now
My best asset: My smile
My best worst: Hair
Favourite non-modelling activity: Reading
Most embarrassing moment: When I fell down some stairs and my heels broke
My inspiration: My family!

Image: Roaleey Ryan
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Shruti Iyer

Fashion pic (

A bubbly, quirky personality, Shruti has dealt with weight issues as a model. She's on a quest to burst the 'fair, light-eyed' model bubble and will stop at nothing! Hailing from a conservative Tam-Bram family, Shruti's mother was scandalised when she announced her plans of entering the competition. Soon enough, her family saw reason and now there's no stopping her!
Describe yourself in one word: Unique

Most confident about: My quirky personality
Biggest fear on the show: None
My best asset: Back
My best worst: Big feet
Favourite non-modelling activity: Badminton
Most embarrassing moment: When I forced Shah Rukh Khan to hug me because I thought I was dreaming when I met him!
My inspiration: Beyonce

Image: Shruti Iyer
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Sneha Upadhayay

Fashion pic (

An ambitious young fresh face, Sneha quit her marketing job in the fast-paced city of Mumbai to change her career course to the glamorous world of fashion.A true believer in herself, Sneha swears that soon the world will know and believe in her!

Most confident about: Myself as a whole
Biggest fear on the show: I'm frightened of water...I'm scared I might be asked to swim
My best asset: My confidence, it has brought me a lot at a young age
My best worst: Nothing!
Favourite non-modelling activity: Reading
Most embarrassing moment: None!
My inspiration: Myself

Image: Sneha Upadhayay
Photographs: Courtesy Ndtv Good Times

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Designer Susan Sokol to receive Spirit of Life Award

Fashion industry leader and philanthropist Susan Sokol will receive The Spirit of Life Award at City of Hope's Spring Luncheon on Monday, May 14, at The Plaza Hotel. City of Hope's East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League will present the fashion industry leader with its top philanthropic honor in recognition of her professional achievements, charitable contributions and personal commitment to the fight against women's cancers. 

"My personal experience of fighting and surviving breast cancer could not have happened without the extraordinary advances in scientific research and medical treatment at institutions like City of Hope," said Sokol. "I am honored to be recognized by an organization that embodies hope and provides compassionate care to patients and their families."

Sokol is widely considered one of the fashion industry's most distinguished and highly-regarded senior executives. The current president and chief operating officer of J. Mendel, Sokol has served in executive positions for high-profile brands Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Pegasus Apparel Group/Leiber Group, Donna Karan International and Calvin Klein Inc. She has repeatedly taken companies to their next level of success. 

Throughout her extraordinary career in the apparel and clothing accessory industry, Sokol has demonstrated compassion and support for a number of local and national charities. She is a dedicated advocate for women's health and research into women's cancers.

"We're proud to recognize Susan for her business leadership and commitment to raising awareness for women's cancers," said Lisa Kaye Fuld, co-president, East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League. "Her personal story provides hope and inspiration to women who are fighting cancer around the world."

Scientists with City of Hope's Women's Cancers Program are investigating the biology of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers as well as interventions that could reduce cancer risk for all women. Researchers are identifying new treatments and prevention methods. They are also examining issues that affect women with cancer and their families, such as spirituality, the emotional impact of cancer on caregivers, and other quality-of-life issues. 

Read More about  Designer Susan Sokol to receive Spirit of Life Award @ Fibre2fashion

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Berlin Fashion Week 2012

A wedding dress, which seems to reveal more than it hides, was presented on the ramp on the second day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Germany, making heads turn.

The non-conventional wedding dress, presented by German fashion house Kaviar Gauche, resembles a transparent veil put over a lingerie set that is joined together with a central strip.

The designer duo of Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl, who are behind the creation, have presented several shows in which they have crossed the traditional boundaries since they founded the label in 2003.

Read More about Revealing wedding dress makes heads turn @ Fibre2fashion

view video of Berlin Fashion Week 2012

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London Fashion Week opens with ‘Turning the Lights Off’

Björn Borg kicks off London Fashion Week with an exclusive event. A short-film was launched on an enormous spray screen over the River Themes with Swedish pop icon Robyn performing in a Scandinavian inspired winter landscape. This event is a step in Bjorn Borg’s increased global fashion brand building efforts and international expansion. 

Björn launches ‘Björn Borg says JA! To turning the lights Off’ campaign.

This event takes place at London landmark Battersea Power Station, which Björn Borg transforms into a miniature Sweden with a pine forest, snow, hot tubs, sauna and Swedish sushi. Outside, a fashion film in 4D directed by award winning Paris Kain will be launched at a 25x50 metre screen of steam over the River Themes. The brand will also showcase their autumn/ winter collection 2012 and offers entertainment with Robyn in an exclusive co-performance with Coco Sumner. 

“A key element in our growth efforts is edgy branding activities such as this event in London, in one of our most important expanding markets. They strengthen Björn Borg in existing markets and prior to expansion to new ones. Thanks to its stable financial position, Björn Borg can invest long-term in future growth”, comments Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg.

Other important parts of Björn Borg’s expansion include an expansion to new markets such as China in 2012, a broadened range of sportswear, global e-commerce and the addition of more Björn Borg stores in Europe. In 2011, total sales of Björn Borg products amounted to almost SEK 1.7 billion excluding VAT, at the consumer level.

» Read More... dll Download - An Updated Repair Tip

Mistakes obtained an individual straight down? dozens of who are required to be able to reliably restore a dll download -- get about a minute of your time and appearance on the subsequent few paragraphs. Your personal computer is important to you, and you also worry about the upkeep, however it doesn't matter what you are doing, sooner or later you'll run into house windows errors. Want to know the way to end these types of irritating problems with hardly any effort from you? Read the following couple of sentences to find out how!

It's likely that you happen to be quite upset anytime these problem messages pop up, as a result, i'll help you repair these problems immediately - you'll see! Performing a simple google search about common personal computer problems reveals an important truth: very often, the cause of the thing is the flawed your computer windows registry program. Obviously it is a complicated matter, why don't we just claim that the particular registry is important in order to "register" everything related to software and also components, as a result, in the event the document becomes corrupted your computer will really inform you. Despite the fact that technically you are able to carry out modifications to the registry yourself, understanding what to perform is very tricky; instead allow one of these 'error scanners' care for these problems. Typically, you simply download after which put in a specific registry scanner utility on to your personal computer as well as relax as well as wait around a moment or even 2 for a totally functioning computer registry.

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Hidesign introduces Alberto Ciaschini’s luxury line

Known for its singular design and a legacy of craftsmanship, lifestyle brand Hidesign proudly introduces its luxury sub-brand designed by Alberto Ciaschini.

Celebrating 34 years of unwavering quality, Hidesign’s luxe arrival showcases quintessential Italian style brought to life by the genius of Alberto Ciaschini. A striking and refined collection marks the debut of Hidesign in the luxury arena with limited edition day and evening bags for women.

The brainchild of Dilip Kapur, president and founder of Hidesign, this new collection is the result of collaboration amongst creative stalwarts Alberto Ciaschini, Swarovski Elements and Hidesign.

Milanese designer Alberto Ciaschini, who has been leading the design department of Hidesign since 2004, has partnered with the finest couture embroiders of France along with the best artisans at Hidesign to bring together this line of minimalist bags, with modern shapes, soft structures and a lush colour palette.

Alberto brings to this collection his unique design sensibility and a keen eye for detail. It is his ability to take inspiration from Hidesign’s fine handcraftsmanship, create new shapes and strike a balance with the brand’s clean design language, which makes this collection spectacular.

The Alberto Ciaschini, Handcrafted by Hidesign collection features handbags, evening bags, clutches and mobile phone holsters. This handcrafted luxury line is made with the finest leathers, luxurious hardware, Swarovski crystals and designed with a sophisticated woman in mind. Each piece is a unique testimony to the ethos of Hidesign, which are unrivalled craftsmanship and a passion for detail.

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John Lewis brings exotic prints for swimwear this summer

This season will see John Lewis launch a collection of private label and designer swimwear that spans one pieces, bikinis and kaftans in an array of colours and bold prints.

Spring Summer 2012 will also play host to a new capsule beach collection by Allegra Hicks, exclusively for John Lewis. Widely known for her vivacious prints and beautiful kaftans, each piece in the collection is designed using Allegra's signature style and adorned with her drop print motif.

The collection incorporates chic chiffon ponchos, printed bikinis and all-in-ones, with the highlight of the collection the silk maxi kaftan with lattice neck detail, available in coral and turquoise.

This season John Lewis' private label swimwear offers a plethora of playful prints with polka dots, florals, gingham and animal prints dominating the collection. Bandeau shapes, moulded bikini tops and hipster shorts offer multiple choices for different shapes. Highlights include the John Lewis python print U-bar bandeau swimsuit and the Biba style black and white range with high waisted monochrome bikini sets.

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funny photo frames online editor

We could learn plenty of types of picture outcomes with regard to making facelift on the photographs very easily as there is a web site that delivers brand new photo impact everyday.

We are capable of finding funny photo frames online editor through that the designs of the photo frames will make of photo nicer. In addition, from your availability of funny photo frames online , we will acquire easiness inside getting the photograph effect given that we are able to just download it at no cost.

Moreover, the easiness inside editing photo using free of charge picture frames from the web site can give all of us a thrilling time because we could reveal the modified picture to our pals. funny photo frames online editor on the web publisher could make our own photograph assortment much more beautiful

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Styles that ruled the red carpet at the Grammys this year

Here's a look at the fashion fashionistas, who walked the red carpet for music's big night, at the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Katy Perry poses on the red carpet in Elie Saab creation.

Tamara Braun poses on the red carpet at 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

Actress Alicia Arden at the awards red carpet. Don't miss the guitar-shaped bag she's carrying.

Musician Greta Bech shimmers in a gold dress.

Country singer Carrie Underwood in a Gomez-Gracia creation.

Rihanna in a custom Armani Prive creation at the Grammys.

Singer Alicia Keys in an Alexandre Vauthier dress.

Paris Hilton poses in a Basil Soda creation.

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj turned heads in her Versace outfit.

Singer Fergie of the band The Black Eyed Peas in a Jean Paul Gaultier creation.

Singer Taylor Swift shimmers in an ornate Zuhair Muhad design.

Band member Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5 and Anne Vyalitsyna.

TV personality Kelly Osborne in Tony Ward creation.

Actress and socialite Amber Rose arrives in a Versace design.

Actress Kate Beckinsale in a Zuhair Murad design.

Singer Kelly Rowland in an Alberta Ferre

Actress Julianne Hough arrives in a Kaufman Franco design.

British singer-songwriter Corrine Bailey Rae poses in a Christian Siriano creation.

Singer Diana Ross at the awards' red carpet.

Singer Adele in a custom Giorgio Armani gown with black sequins and three-quarter-length sleeves. The British songstress swept the awards with six wins this year.

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Recycled Fashion - Gorgeous collection of paper, cans & used jeans!

This is again one of those instances where a picture speaks a thousand words, maybe even more. It is again amazing how fashion designers across the world have found ways to use the dullest possible trash (& nearly all trash is dull anyway) to carve out some of the most beautiful creations ever known. I’m specially & pleasantly surprised by this awesome collection of clothes. Neither am I a guy who has ever been interested in fashion trends nor do I really believe that having a wide range of wardrobe helps anything. I just feel the more you have, the more you need to take care of them & that is a drag. So quite naturally a conversation regarding fashion trends barely holds my attention (So do most other things)

recycled fashion

But this is different. Denise Van Outen has teamed up with leading ethical fashion designer Gary Harvey to launch Recycle Now Week. It sports the best recycled clothing I have ever seen till date & they really are very impressive. Gary has been a designer for Levis & works wonderfully well on this recycled fashion line. They are running an exhibition on the same between 2nd to 7th November to showcase their brilliant eco-friendly designs. But you can take a front row look at them as right. So enjoy the collection.

Another look at the fabulous dress:


fashion up close


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Vera Wang's take on 'clothing as sanctuary' is anything but safe at New York Fashion Week

Vera Wang, she of that phenomenal body in Harper's Bazaar last month, does have a day job that doesn't involve posing in swimwear and heels.
She is, of course, one of America's most loved fashion designers, and the volume of stars in attendance at her New York Fashion Week show were testament to that fact.

Renee Zellweger and Leighton Meester were in the front row, while actress Viola Davis and tennis star Maria Sharapova were seated in prime position next to U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Daring: Sheerer-than-sheer swathes of fabric allowed for plenty of sensual flashes of skin at Vera Wang

The future's orange: As well as greys taupes and teals, Ms Wang sent searing pops of neon down the runway

They were all there for the fashion, of course, which was based on the concept of 'clothing as sanctuary'.

Ms Wang's take on the theme was anything but safe, though. Sheerer-than-sheer swathes of fabric allowed for plenty of sensual flashes of skin, whether the shade was searing orange, teal blue or creamy champagne.
Her description in the show notes read: 'The body protectively enveloped in the soft armor of a fitted sheath, the sharp discipline of fencing-inspired jackets, the structured carapace of a coat.

Devoted fans: Leighton Meester (left) and Renee Zellweger sat on the designer's front row at the show today

Prime position: Actress Viola Davis and tennis star Maria Sharapova flanked Vogue editor Anna Wintour

'The female form revealed by smoky transparencies that allow a glimpse of skin and of delicate lingerie not meant to be hidden, but seen.'
Though the silhouettes were sleek and streamlined, they were also feminine, and Ms Wang played with proportions at the hips, adding peplums that added structure to the otherwise fluid garments.
The graphic prints on some of the fabrics also added to the idea of femininity, as the sharp lines curved and played around the models' bodies.

Back to the day job: Vera Wang, who posed in last month's Harper's Bazaar, takes her bow at the end

Leighton Meester, who fronts campaigns for one of the designer's fragrances, loves Vera Wang the woman as much as the label.
'She's a woman and she owns it,' she said. 'She's smart, quick and funny.'
She came to the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to support 'Vera and all her wonderfulness.
'I am a big fan,' she added.

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