Lyrical Paradise recalls ecstasy

Marco Bicego, the world renowned Italian jewellery house which burst upon the jewellery scene less than a decade ago and is hailed for its ability to redefine ‘everyday luxury’ presents interesting propositions in its lyrical Paradise collection. Blending delicate 18k yellow gold chains with his signature hand engraved gold beads, South Sea pearls and colourful gems of every hue the visionary designer comes up with yet another iconic collection to win women over in whimsical options for casual, day as well as evening allure.

Marco Bicego said: “The Paradise collection is defined by a flowing, cascading quality to it, enriched by a colourful blend of gemstones and hand engraved gold beads. Bicego fans would be interested to know that Paradise is a collection inspired by the sun’s reflection in the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea when I was swimming there during one of my trips.”

Bicego’s jewellery has an emotive quality to it that’s immediately discernible to the viewer, and each handcrafted piece in the Paradise collection exudes this quality. As a term denoting a faraway land where one is free of all cares, ‘Paradise’ instantly recalls such aspects like bliss, ‘Seventh Heaven’ and ecstasy. And Bicego effortlessly translates his experience in Paradise’s glittering array of jewels by infusing a carefree, gypsy-charm to jewels of tactile joy that are simply irresistible.

Paradise has a poetic, flowing quality to it resembling water droplets strung on a thread, which shimmer as they catch the play of sunlight. In Paradise, Bicego immortalises the imagery with a rich, luminous array of multihued semi-precious stones such as amethysts, citrines, garnets, blue topaz, rose quartz, along with gleaming freshwater pearls and his signature hand engraved gold beads which play water droplets and strings them on delicate gold chains.

He then transforms them with practiced ease into single chain or multiple chain necklaces, bracelets, drop earrings and rings to offer jewels of pure feminine essence. While the single or double strands offer elegant accessories for casual and corporate wear, one can easily ‘amp’ evening glamour with Paradise’s rich, assortment of multiple strand jewels.

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Gurvinder Arora Show Cases 24 Designs At Dreamshotz

A fashion show was organized in Elevate, Sector18, Noida on 15th March 09. In this show designs of various reputed designers/companies were showcased.

The organizer of this show famous fashion designer Gurvinder Arora showcased around 24 designs of his collection. In this show, the chief guest was Mrs. Pragya Samor, who is a designer from Dubai also showcased her collection.

In this show main attraction was designs of Gurvinder Arora… Diwan Bros also showcased the best designs in Men’s Wear.

Fashion designer Deepak Singh also showcased very appealing designs in this show.

Designer Gurvinder Arora said that “ This type of fashion shows are organized every year in which different designers showcase their designs & Dreamshotz company plays the main role in organizing these shows.In the times to come Dreamshotz will play a major role in fashion designing industry”.

During this show the director of Maharaja College of Management, Udaipur, Dr.Prof. Mrs. Harvinder Soni’s presence was important.

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Allen Solly : Men Spring/Summer Colour Collection

Allen Solly announced the launch of its Spring Summer ‘09 collection for Men. The big new story of this season in Allen Solly’s SS09 Menswear Collection is the return of colour to menswear arena. Gone are the last few seasons of dreary greys, stark black and whites.

Yellow is the colour of the season which is supported by orange and aqua, lime and green. The other big colour trend is nautical. This is a mainstay of any menswear palette and is marked by the slightly more casual attitude, influenced by youth trends rather than the old, formal nautical.

Allen Solly SS09 menswear collection lets you dress down at the workplace, which is the norm these days with its range of 100% cotton smart casual shirts & washed trousers. Dark jeans, unwashed, raw and tapering slim along with Summer polo tees in myriad colors along with a line of urban evening wear shirts are other categories forming part of the SS09 range.
Also available is a line of Red, White, Navy signature shirts- called ORIGIN inspired by the Allen Solly logo colors. A line of smooth Neo classics. Its heritage made contemporary.

Slim is the way to go this season with Allen Solly’s Slimmer collared shirts. Forget daddy’s 8 cms and larger ones and go for 5-6 cms collar widths. Again an Allen Solly first!

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Bijoux - The Bright of Fashion at Moesi

Moesi presents its new Spring/Summer 2009 Bijoux Collection which has been designed taking into account women’s needs, moment by moment. The Bright of Fashion is the Collection designed for the elegant and sophisticated woman … it is the Collection designed for the sporty and casual woman … it is the glass design that adapts itself to everyday single moments.

Fifty new models designed to remark the little Great Moments of everyday life. Sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, and also collars, long necklaces, necklaces with Charms as well as with central pendants, in pearls as well as in metal matched with Glass, or exclusively in Glass. Murano glass. These are only some of the proposals of The Bright Of Fashion, the Bijoux Collection designed to accompany those important moments when the dominant theme is to search a strong visual impact…as well as those simple moments of everyday life underlined with the harmony and niceness of a gesture, of an emotion.

”This Collection has been produced in close collaboration with our master glassmakers.“ – says Monica Pellizzari, Bijoux Designer for Bright Of Fashion - “Together with them we developed new pearls and pendants, giving life to original and modern necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The most elegant pearls have been forged with gold inside. We have exploited the transparency and reflections of glass skilfully combining them with dressy details, drawing inspiration from the geometric shapes more trendy with the needs of women“.

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Fashion design students of Istituti Callegari Mumbai to visit Italy

Istituti Callegari Milano (ICM), part of Europe’s biggest education sector giant Cepu, now offers a unique Indo-Italian fashion and interior designing course in Mumbai wherein course toppers will be sent for an all expenses-paid internship programme in Italy and their designer outfits will be displayed at the Callegari Studios in Milan and Mumbai. To mark the visit of Mr. Francesco Polidori (Founder of CEPU Group) and Mr. Roberto Cangi (Chairman, ICM) to Istituti Callegari Mumbai, the students organized the first-ever Grand Fashion Show in April with renowned models in association with the leading event manager, White Leaf Entertainment.

Mrs. Namrita Kabra, President, Istituti Callegari Mumbai, said, “Istituti Callegari Mumbai is an Indo-Italian collaboration wherein the fashion-interior designing courses are ‘made in Italy while incorporating the best of Indian traditions’. To nurture the phenomenal talent and potential of Indian students, the core philosophy of our courses is Create, Communicate, Design, Realise and Work.”

She added, “We offer toppers of each batch a golden opportunity to intern in Italy with globally renowned fashion giants such as Valentino, Prada, La Perla, United Colors Of Benetton, Diesel and Replay amongst others. In interior designer, it works with companies such as Panto, Industrie Patriarca, Ceramiche Dolomite, Veneta, Cucine, Berloni, Divani e Divani.”

ICM offers 100% job-oriented specialized training in styling, fashion pattern making (modeling), accessory designing and interior designing with Italian and international recognition. It has short term courses and specialized courses such as Furniture Design, Shop Design, Exhibit Design, Lighting Design, Wellness Design, Hotel Design and Food Design. Every batch has 18 students, who get personalized attention.

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Feel Cool, Good In Summer With Righteous Fashion

Righteous 2009 Spring & Summer Collection consists of smooth, feminine silhouettes with high waisted seams, creased details and handcrafted bone buttons for a serene and sometimes romantic expression, always infused with poignancy and attitude.

Spring & summer 2009 // Imagine there’s a hidden place. Push the gate and step inside. You may notice the gravel crunch under your feet, the scents of spring flowers and rain-wet soil. Somewhere a river running slowly over rocks. The air is brisk but also sweet. A place for dreams with open eyes.

Righteous is a fashion brand produced by the company Design Fair. Design Fair is a clothes & fashion brand started in 2005. We aim to combine Scandinavian Design, with organic and Fair Trade production.

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Learn About Your Lingerie

Today women who want both comfortable and exclusive lingerie don't find their size and good fitting. The different distribution channels propose only standardized lingerie and none tailor made. Women want to be sure about the right sizes, and perfect fittings. This article talks about the various aspects of Fabrics used for lingerie and different shapes of lingerie to gracefully present the women's body.

Fabrics used for lingerie


Lace is a lightweight, openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand. Lace-making is an ancient craft. True lace was not made until the late 15th and early 16th centuries. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric.

Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread. Manufactured lace may be made of synthetic fiber. A few modern artists make lace with a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread.

There are many types of lace, defined by how they are made. These include:

Needle lace: made using a needle and thread. This is the most flexible of the lace-making arts.

Cutwork, or white work; lace constructed by removing threads from a woven background, and the remaining threads wrapped or filled with embroidery.

Bobbin Lace: as the name suggests, made with bobbins and a pillow.

Tape lace: makes the tape in the lace as it is worked, or uses a machine- or hand-made textile strip formed into a design, then joined and embellished with needle or bobbin lace.

Knotted lace: including Macram and Tatting.

Crocheted lace: including Irish crochet, pineapple crochet, and filet crochet.

Knitted lace: including Shetland lace, such as the "wedding ring shawl", a lace shawl so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring.

Machine-made: any style of lace created or replicated using mechanical means. The machine is used to tie up the 'M' point together.


Muslin is most typically a closely-woven unbleached or white cloth, produced from corded cotton yarn. Wide muslin is called "sheeting". It is often used to make dresses or curtains but may also be used to complement foam for bench padding. Muslin breathes well, and is a good choice of material for clothing meant for hot, dry climates.

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Dolce & Gabbana S/S reflects relaxed lifestyle of modern man

Dolce&Gabbana presents the new Summer 2009 Collection for man. The Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2009 collection reflects the relaxed lifestyle of the modern man who lives his daily life respecting himself and his body.

The whole wardrobe, including fabrics and shapes, is thought to achieve both a mental and a physical wellbeing and incorporates all the elements of classic men’s tailoring.

The symbolic item of this new attitude is the pyjama, whose shape and fabrics are taken as starting points for tailoring elaborations that bring to life an innovative and relaxed style.

Fabrics and materials
- Silk-twill, silk cotton, silk shantung, tie fabrics, cotton drill, silk jersey, pin striped wool and silk hemp.
- Silk twill with printed pyjama stripes or printed tie stripes.
- Leather, crocodile and suede.

All the hues from light blue to dark blue.
All the natural hues from ecru to brown.
Black and white.

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Kelly Kelly : Sexiest & Hottest Wrestling Woman

WWE Wrestling’s sexiest woman. WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has just voted “Wrestling’s Sexiest Woman” by Pro Wrestling.

Kelly Kelly received total 26 percent of the vote. She won against TNA’s Angelina Love who was second with 17 percent and Mickie James was third with 12 percent votes.

Kelly Kelly has been named "Wrestling's Sexiest Woman" in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's annual "PWI Poll" issue. The Raw Diva is also featured on the cover of the magazine, which is now available on newsstands.

The final voting results are as follows:

Kelly Kelly - 26%
Velvet Sky - 17%
Mickie James - 12%
Angelina Love - 10%
Maria - 9%
Maryse - 8%
Michelle McCool - 5%
Others - 13%

World Wrestling Entertainment has issued a press release announced that they will report its 2009 first quarter results on May 7, 2009. WWE will be holding a live webcast, which can be listened to at their corporate website (

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Skirts : Gorgeous & Stylish Look

Skirts have become latest fad this season, with different types short and long, flowing and sleek as well as body-hugging skirts that enhance the wearer’s assets.

The natural and feminine look of the skirts has brought up their revival.

Women are trying to beat the heat with long cotton skirts that give fresh and exhilarating look.

Many experts have begun to consider swaying skirts very elegant and expressive.
Fashion experts explain that skirts are meant to compliment a woman’s hips and legs.

Thus the shape and length of the skirt should be such that enhances your body-type.

Align Centerlauren ralph

Straight cut skirts suit beautifully to most body types, provided it’s the perfect size.

Fashion players are boasting A-cut and bell-shaped as the most versatile of all, that is elegant enough for office-wear and at the same glamorous enough for parties.

A nice long and thin side-slit in the long sleek skirt gives the necessary classy touch to the whole outfit.

Flowing, light chiffon, beach skirts along having zig-zag cuts are also a vogue.

Skirts can be topped with lose fitting ethnic tops or tank tops that flatter the curvy body.

Heeled shoes with long skirts and strappy sandals with short skirts do not fail to make a everlasting impression on the onlooker.

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Advice For Women With Big Bust

Many women dream about having a big bust and they will never understand those who complain that it causes plenty of problems. And it does affect woman’s life greatly. Yes, having a big bust looks really nice and admit it or not men really like it, because the area of flesh between the breasts has an ineluctable power over the male gaze. This is a good thing and can be used to your advantage, and according to French saying ”a woman without breasts is like a bed without a pillow, and maybe they are right.” but there are some situations when you just don’t want to own such a treasure.
Today, bra market is expanding. According to the news most or 40 per cent of Australian women now buy bras with a cup size of DD or higher, new figures from lingerie suppliers show.

According to the history; in the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B - three sizes less than a DD. But today, modern breasts are getting so large that some bra companies have introduced cup sizes as high as K.

Now, the common problem when it comes to bra fitting, is how to make your breast look gorgeous but not too huge?

1. When you are wearing a t-shirt let say from ralphlauren make sure to pay attention particular to the bra selection. Remember that it shouldn’t make your bust look bigger so that you have bulges on your sides.Prefer molded bras without any pads that provide a push-up effect. Try each bra before you buy to avoid the risk of purchasing the wrong size. The correct fitting bra is key and often life changing!


2. When looking for a swim suit remember to provide good support for your bust.

If you like one piece suit look for the one with wide straps or criss-cross straps that is most often found in sport-style bathing suits. To create a leaner look prefer dark colors. You may select a light hue either but make sure it is solid.

If you choose a two-piece bathing suit seek for a model with wide straps and cups of appropriate size. Cups may be shaped but they shouldn’t be padded.

Panties must look proportionate with the bra, that’s why thongs are not a good decision.

3. Avoid using of a dolman sleeves, halter necks, and hooded tops and ralph lauren T-shirts.

4. On wearing a vêtements de marque lauren ralph Sweaters a smooth knitting with deep V-neck are good for you. The perfect variant is a classic loose-fitting sweater. Steer clear of tight-fitting models as they will accentuate your bust.

With these you’ll certainly create a perfect image of yours so that you can feel proud of your bust!

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‘blue on blue’ that express true individuality

This season, the Levi’s brand looks to ‘You’ for inspiration – You, who express true individuality, possess provocative energy and appreciate minimal, simple aesthetics – and introduces a new range.

‘Indigo’ from the Levi’s Red Tab collection is about the soul of denim; an outcome of a new blueprint that strips away all the unnecessary optics to allow for the beauty of denim to shine through. Presented in a modern light, Indigo marries a fun, playful aesthetic with understated simplicity that will allow wearers to experiment and project their individualism and characters all at once.

“The current denim market mostly consists of denim jeans with excessive detailing and unnatural finishes. With Indigo, it’s about appreciating the beauty of denim without those distractions,” said Agnes Tann, strategic brand planning director for the Levi’s brand, Asia Pacific Division based in Singapore.

The Denim
The Indigo jeans takes a cue from Spring Bottom Pants that were considered workwear in the late 1880’s. Named ‘Spring Bottom’ because of the flare at the leg opening, the unique design of the pants, particularly the triangular patch at the back, has been fused with modern, angular and edgy details with minimal embellishments for Indigo to bring out the beauty of denim.

The denim is a key focus of the range. With colorful customized selvage red cast, a dyed weft almost pure indigo colored denim as well as a special greencast fabrication, the rich shades throw a spotlight on the beauty of denim.

Besides the regular fits for denim bottoms, Indigo will also roll out denim bermudas for men and stylish quirks like the drop-crotch cropped volume jeans for women.

Adding a twist to the collection are buttons and rivets that have been color-coated bright blue – an interesting change from the metallic-looking sundries and reflective of the youthfulness and innovativeness of the Levi’s brand.

With accompanying tops and accessories that create fun looks however assembled, Indigo makes strong statements about one’s individuality.

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A Colorful Cause for EBMRF

Lilly Pulitzer has always been a brand about lifting spirits and lending their happy prints and colors to a worthy cause. To cap off the brand's 50th Anniversary celebration, nine celebrity mothers have united for a very special project called A Colorful Cause. The celebrity designers include: Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, Marcia Cross, Angie Harmon, Bridget Moynahan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Bell, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon.

The collection hits Lilly Pulitzer stores this month, just in time for Mother's Day. Each celebrity has designed an exclusive mother/child look as part of the brand's Summer '09 Collection. Lilly Pulitzer prints were designed by the celebs from scratch, and placed on beautiful, beachy silhouettes. From resort chic tunics that will take you from poolside to party, to beach-ready bathing suits and cute dresses for little ones, these limited edition pieces capture the wit and whimsy of Lilly Pulitzer, while giving back.

15% of proceeds from the celebrity designs support The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF). EBMRF supports research and treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare, inherited skin disease which affects young children and adults.

"We've always been a brand about happy times with family and friends, and by working with this great group of iconic, celebrity moms, we are able to continue to spread that happiness," said Janie Schoenborn, Head of Print Design at Lilly Pulitzer. "We are honored to have these influential women as partners, and we even more humbled by their efforts to support our friends at EBMRF," said Schoenborn.

Brooke Shields comments, "I grew up in Lilly Pulitzer. I've always loved the fun prints because they reminded me of summer." Her fellow celebrity designer Catherin Bell states, "Being a part of such a wonderful charitable cause was what drew me to the project, and it was really fun to create something that my daughter & I could enjoy together."

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Hottest Actress Asin-Fashion@Big Bazaar Collection

Big Bazaar, India's largest hypermarket chain, unveiled the new 'Fashion@Big Bazaar Collection' in a glittering fashion show, at the hands of Bollywood's latest heart throb and sensation - Asin.

The new Fashion@Big Bazaar collection comprises of apparel and accessories for all occasions, ranging from daily wear, special occasion wear, casual wear, college wear and office wear. Asin, winner of the Filmfare best debut (female), for her stunning performance in the film Ghajini, joins MS Dhoni, youth icon and captain of the Indian cricket team, as brand ambassador for Fashion@Big Bazaar.

The fashion show comprised of four sequences, with male & female models showcasing the new Fashion@Big Bazaar collection, this summer.

'Fashion@Big Bazaar Mens Collection' showcased at the fashion show included – formals comprising of fil-a-fil, cotton rich stripes, easy care plains shirts teamed with stylish trousers; casual wear with striped t-shirts, cotton yard dyed check shirts, cargos and straight fit denims; party wear comprising of shiny stripe lycra, satin jacquard, plain satin, structured seer sucker stripes shirts, structured self stripe trousers and wet look corduroys;and ethnic wear, which consisted of pin tuck printed silk kurtas along with embroidered silk and jacquard sherwanis.

'Fashion@Big Bazaar Womens Collection' included - party wear comprising of tunics teamed with leggings and evening wear tops with back pocket embroidered denims; casual wear comprised of foil print tees and summery blouses with slim fit denims; whereas, kantha work and kalamkari foil printed mix 'n' match kurtis with leggings, rogan printed patiyalas, sarees and pastel foil printed salwar kameez dupatta sets were showcased as a part of ethnic wear.

The highlight of the fashion show was the striped t-shirt collection paired with worked upon jeans for men, structured formal shirts for men, slim fit stretch jeans for ladies and the fusion metallic discharge print with embroidery collection in ladies ethnic wear. Asin made a grand entrance at the end of the fashion show and floored the audience, looking stunning in garments from the summer 2009 collection of Fashion@ Big Bazaar.

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Soha Ali Khan Loves Tommy Hilfiger

Dressed in the true American Fashion statement of the season by Tommy Hilfiger, and sporting a casual attitude, Soha Ali Khan stepped into Tommy Hilfiger's flagship store in Bangalore, amidst high glitz and glamour, to mark the launch of the limited edition sunglasses, created and fashioned by Tommy Hilfiger. Inspired by Soha Ali Khan, the exceptional retro classic and uber chic pair of sunglasses was soon unveiled and sported by the actress.

Looking absolutely stunning in the oblique teardrop shape yellow sunglasses, Soha went on to say that a good pair of sunglasses is a must have for every wardrobe and quite representative of one's character. Terming Tommy Hilfiger as a brand among her favourites and thanking them for taking inspiration from her, she added that the sunglasses are quite like her personality - casual with a little hint of that classic element.

Tommy Hilfiger Limited Edition Sunglasses inspired by Soha Ali Khan takes its cues from the personality of its distinctive muse – vivacious yet chic, sophisticated and poised - a perfect complement for the avant-garde and lightweight styling that shapes the classic frame of this signature style.

An exceptional retro classic, this limited edition is priced at Rs. 8,000 and features urbane elements in two designs. Both styles offer gradient lenses, providing 100% UV protection and embody a unique sense of modern style.

Handmade, the limited Italian double and triple laminates and stainless steel constitutes the basis of the collection, along with an oblique teardrop shape in Yellow - capturing the summer feel, while limited colorations help to protect from the glare of the sun. To create a more distinctive collection, tailored trims and detailing have been added alongside logo treatments consisting of a signature metallic Tommy Hilfiger flag embossed at the temples.

The Tommy Hilfiger Limited Edition Sunglasses inspired by Soha Ali Khan will soon be available at all Tommy Hilfiger stores and select leading departmental stores throughout India.

Tommy Hilfiger

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‘Quote competitive rates’ advise global clothing retailers

The international buying community has requested and advised the Bangladeshi textile and garment industry to reduce prices of apparels and keep them at competitive rates comparable at least with those prevailing in competitor countries.

More than 50 buyers representing major international brands like Sears Holdings Global Sourcing Ltd, Marks & Spencer Plc, H&M International, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Tesco International and Nike Inc attended a meeting of manufacturers and the buyers.

What has got worried the exporter’s community is the fall of 10 percent registered in the month of January when compared with the same month of 2008, from regions like US and the EU which account for 90 percent of shipments from the sector.

The Bangladesh Central Bank in turn has also helped the sector by bringing down the cost of accessing credit by bringing down rate of interest on loans to 13 percent from a high of 14-18 percent, to help the sector in its hour of crisis.

The garment sector generates export value totaling to US $11 billion and provides direct and indirect employment to more than 2.5 million people, mostly women.

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Keeley Hazell - Top Glamour Model

Top Glamour ModelTop Glamour ModelTop Glamour ModelTop Glamour Model
Keeley Rebecca Hazell was destined to be a star. Born on the 18th of August of 1986 in Lewisham, England, Keeley is gifted with the look and the body that cameras love. It doesn’t hurt that she has been gifted with an amazing personality that attracts both men and women. She exudes a positive vibe, an almost visible glow around her that people can’t resist.

She may be the simple girl-next-door type, born and raised in suburbia but the girl has big dreams. And we all know that big dreams fueled by passion can take people to wondrous heights. Keeley Hazell may be every man’s fantasy at the moment, but just two years ago she was practically an unknown, working as a hairdresser after quitting school at the age of 16.

At the age of 17, Keeley Hazell decided to join The Daily Star’s contest “Search for a Beach Babe” and won. By then she was already nursing bigger dreams, setting her sights on fashion modeling. Keeley decided to go to college at Lewisham College to study fashion. At 5’6” and short by international fashion standards, it was clear that it would take more than a college education to land her gigs in the fashion industry. When she turned 18, friends persuaded her to join The Sun’s Page 3 Idol. She was hesitant at first but decided that the Page 3 contest was going to open many doors for her and was an opportunity too hard to pass up. Keeley Hazell promptly submitted sexy photos taken by her boyfriend to The Sun and in December of 2004, she was chosen as the Page 3 idol of the weekly newspaper. True enough, more than the L10,000 worth of clothes and the one-year exclusive contract with The Sun, the contest gave Keeley numerous rewards. With a modeling career and now projects for movies, the young woman, raised in Grove Park, has really gone far.

Jon Fowler, a former music executive who is also behind the success of glamour model Kelly Brook, is currently managing Keeley Hazell’s promising career. Keeley is now determined to break into mainstream Hollywood and Jon Fowler is all set to steer Keeley’s career to the top.

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Essential Looks 111 Edition: Part 1 presents four fashion moods

Schwarzkopf Professional, the leader in hair care, unveiled their Essential Looks “111 Edition: Part 1 Collection" at the Hyatt Regency in the city. Rick Lee and Sebastian Tan, Asian Ambassadors for Schwarzkopf Professional along with Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Head , SKP was there to unveil the collection and demonstrate how the edgy styles were created.

The best looks from the Essential Looks collection over the decade of its existence were chosen and was worn by the 20 finalists of the Femina Miss India beauty pageant to pay tribute and celebrate 111 years of Schwarzkopf Professional. 8 stunning Mumbai models showcased the looks from the current collection. Also present at the occasion were well known celebrity stylists like Coleen Khan, Asif Rajan, Sandhya Chandra & Sonali Mirchandani to name a few.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS has a proven track record in translating catwalk couture into a commercial reality and is now celebrating eleven years of success. The “111 Edition: Part 1 Collection” takes its inspiration from the world of haute couture and is inspired from the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York. The hair care giant features four distinctive hair styles this season. The last decade has established Essential Looks as a common international hair language of fashion motivated style, designed to gift hair professionals with the essence of seasonal inspiration.

Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Head - Schwarzkopf Professional, is an absolute pro in the hair realm and specializes in creative and corrective hair coloring, cutting & texturizing. With over a decade in the world of hair fashion and grooming and numerous awards to his name, Najeeb believes in creating hairstyles which are attractive and showcase ones attitude and individual personality with great flair. He observed that “Hair fashion has leap frogged into a whole different dimension today. At Schwarzkopf Professional we are celebrating more than a decade of hair brilliance with Essential Looks. This year we have imbibed the extravagance and chic of the fashion industry to deliver desirable, wearable, & gorgeous hairstyles “.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS is now poised to capture the myriad moods of the season - defining the true spirit of fashion. Each season, has been put together by a handpicked team of hair professionals. They go onto create a collection of distinct trends that will lead hairdressers and their salon clients to carve their own personal style for the coming season.

Chief Technical Head of Schwarzkopf Professional, Najeeb Ur Rehman said “Each of the four fashion moods identified have been expressed in three ways. Essential Trend is an undiluted, fashion forward look. Essential Style is a commercial interpretation and Essential Dressing provides editorial perspective. This season hair plays such a strong part of the overall fashion directions, that it is an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. There is a high-energy vibe running through both fashion and hair, with quirky and sensual looks that translate across both haute couture and more wearable styles”.

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Sizzling Britney Spears Is Back To Her Best

Britney Spears - Maxim Deutschland April 2009 - The Elder

Britney Spears graces the April 2009 cover of Maxim Germany Magazine. The 27-year-old ‘Baby One More Time’ singer is definitely back at her best. She is free and spontaneous, topless and seductive, gorgeous in every way.

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Soft-Tex 2009 is live - Meet the exhibitors who are specialized in ERP, PLM, EDI, CAD etc

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Naomi Campbell At Racism In Fashion World

Supermodel Naomi Campbell lashed out Friday at what she sees as latent racism in the fashion industry, which she said gives preference to "blond, blue-eyed models" over black women.

"You know, the American president may be black, but as a black woman, I am still an exception in this business. I always have to work harder to be treated equally," she said in a Glamour interview appearing on Monday in Germany.

"In the past, there were more opportunities for black models but the trend towards blond women has again become extreme. In magazines, on the catwalk, I see blond, blue-eyed models everywhere," she added.

In 2007, the London-born Campbell, along with fellow models Liya Kebede and Tyson Beckford, launched a campaign against what they said was discrimination in the fashion world.

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Femme Fatale: Etam Swimsuit Collection Summer 2009

Etam's swimsuit collection for Summer 09 is a modern interpretation of the eternal feminine.

All of the different silhouettes and necklines are included in this summer's collection: from the modest Italian-style bikini to the draped glamour of the femme fatale. "Jewelled" detailing enhances the deep bright colours (emerald green, orange and silver) and striped and polka dot prints are found alongside tie dye and patterns.

For basking in the sun, sailing or a dip in the water, the Summer 09 collection has something for everyone: from the most modest to the most daring.

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Colorbar introduces Hollywood Lights

Colorbar introduces Hollywood Lights - a self illuminating lip gloss for the first time in India. Hollywood lights reflect the glitz, glamour and all things that make Hollywood. Touch up your lips with its syrupy gloss for a transparent, wet shine in illuminating shades. Glam up anywhere for a sexy plushy pout you’ll become addicted to.

The gloss comes in with a built in battery, built in mirror and a light up brush. A dazzling product specially designed for today’s busy women, to keep their lips looking beautiful and moisturized all day and night long.

The Hollywood Lights lip glosses are made with an advanced formulation which delivers smooth and creamy texture for your lips to give you that spectacular shine and luscious pout. The product delivers the sex appeal, style and panache of an actress, model and diva of today.

Hollywood Lights lip gloss is fun to carry, ultra-portable and are available in seven vibrant shades. Shine a light on your lips for that perfect application anywhere, even in the darkest of places. All the shades have exciting names and bring glamour & style to you.

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Gorgeous Dance Clothing

As everyone knows dancing is a very fluid and elegant way of expressing our innermost feelings. One of the way that we can show these emotions is by the way we appear to others in our dancing. To help achieve this goal there are a number of different dance clothing that can be worn. All of these trip the light fantastic dress out are by necessary very hardy but supple in nature.

Since dancing requires movements from all parts of our body dance clothing must be easy and they must be able to take the various movements that dancers are constantly using. The other essential for many dance clothing is that they should be elegant, bold and show the dancing movements. This means that when you go to choose certain types of dance clothing you should know what items you will need to heighten your dancing movements.

This is very significant otherwise your dancing will not have any impact on the audience to whom you are displaying your talent. For exemplify if you are a ballroom professional dancer you will need to break dance refined clothing like floor length dresses that have full skirt and a body line hugging bodice for women.

The men will need to wear a formal black tuxedo. For a more optic affect the clothing with be accented with bright one-sided designs in sequins and gem like accessories. The jewellery that may be haggard for these dance competitions should be of a bleak yet sophisticated nature.

The other very significant items that are needful for dance clothing to affect the observation audience is that of good quality dancing shoes. The men will be wearing black leather shoes that will let them twist, turn, pivot and twist their partners all the while that the music and their intricate steps indicate the level of their dancing ability. This will also let the women show how they can execute their steps while wearing high heels shoes.

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Lingerie-Not Just Another French Term

Originally as in its French roots, Lingerie applies as the categorized term for stylish undergarments for both sexes. Along the time, the term had though evolved into being specifically associated with women's intimate wear. But today again, mens lingerie holds a significant identity as well. Stylish and appealing women's undergarments, popular as lingerie, are designed to be visually attractive and titillating.

Lingerie is not just another French term, but beyond that. The term is atypically pronounced with a faux French articulation as either lonj-er-ee (British) or lonj-er-ay (American). Not a difficult task to rightly pronounce it. Women have worn everything starting from a whalebone contraption with pulleys, to'near nothing' light and silky clothing as intimate wears.

Typically absorbing materials such as Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace and/or silk, and not applied to functional cotton undergarments, female lingerie are indeed the most alluring pieces having the attention of seasoned designers. The concept of lingerie being visually appealing was a development of the later nineteenth century. And since then, the lingerie industry has seen immense growth, owing to their increasing attractiveness and female infatuation for innerwear fashion.

Predominant Brands and Trends

Global lingerie market is estimated to be around $30 billion USD, with a projected growth rate of 9% over the next five years. Appeal for lingerie has undergone drastic changes during the past years. Now market is driven by brands that come up with innovative products. Renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Lejaby, Rosy, Lise Carmel, and Victorias Secrets also dominate the international lingerie market. Designers focus more on creating new patterns with sumptuous lacy bits, satin pieces, enticing teddies, and skimpy thongs. Today besides everything else, the innerwear is in fact also endured as an outerwear. "Show it off" - is the philosophy and designers herald the same by offering lingerie designs that categorize it as a fashion accomplice with straps and lace trim which are deliberately layered and exposed as a slice of the outerwear.

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10th Lakme Fashion Week Finale : Anamika's Bridal Sutra Collection

The venue of the Grand Finale of the Fall/Winter 2009 Lakme Fashion Week at the Grand Hyatt was turned into a beautiful temple with hundreds of metres of fabrics and floral bells suspended from the ceiling with abstract branches curving on the wall. The ramp was edged with hundreds of lamps and as temple bells chimed the fashion extravaganza began.

Anamika Khanna the darling of Kolkata couture and the lady who has made waves on the international fashion scene, presented one of the most stunning collections seen on the ramp at the Grand Finale at Lakme Fashion Week, inspired by the Bridal Sutra collection specially created by Lakme for Summer 2009.

The Lakmé Bridal Sutra Summer 2009 collection has a weightless foundation that blends into the skin rendering a naturally beautiful and radiant finish. The blusher is a pure pressed powder that provides sheer, lightweight application. A revolutionary new product – the cheek and lip tint adds a pop of colour to your cheeks and lips giving a freshly flushed look.

The lip colour range is enriched with super rich moisturizers combined with silky matte textures. For defining your lips, there is the glide on lip pencil that glides on smoothly and stays creamy. A unique foam tip liner – the Eye Artist helps outline, define and intensify your eyes in one easy stroke.

Anamika’s collection divided into a three part bridal wear story had all the typical creative touches that the designer is renowned for in her fusion look with large doses of ethnic elements. Matching the soft delicate sensual colours of the Lakme Bridal Sutra Summer 2009 line, the collection followed the palette for the season.

The Pastel Collection was a dream in shades of coral, salmon, and pink, peach which were entrancingly designed into the most delicate garments. The Prints line was a riot of colours and patterns and the soft white and crèmes were a dream to behold. Anamika’s detailing took an unconventional turn as she knotted the sides of the ensembles or dupattas to create asymmetric lines.

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Cinderella Gowns 2009 Prom Dress Fashion Trends

Prom fashions for 2009 has been lead by Cinderella's Gowns, the nationally recognized source for prom dresses and evening gowns. Throughout the 2009 prom dress season thousands of girls have flocked to the company's website and 2009 Cinderella's Closet Collection Catalog for guidance and ideas for prom season.

In early January the company made several fashion predictions for what to expect teenage girls to be purchasing. At the time Tammy Ussery-Bakhtiari, owner of Cinderella's Gowns was predicting a prom season highlighted with a return to punch colors, stretchy metallic fabrics and dazzling beadwork. In addition she projected several great examples of the empire dress being released by the top prom dress designers as a popular choice for 2009.

Summary of 2009 Prom Trends:
• Metallic fabric, including fabrics made with a new form of lame that is soft
• Bright colors
• Fun patterns
• Stretch jersey or charmeuse
• Empire cut

"The 2009 prom dress season has been exciting and designers have done a great job pleasing the pickiest of teens," explains Tammy Ussery-Bakhtiari, owner of Cinderella's Gowns. "The colors, the patterns and the materials have made 2009 a memorable year for prom dress fashions. We've observed high demand this year for prom dresses designed by Jovani, Tony Bowls, and Tiffany. In addition to these designers, we've witnessed the rise of up and coming designer Amy at Cassandra Stone."

Metallics, Beads and The Empire:
The 2009 prom dress fashion season will be remembered for fun prints and vivacious colors. Think of the 1980s. Prints ranging from floral to animal prints and even abstracts have been very popular. One trend that is similar to the 80s, but with a modern twist, is a new form of lame' (pronounced "lah-MAY") -- Unlike the crunchy lame' of the 1980s the new form for 2009 is more comfortable, often applied to a fabric like stretch jersey and charmeuse (a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave).

If 2008 was about sequins, then 2009 has been about beads and detailing. Several designers have created 2009 prom dresses with beaded designs covering the entire dress. Others have beaded details at the empire seam, giving them a sexy look.

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