Shahrukh Khan Swings On Ramp With Manish Malhotra

Can the fashion lovers of Mumbai ask for anything more than Shahrukh ‘King’ Khan on the ramp confidently strutting in an exclusively designed Manish Malhotra creation and a unique arm sling for the ‘royal’ elbow which is healing.

The finale entry by super star Shahrukh Khan as he strode down the ramp for the Manish Malhotra show for Fall/Winter 2009 at Lakme Fashion Week brought the audience on their feet begging for more of ‘King’ Khan and his impromptu thank you speech interspersed with touches of humour that only Shahrukh Khan is capable of in his great inimitable style.

The celebrity lineup in the audience was awesome with Hritikh and Suzzane Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Arjun and Mehr Rampal, Boney and Sreedevi, Malliaka Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan, Priety Zinta and Tusshar Kapur cheering their friend Shahrukh Khan all the way.

One can always expect the unusual whenever Manish presents a show and this time the designer worked around the colours of the Kolkatta Knight Riders theme of black and gold and presented a stunning sports inspired evening wear line. Besides the base colour story of the Knight Riders, Manish added on touches of deep red, blue and green and wove them into garments that will work wonderfully after dark.

The women’s wear had fabulous black shaded lehengas with dazzling gold gotta and zari borders and teamed with hooded gold cholies all daringly cut. The western wear line had draped pants, gold jumpsuits, micro shorts with accessories like gold cricket pads and matching helmets and gold sneakers.

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Levis Gen Next-Stars of Fashion Biz-LFW Day 3

The Levi’s Gen Next show has been instrumental in introducing to the fashion world some of the most talented and successful names in the fashion business like Rahul Mishra, Kallol Datta, Nachiket Barve, Sailex, Deepti Toor, Rimzim Dadu and Gaba to name a few. Now for Fall/Winter 2009 at Lakme Fashion Week the Levi’s Show brought forth more talent onto the ramp.


Sartorial Allure but with elegant simple shapes with a lot of detailing and muted colour tones like shades of grey, balanced with purple, beige, brown, black, green and olive which gave the fabric choice of twill silk, a base for the detailing that was the highlight of the jackets, trousers and dresses. A grey asymmetric short sleeve smock with double sleeves, sheath in purple, a two toned paneled dress and zipped Jodhpur trousers were the interesting ensembles of the collection.


Inspired by the beauty of Indian jewellery the collection reflected the colours like sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald and topaz which floated down the ramp for heavy lehengas and cholies with a lot of glitter and glitz. The western section with ornate corsets, velvet shrugs teamed with mini skirts in rich fabrics continued the jewel inspired look. Gotta work on a long slim skirt and blouse was the highlight of the range.


Pleating and appliqué stripes of a very high standard in shades of grey, brown, dull green played all over the skirts, dresses and jackets to display a perfect command over fabric manipulation which gave each garment an almost amazing look. The finish was excellent and the silhouettes although simple, were carefully combined to project a coordinated compact collection.


The almost peasant tribal like draped dhoti skirt and embroidered blouse, the asymmetric layered skirts and top, the chiffon silk woven jackets and dresses, drapes for feminine silhouettes; recreated the look of a journey through tradition and style in shades of beige, white and brown. Quilting and volumes played a medley for the creations that gave the kitschy strokes on the ensembles a trendy touch.

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Summer Wear : Swimwear Tankinis

Tankinis are a firm fave with girls for swimwear as they are so extraordinarily stylish and also provide a nice quantity of coverage.

Tired of wearing the regular looking 2 piece or one piece swimsuits out there? Well now their is some that are called tankini swimwear. They are kind of like bikinis except without the "bi" and adding in a "Tank" this is where the name Tankini's came from. This swimwear is just about like a tank top styled as a swimsuit top and a regular pair of bottoms. This may be a superb new look for swimming suits that was made. The tankini swimwear shows less of your skin as it just about covers up the belly area, but it is not like a regular one piece.

Women everywhere have always been faced by the existential sunbathing quandary : to cover or not to hide? How much is too showing and how unhappy isn't showing enough? But thanks to the latest revolutionary efforts of swim wear designers from all across the fashion world, there's certain to be one just excellent for you. You do not have to turn to extraordinary flaunting nor do you have to cover up like an unpleasantly wrapped burrito either.

This hybrid of the tank top, the one-piece suit and the bikini has proved to be one of a girl's best chums. If you are not a gigantic fan of showing off too much skin or remain a small nervous about flaunting your God-given assets, then it'd be a sensible idea to take this direction. Next to the skin-baring eye-catching string bikini comes the comfort and charm of the tankini.

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Monaco Twenty Four Concept combines works & looks with time

Invoking the electrifying spirit of the world's most arduous sports car race, TAG Heuer continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking with its Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph. Introduced at BaselWorld, this provocative timepiece features the same state-of-the-art engineering as the powerful GT cars that take to the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. Additionally, the Monaco boasts a shock protection system invented by TAG Heuer that is the first of its kind, underscoring the brand's passion for revolutionizing the way timekeeping works and looks.

The Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph's race car-inspired functionality is found in every aspect of the piece's design, most notably in the energy manifold that houses the Calibre 36 movement. Comparable to a GT car's cockpit cage, this proprietary steel-tube structure safeguards the mechanism, ensuring that the watch can better withstand shock.

The movement gains additional protection from a shock-absorbing composite filter material that comprises the manifold's arms. Used in the racing and aerospace industry, this material insulates the Calibre 36 movement by directing vibrations into the composite filter, which absorbs and dissipates their energy. Unlike a conventional timepiece's Incabloc system, which protects the mechanism only from external shocks, TAG Heuer's revolutionary Advanced Dynamic Absorber insulates the movement entirely.

The Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph is able to withstand an impact of 24,000 G, the equivalent of a 65-foot fall, compared with the industry standard of 2,000 - 5,000 G, or a three-foot fall. These additional safeguards ensure the Monaco and its components will remain unscathed whether the wearer is skydiving from 15,000 feet or attending a very enthusiastic business meeting.

Another definitive attribute of the chronograph is its annular oscillating weight. Unlike conventional watch weights, the Monaco's is made out industrial-grade tungsten, a rare metallic element that is extremely hard and infusible. The heaviness of the tungsten - and ultimately the oscillating weight - allows the chronograph to be more fully wound, resulting in more accurate timekeeping. Such attention to detail epitomizes TAG Heuer's passion for perfecting even the tiniest increment of time.

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Teenagers Sexy Lingeries

Teens today are obsessed with fashion and lingerie is no exception. With so many music videos and celebrities showing off their style, it is no wonder that our teenagers want to jump onto that “fashion wagon". Lingerie shopping for teenagers can easily be done with tact and class by realizing what is appropriate and what is not.

Finding the right look depends entirely on the personality of the teenager. Is she the sporty type, quiet type or the outgoing cheerleader type? There is always a perfect look for every style. They are still teenagers, so something overly sexy may not be a suitable look. Think pretty and attractive when buying lingerie for a teenager. A teenagers body has not finished developing well into their 20’s, so getting accurate measurements before heading to the stores will help in finding the right fit.

Lingerie for teenagers should be beautiful but tasteful. Surprisingly, lingerie for teenagers and more are very similar to lingerie for the adult woman. Knowing what works for your teenager or yourself is the key to looking fabulous. Lingerie for teenagers generally is a bit more supportive than a sheer garment for an adult woman, as she may need more “encouragement” of her self image than an adult woman does. Many people think of sexy, sheer and lacy when it comes to lingerie for teenagers and more, but the truth is, supportive bras, panties, lacy tank tops and slips are all part of the lingerie family.

Lingerie for teenagers can be an exciting new world for the soon-to-be woman. Lingerie makes a woman feel beautiful and attractive. Being a teenager can be an awkward time for any young woman, and having a positive self image will help during this awkward time.


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Touch Of Denim : Kaffe Approaches Spring With Fresh Colours

Kaffe Clothing Company brings Spring 2009 collection. Entirely new is a wide selection of jeans that focuses on fit, exciting cuts and new pocket details. The desire to travel has never been bigger and the wish to explore and be inspired by other cultures is stronger than ever.

Exotic travels have also been the inspiration for Kaffe, so this season, the girl dressed in Kaffe clothing will be going on a journey of exploration to all four corners of the globe.

The Danish fashion brand, Kaffe, is ready with a spring collection consisting of three highly different themes that contain a plethora of choices, beautiful colours and new combination possibilities.

Ethnic Simplicity

The colonial era in India is the source of inspiration for Ethnic Simplicity. Fuchsia and shocking pink give new vibrancy to the safari look, while sand colours are given new depth combined with black. An ethnic inspired theme with lots of linen, pure cotton and natural materials with fresh colours, that vivaciously break the dark colours of winter.

Botanic Mood

The journey is now going to a beautiful European garden, where you become one with nature, and sense the tickling scent of newly blooming flowers and fresh grass. The colours are a mix of vivid coral red and lots of green nuances – from apple to grass.

That is the idea behind Botanic Mood. A romantic, feminine and colourful universe with an abundance of pretty flower prints. But at the same time casual and with a touch of eco-traveller.

Colonial Blues

Colonial Blues is the next stop on the extensive trip around the world. A theme inspired by Chinese and Dutch pottery, Japanese textile and Portuguese tiles. Blue, blue blues and lots of beautiful blue nuances. With the exception of a hint of fresh lemon green, the blue nuances are the only colours in Colonial Blues. Denim and indigo stripes underline the mood, while classic work clothing makes a comeback with traditional structures, bleached and faded denim, smock stitch, baggy pants and dresses.

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Latest Fashion News : Pink for Fashion

Pink color is one of the very classical color. It has long been associated as the color that symbolizes truth. It is one of the favorite and highly admired colors of the fashion and designer clothing world. Its presence creates energetic and pleasurable ambience all around. Pink color has brought the new wave of fashion with it and stands second to the red color in symbolizing the romance in mind. Most designers like Polo Ralph Lauren used this shade for their designs.

Black and Red are default colors and are ideal for any occasion. All these colors are very common and staple. Pink color dresses are highly in demand and are much popular. These dresses represent true spirit of a woman. Pink is a very cute and girlie color and thus brings out a true feminine behavior in a woman and are now becoming fashion industries’ favorite.

Pink are a perfect blend of hot and soft. Whatever you wear in pink, appealing charm of the color brings gentle and exalting feeling to the mind. Pink outfits have great visual aspect to the beholder also. Dynamic pink dresses induces fragrance in the entire aura. Pink and black have a great appeal, as well as pink and blue, pink and green.

Try some cool pink outfit and become a fashionable girl. Knockout pinkish apparels give a resplendent look.

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Siddartha Tytler showcases ‘The Queen of the Damned’ at WIFW – Day 4

Siddartha Tytler presented his debut collection in year 2006 and since then there has been no looking back.

His collection of the day ‘The Queen of the Damned’ presented a wide range of feminine dresses. The show began with a dramatic effect with a model entering the ramp through a mystical gate in a pleated balloon jacket and skirt ensemble.

Tytler showcased a good mix of tunics, dresses, evening gowns and tops with skirts, leggings, pants and hooded jackets meant for casual clothing, to clubwear, to cocktail dresses.

He used colours ranging from black, grey and white, with a hint of silver. The right glamour was added through an exciting use of sequin sheeting, intricate motifs on silks, satins and fine quality Irish crepes.

The collection fashioned an amazing impact on the audience with a combination of basic and trendy silhouettes with the right amount of detailing. The collection also included tops, skirts and dresses in sequin sheeting fabric. The back of the dress were highlighted through equally interesting sequin work.

The show ended with a model walking the ramp in a long tiered dress with a jacket and an extravagant headgear.

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Start the New Year with Sweaty Betty gym wear

Sweaty Betty's Get Fit Spring 09 Collections are designed to kick start the New Year. Sweaty Betty travelled to Ibiza this season, to seek the idyllic setting, perfect for the dynamic gym wear and more relaxed yoga collections. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs, Ibiza embodies glamour and decadent bohemia. These lithe beach bodies are kept in shape with strenuous sessions of sunset yoga, early morning runs on the beach and all-night dancing which can compete with any work out session.

This season Sweaty Betty has really pushed the boundaries on our performance technology. The goal for the collections is to enhance performance, allowing a longer work out in gym clothes whilst still looking great.

The cardio and cardio elements running collections are designed to be highly breathable with compression panels to support and enhance performance. The Zero Gravity Tight is the hero of the performance wear with gold fiber, sweat wicking and antibacterial components. A vibrant cocktail of colour embraces the high energy of the gym clothing collections. It is all about the ultimate shape. The slim silhouettes of the gym wear are designed to transmit moisture, enabling longer work outs.

SB pro workout collection
Inspired by underwear and sportswear from the 1930's; a soft feminine performance range of gym clothes, with black essential pieces for any workout or gym wear wardrobe.

Fit for comfort and support throughout any workout with cotton touch sweat wicking performance fabrics used. Necklines and sleeves designed to flatter all body shapes. High shine details create geometric shapes and flattering lines

Statement workout collection
Our technical gym clothing range is inspired by the vibrancy of American cheerleaders and the athleticism of their high energy. This range is the ultimate for high energy gym apparel. Designed to visually shape the body. All items work together so can be mixed with ease.

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The fun loving, trend-seeking young guys and girls of India have another reason to identify with their favorite apparel brand, Levi Strauss Signature! Shahid Kapoor, India’s youth icon, style setter and dancer extraordinaire, now takes to the floor with the jeanswear brand that matches his style and personality. Yes, it’s Shahid Kapoor for every youngster, as he signs on as Brand Ambassador of India’s iconic youth brand Levi Strauss Signature.

It’s a known fact that Shahid Kapoor is particular about his dress sense. The perfect style statement he makes in his films and shows is driving droves of his young fans to be just like him. This aspiration to emulate him is set to grow even larger as his young fans will now see him, sporting the range of Levi Strauss Signature jeans, T shirts, woven shirts, jackets and accessories.

Says Shahid Kapoor, Brand Ambassador, Levi Strauss Signature, “I have always been a great admirer of the Levi Strauss Signature brand. Its relaxed and on-trend styles reflect my personal style, and the sentiment of the youth whom I identify with so closely. It’s great to be associated with such an iconic brand.”

Shumone Chatterjee, Country Manager, Levi Strauss & Co, India Pvt. Ltd., says, “Youth Icon & iconic youth apparel brand – it’s fitting that they both zip together! Shahid is a quintessential blend of youth and style, which is what the Levi Strauss Signature brand stands for. India is a strong growth market for the Levi Strauss Signature brand and signing on Shahid as it’s face will help us create a closer connection with our young audience.”

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Schwarzkopf as Official Hair Color & Styling Partner for Femina Pageant

In keeping with its fashionable image, Schwarzkopf Professional tied up with Femina as the Official Hair Color & Styling Partner for the Femina Miss Indian Pageant. The top-notch stylists from Schwarzkopf Professional conducted an exclusive & rigorous hair- consultation session for the 22 finalists of the Femina Miss India contest at their Mumbai ASK Academy today.

The hair consultation session was spearheaded by Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Manager, Schwarzkopf Professional who was also appointed as the Chief Color & Styling Consultant for the Femina Miss India pageant. Najeeb Ur Rehman has carved a niche for himself in the hair industry and is undoubtedly one of the most loved trainers. He is also an absolute pro in the hair realm & specializes in creative and corrective hair coloring, cutting & texturizing.

Along with his well-trained and experienced team he set out to help the finalists of the contest understand their hair and hair-needs better. The team worked on crafting looks that specifically suited the contestants so they could put their best foot forward in the contests that are to ensue to win the coveted and prestigious beauty title.

Najeeb observed that “Hair fashion has certainly leap frogged into a completely haute dimension today and it gives me great pride to be the Chief Color & Styling Consultant for the Femina Miss India pageant from Schwarzkopf Professional. It is certainly a challenge to craft individualistic looks for each of the contestants as we have to take their skin tone , eye color , face shape and personality into consideration before giving them a look that gives them an edge at the contest and we are completely up to acing this challenge.”

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Ultrafine Merino shawl stars in Paris Fashion Week

A-list celebrities and international models were last week treated to the best Merino wool Australia has to offer at an exclusive event at Paris Fashion Week to celebrate one of the world's most promising young designers Alexander Wang.

Guests at a private dinner party for the exclusive retailer Colette were presented with gifts of ultrafine Merino shawls from the Jemala company from Victoria. Australian Wool Innovation, which introduced its top suppliers to Wang to help create his new Merino looks, has sourced what are unquestionably some of the most the luxurious wraps available. They are made from extremely rare, ultrafine Australian Merino wool, with each finely woven shawl made from a world-record-setting calibre of fleece; so fine that 8 kilometers of yarn are needed for each wrap.

Each specially bred Merino sheep is raised in a sheltered habitat to protect its precious fiber from the elements. Protective jackets ensure a perfectly uniform Merino wool. The result is a fibre that is softer, yet stronger than cashmere – and is available exclusively from Australia. It's extremely rare: every year enough fleece is shorn for only a few thousand shawls.

During the event Alexander Wang commented on the fineness of the fabric which the wool created.

"I worked with Australian Merino for autumn 2009 to create a more refined and tailored collection. The feel of this scarf is simply incomparable. I hope our guests liked it as much as I do," he said.

Director of Jemala, Ian Gill said the decision to partner with a young designer like Alexander Wang was not only good for Jemala, but good for Australian wool growers.

"The current trend in marketing used by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) needs support and expansion. Raising the profile of superfine and extrafine Australian Merino Fibre by exposure to emerging and established designers is a powerful and logical starting point," Mr Gill said.

"We have to convince each new generation of the unique properties of Merino fibre to wean them away from their cotton and synthetic world.

"To do this we require continuous funding at be built into the thinking processes of all Australian Merino fibre growers. This must be as fundamental to our thinking as shearing, and subject to the same scrutiny that the fleeces must undergo each season.

"We need to support ourselves, by strongly supporting this comprehensive marketing program," he said.

"I've found a keen hardworking band of enthusiasts at every point of contact I've dealt with at AWI.

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TSE Cashmere launches fall collection for woman

This year TSE celebrates 20 years of What We Do Best, Cashmere. Double face cashmere, single face cashmere and cashmere blends are at the core of the Fall 2009 Collection.

The inspiration for the collection is a woman who embodies the TSE aesthetic, modern, sophisticated and innovative. Although, she is at the forefront of current fashion, she is not driven by trends. She sees her purchases as investments and relies on TSE for great design, fit and quality.

In fall 2009, the TSE woman is wearing a body skimming underpinning, a cashmere bodysuit with feet. She layers it with a draped apron skirt and wraps herself in a blanket jacket. She wears the same draped apron with her TSE cashmere dress or knit pant suit. This season’s essential piece in her closet is the cashmere dress with the oversized hood.

A knit tailored jacket replaces her cardigans and softer shapes with a stronger line. The sharper shoulder is accentuated with removable shoulder pads. The silhouette is slimmer and more body conscious than in seasons past. Wrapping, draping and proportion center on highlighting the asymmetry of the collection.

The revisited and updated blanket like cashmere coats represent the modern, architectural shapes that have inspired TSE design from its inception.

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Gold Coast Fashion Week to encapsulate lifetsyle of region

Gold Coast Fashion Week 2009 is the Gold Coast’s most prestigious fashion event. What better place to hold a fashion showcase than the beautiful Gold Coast where our beautiful lifestyle matches our great fashion style.

This world-class event is to be held on the 13th –17th May 2009. Gold Coast Fashion Week 2009, will be Australia's 1st Swimwear, Summer-wear and Holiday-Wear fashion event, themed “Summer ‘09”. With events, such as; make-up and hair demonstrations, professional photo shoots, the Australian National Stiletto Throwing Competition, and of course spectacular and creative fashion shows, it is going to be an event spoken about all year. Best of all... your invited.

The spectacular events are to be held at various locations spread throughout the Gold Coast and are designed to encapsulate the Gold Coast lifestyle. All events are open to the public and some are even free.

Face of Gold Coast Fashion Week '09
Australia's aspiring models, you could be this years winner of the Face of Gold Coast Fashion Week '09. The winner will receive a host of prizes including a professional photo shoot, hair and beauty products, wardrobe and accessories, feature on the cover of the official "GCFW Swimwear Calendar" as well as a featuring in Gold Coast Panache Magazine, not to mention the international exposure of being this years Face of Gold Coast Fashion Week '09.

Applications for the Face of Gold Coast Fashion Week '09 are available through the Division Model Management and Gold Coast Fashion Week Websites.

Menswear Show
This variety show will showcase some of the best Menswear designs that are both retail and designer. Guys this is your turn to see what you need to be seen in this year.

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J Brand collaborates with London’s high street retailer Topshop

Executives from award-winning U.S. designer denim label J Brand are pleased to announce their exclusive collaboration with the UK’s No.1 High Street retailer, Topshop, hits sales floors this week. The very best of America’s premium denim meets the vibrant, constantly changing UK fashion scene. The result: J Brand for Topshop.

The limited-edition capsule collection will debut in Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship store. “We see this collaboration with Topshop as a great opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking company, and create a special product for them that is in keeping with our aesthetic, yet presented in a new way,” said Susie Crippen, J Brand co-founder and Creative Director.

J Brand for Topshop will consist of three low-rise styles named for the New York boroughs and neighborhoods that exemplify the styles of the women who wear them. The Brooklyn style is the new denim staple: a 12-inch pencil leg; the Nolita is a classic cigarette leg with a 14-inch leg opening; and finally, the Manhattan is a slim fit 22-inch bell bottom.

These styles will be available in washes that range from dark and clean to vintage-inspired distressed washes. In keeping with the New York theme, the washes are: Empire, Skyline, Liberty and Bowery. The retail price point for this limited collection is £89. J Brand is in good company with previous successful collaborations such as Kate Moss, Richard Nicoll and Emma Cook.

“There is nothing more American than a great pair of Jeans,” Jeff Rudes, J Brand co-founder, remarks. “We believe Topshop customers will appreciate the detail and workmanship of our line and feel good about wearing a genuine piece of Americana.” Mary Homer, Managing Director of Topshop adds, "We're really excited to be collaborating with J Brand. Topshop has established a reputation for producing it's own new, leading-edge jeans and we're proud to build on this by working with the original cult jeans brand - J Brand."

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20 Femina Miss India contestants move closer to ‘Live the Dream’

The talented and glamorous finalists of Pantaloons Femina Miss India (PFMI) 2009 were unveiled amidst much fanfare. Out of all the 64 aspiring contestants who were present at the Regional Rounds, 20 stunning beauties finally made it to the top. These divas come one step closer to ‘Live the Dream’ – of winning the most coveted title – and would compete for the crowns on the Grand Finale stage.

The 20 finalists from across India sizzled on the ramp with the show choreographed by none other than Marc Robinson (Fashion Director and Contestant Director, PFMI 2009).

The gorgeous ladies were attired in cocktail dresses designed by renowned fashion designer Haasya Chandna. Her collection for the future Miss India’s was designed keeping in mind each ones personal attributes. The hues, the textures and cuts of each gown made every contestant stand out as an individual, exuding confidence of looking and giving their best in their quest to win the most coveted title of Femina Miss India’s pageant.

The collection boasted of cocktail gowns woven in satin, enhancing eclectic hues of electric blue, sea green, wine pink and black. It emphasised on flowy textures, each cut to perfection. The aesthetic makeup was done by Vivian D Silva, Make up Expert from Make up Forever. The Hair styling was done by Najeeb Ur Rehman – Chief Colour and Styling Consultant from Schwarzkopf Professional.

Adding glamour to the grand evening was the unveiling of the three exquisitely designed crowns for the top three winners crafted by Collection G – a brand for the woman of today in association with D’damas and World Gold Council, exclusively for Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2009. The intricately crafted crowns inspired from the Sun, Moon and Stars were unveiled by the brand ambassador of Collection G, Jacqueline Fernandez.

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'Watchmen's' female superhero dazzles in sexy Syren latex

The sexy latex costume worn by actress Malin Akerman, who portrays Silk Spectre II in the just released "Watchmen" movie, has garnered both praise and controversy from comic book fans because it departs radically from the original graphic novel design.

"Watchmen," the highly anticipated movie from Warner Bros, is based on the seminal 12-issue limited comic book series created in the 1980s by writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins.

Michael Wilkinson was the costume designer for "Watchmen" while L.A.-based Syren Couture was the production house that fabricated the actual design for the character, from prototype to finished model. Syren is the leading latex high fashion house and has been supplying custom latex and leather designs to the entertainment industry for over 16 years, including the iconic Catwoman suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in the film Batman Returns.

Silk Spectre II's latex costume is a dramatic departure from the original silk lingerie style mini dress that she wore on the pages of the comics, and loyalists to Gibbons' first designs are already creating a buzz about whether or not the costume should have been changed.

"I didn't think Silk's outfit in the graphic novel was very flattering and so I was happy to see that Michael (Wilkinson) did his own interpretation of her look and made it much more sensuous," said Jeffrey Gent, head designer with Syren Couture. "Malin Akerman was great to work with and she was so patient through all of the fittings and costume adjustments. Latex doesn't keep you very warm and even during the cold Vancouver winter Malin was a trooper.

The final fitting for the camera test was the first time that I saw her in full hair and makeup with the completed costume; the effect was stunning! When director Zack Snyder saw Malin walk on the set as Silk Spectre II for the first time he exclaimed, 'Wow! Wow! Awesome!' It was one of the best moments of my life, getting that kind of reaction from such a talented and successful director."

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Deepak Singh - fashion designer with difference

Deepak Singh an eminent fashion designer recently was invited by Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry at new Delhi to unveil his Spring Summer 09 collection in presence of eminent personalities from trade & industry among those, who were present during event were fashion Design council of india’s president, Mr. Sunil Sethi and herbal Cosmetic brand queen of India Mrs. Shahnaz hussain along with Secretary general, Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI), Mr. R.P. Swami.

Mr. Swami, Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI) states that he acknowledged the efforts of this young and eminent fashion designer in helping Indian artisans come out of their traditional designs and experiment fusion of India & Modern. While speaking about Deepak's ten years of social endeavor, he expresses his appreciation by stating, "I think that's what designers should do".

He is the first Indian designer known to have worked with No. of International Designers on imparting training & designs to underprivileged to enable them earn their livelihood by little training in design by way of making simple woven tops to beautifully crafted handbags. Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI) recognized him for his efforts by presenting him a trophy and certificate in front of leading members of trade and industry and announced him as talent in industry to watch for, in coming years.

The exhibitions put up by Mr. Deepak Singh in past years together with International Designer Mr. P. J. Aranador have got them compliment s from likes of Priyanka Gandhi to Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Tarun Gagoi, textiles minister Shri Shankar Sinh Vaghela and filmstar and model Mr. Milind Soman.

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Deepak Singh - fashion designer with difference

Deepak Singh an eminent fashion designer recently was invited by Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry at new Delhi to unveil his Spring Summer 09 collection in presence of eminent personalities from trade & industry among those, who were present during event were fashion Design council of india’s president, Mr. Sunil Sethi and herbal Cosmetic brand queen of India Mrs. Shahnaz hussain along with Secretary general, Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI), Mr. R.P. Swami.

Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI),Mr. Swami said he acknowledged the efforts put my this young eminent fashion designer, which he has put in last ten years, helping Indian artisans come out of their traditional designs and experiment fusion of India & Modern, and I think that’s what designers should do.

He is the first Indian designer known to have worked with No. of International Designers on imparting training & designs to underprivileged to enable them earn their livelihood by little training in design by way of making simple woven tops to beautifully crafted handbags. Indian Chambers of Commerce (ICCI) recognized him for his efforts by presenting him a trophy and certificate in front of leading members of trade and industry and announced him as talent in industry to watch for, in coming years.

The exhibitions put up by Mr. Deepak Singh in past years together with International Designer Mr. P. J. Aranador have got them compliment s from likes of Priyanka Gandhi to Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Tarun Gagoi, textiles minister Shri Shankar Sinh Vaghela and filmstar and model Mr. Milind Soman.

Mr. Singh is designer of repute for fashion & lifestyle. On asking him what’s his design statement like he clearly says “his expertise lies in infusing traditional with modern, colors with finishes and textures with originality, while still embracing natural forms & color” though he says his designs are for those who are looking for simplicity and elegance.

Presently Mr. Deepak Singh is consultant for North Eastern Development & Finance Corporation ltd (NEDFi), where he imparts training to grass root level workers to bring awareness in design trends & forecast prevailing all over the world. He successfully runs his own label “de” and his company One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from New Delhi, India.

Source : Fibre2fashion

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Ali Rahimi of Mon Atelier dresses Mary Hart for Oscars

If you watched "Entertainment Tonight" anchor Mary Hart on the red carpet before the Academy Awards, you have seen the exquisite work of couture designer Ali Rahimi of Mon Atelier, one of Los Angeles' premier designers.

In addition to Hart, Rahimi designed gowns for this year's Oscars for "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Thea Andrews; The Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington; and Cheryl Cecchetto, president of Sequoia Productions, who has produced the Academy Awards Governors Ball for the past 20 years.

"I design to fit a woman's body and choose fabrics that bring out each client's natural beauty," says Rahimi. "For example, for Mary Hart I created an asymmetrically draped gown that accented Mary's shoulders and neckline. The fabric was a beautiful, spring green metallic silk organza with pink flowers scattered throughout. The colors perfectly complemented her brilliant eyes."

Rahimi, who designed a wedding gown for Thea Andrews several years ago, chose something completely different for her night on the red carpet. To reflect Andrews' outgoing personality, he created a red, bias-cut silk Georgette gown, fully hand-beaded with gunmetal gray beads. For Huffington, Rahimi turned to a look of elegant sophistication with an interesting blend of color, by combining an aubergine lace top with an iridescent navy blue silk taffeta swirl skirt. Cheryl Cecchetto, in contrast, inspired Rahimi to focus on movement. Because Cecchetto must be able to move freely as she oversees production of the Governors Ball, Rahimi designed a special train that could be bustled at the back of Cecchetto's chocolate brown, hand-beaded matte jersey gown. "I love the way this fabric moves with the body," says Rahimi. "When I saw it, I thought immediately of Cheryl."

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High school students to shine for Prom '09!

Countless memorable outfits showcasing vibrant colors, outrageous fabrics and over-the-top accessories have passed down Hollywood's red carpet. Many of these trends and styles have even found their way to an equally important high-fashion event - the high school prom. But, for those prom-goers who really want to stick out and make a statement (and perhaps win money for doing it!) there's always duct tape.

Entering its ninth year, the Duck brand duct tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is putting high school students from the United States and Canada to the test, challenging couples to create and accessorize prom outfits that are unique, beautiful and made out of duct tape.

It's easy enough to walk into a store to buy a prom dress and rent a tux, but making it and saving hundreds of dollars in the process has been the most appealing aspect of the contest for the thousands of students who have entered over the last eight years. And what's better than saving money? Winning it, of course! The first place couple with the highest number of online votes will win $6,000 - that's $3,000 for each person - in scholarship dollars! The school that hosts the prom of the winning couple will also receive $3,000.

The couple earning the second highest number of online votes will win $2,000 each, with the high school receiving $2,000, also. The third place couple will win $1,000 each and their high school will receive $1,000.

Students who are interested can go to for official contest rules and a registration form. The contest, sponsored by Henkel Corporation, marketers of Duck brand duct tape, starts on March 2, 2009. Participants are required to submit a photo of themselves wearing their duct tape prom formalwear and completed forms by June 8, 2009.

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Britney Spears Returns As New Face For Candie's Only At Kohl's

Iconix Brand Group Inc announced that its junior brand, Candie's, which is exclusive at Kohl's Department Stores, signed an exclusive partnership with world-renowned megastar, Britney Spears. Spears will appear in the Candie's Only at Kohl's 2009 print, television, in-store and online marketing and advertising campaigns. Candie's and Kohl's also will be heavily integrated into all of Spears' upcoming promotional activities.

"I'm so excited to be the face for Candie's Only at Kohl's. Candie's and Kohl's are doing such great things with my tour. It's great to work with a line that has such cool clothes and accessories," states Britney Spears about the partnership.

Candie's and Kohl's will be associate sponsors of Spears' upcoming tour beginning March 3rd. The tour sponsorship includes exciting opportunities for consumers and fans to be a part of the concert experience. There will be VIP experiences with Candie's pink carpets and lounges in select markets, and other great promotions surrounding the sponsorship.

In addition to the tour integration, Candie's will be the exclusive host of Spears' "First Look" tour video that will debut tonight, March 2nd exclusively at The video will grant fans an exciting sneak peek into Britney's tour. Britney also will wear Candie's apparel, footwear and accessories in an upcoming music video off of her current album.

"Britney's back and Candie's has her," commented Dari Marder, chief marketing officer, Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Marder added, "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Britney, which marks her first ever apparel endorsement. We've worked very closely with Britney's team to develop creative programs that will deliver exclusive opportunities to our Candie's consumers. There is a perfect synergy between our Candie's girls and Britney's fan base and to be able to partner with her during such a monumental time in her career is very exciting for the brand."

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Best Of French Creation at DASLU GALERIA

For many seasons, French brands have shown a growing interest for Latin American countries. But the season inversions, distances and local taxes have often discouraged individual initiatives. However, Brazil enjoys an exceptional economic growth and French products have been a hit. It will take place on JUNE 17th – 23rd 2009.

As part of the French year in Brazil in 2009, WSN DEVELOPPEMENT has signed a partnership wit the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the most important in Latin America, to present the best of French creation. Launched in 1996, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week takes place twice a year, in January and June. Since its creation, it has attracted 1.8 million visitors. In 2009, it will be paying a tribute to France.

In Sao Paulo, WHO’S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE will be organizing a showroom, from June 15th to 18th, gathering 20 of their French exhibitors that will present their collections at the professional fair, GALERIA, on the top-floor of the exclusive concept store DASLU. To this day, MANOUSH, CHARLIE JOE and IRENE VAN RYB have agreed to take part in this adventure.

UBIFRANCE, which launged this project, will be organizing a program of individual meetings for brands with potential buyers and partners. These meetings will be continued in Rio on June the 19th for brands that are interested. The French brands will also be invited to demonstrate their creativity via a styling exercise staged by WHO’S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE, around architect Oscar Niemeyer’s masterpieces. The resulting creations will be exhibited during the whole week at the Fashion Week.

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