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Gleni has collected together in one post all the trends for this season, to help everybody who wants to know about the latest fashions in clothes, hair styles, handbags, colours and the alternatives.

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10 Trends For This Season

Let’s start from the feet up: shoes. Ankle-boots and pumps are right back in; both with strictly rounded toes and heels that are vertiginous to say the least, not less than 13 cm! There are many new styles for both types of shoes, like the gothic style that we saw during Paris Fashion Week: with just the right amount of eccentricity and originality!

This season our legs will flaunt ultra-decorated tights: many colours and fantastic patterns, tartan and geometric designs, everything goes, and if you prefer something more classic and romantic, we suggest you go for lace tights, black for preference: the ultimate in elegance and sex appeal!

If you don’t like wearing skirts and prefer keeping your legs warm and covered up, you can relax: our favorite bootcut trousers are back. Black and elegant, jeans or even fleece for the sporty; but they shouldn’t be too wide at the hem!

Another must-have for this season are blouses, white or with thin stripes, trimmed with bows, frills and scarves, you can have plenty of fun mixing and matching!

What about the hands? The French manicure is still alive and well, but the form and length of nails has now changed. Completely OUT are too long and squared nails, a medium length and a rounded shape is best. Colors are strong and striking: black, purple, all shades of red and dark blue will be the colors you see everywhere (just turn on the tv and see!). Our advice is not to overdo it, or you’ll look rather over-the-top!

In the make-up realm, straight from the catwalks, we have the intriguing “smoky-eyes” look, the blended shading which focuses attention on your eyes. Eye shadow all around the eye or just above, in strong colors, especially black and even better with some glittery or light colors (like beige, white or a light brown),which create a contrasting effect to give movement, attracting interest like a magnet. Colors like shocking pink or bright green for the eyelid are excellent if you are feeling daring and want to attract attention! Another great combination is using black with colors such as silver and anthracite to create highlights and beautiful chiaroscuro effects for a really seductive and dramatic look!

Handbags bring you infinite possibilities: big 70s style bags with big pockets on the inside and outside, for plenty of space, or the new-age hippy ethnic look, a glossy, luxurious ’60s style, in bold colors for elegant women, and soft. structured handbags, very modish in leather; the colors: purple, grey, white, lilac, and blue, even trimmed with lace (which you can match to your tights if you want!).

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Spoylt Launches The Sexiest Ever Tantalize Lingerie Collection


Leading and Famous British underwear label Spoylt, in which women create underwear for women, has launched a new collection called Tantalize.

Already being available in stores, interested persona dn womens can purchase the underwear collection from over the internet, on Spoylt’s website.

The new collection is special before all for using daring colours such as purple, champagne colour, the colour of a papaya, silver and black.

Spoylt's Tantalize Collection, debuting this falls incorporates five elements: Embrace, Captivate, Beguile, Entice and Charm. With daring color combinations, this new collection offers opulent purple, champagne, sumptuous papaya, silver and jet black. Using the finest silks, luxurious laces and delicate trims, Spoylt has sought to create a new collection, which will be a feast for your senses.

Spoylt's unique style and wit are evident in the signature pucker-back knicker, the mischievous cuffs and of course the beautifully crafted garters. Spoylt has premiered on TV series such as Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos, Entourage, and is a favorite of the cast of Mad Men.

The next collection will be released in early 2009, and will be specifically targeted towards select global retail partners thereby showcasing and enhancing the exclusivity of the Spoylt brand. This will complement the existing strong e-tail client base which forms part of the newly designed website.

Claire O'Neill of Spoylt comments, "Following new management, Spoylt is delighted to offer the unique Tantalize collection for our loyal customer base. Further collections will follow with the ultimate aim of rolling out the Spoylt brand into other complementary products. We urge all of our customers to visit our re-vamped web-site and keep up-to-date with the exciting Spoylt news."

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Stefan Hafner Unveils Three Glittering Jewellery Collections

Stefan Hafner, the Italian jewellery house of extraordinary calibre unveils three glittering new collections – Lunari, Geode and Young Chic – offering a stunning ensemble of necklaces, earrings and rings combining white, rose, and black gold settings with a magical blend of precious stones such as white diamonds and black diamonds with rubies, orange sapphires, pink sapphires, amethysts, fire opal cabochon and citrine cabochon. The vibrant burst of colour and creativity sees the award winning Italian brand present glamorous jewels steeped in festive ardour for discerning women.

While the Lunari collection offers drop-gorgeous earrings and rings boasting bold and accented looks blending black gold with black diamonds and multi-hued gemstones, its Geode collection ‘ups’ the style quotient with its sumptuous stud earrings and ring collection featuring white and rose gold settings with white diamonds, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and amethysts. In its third collection, Young Chic, Hafner presents a delicate and charming range of necklaces and rings in a combination of white gold and white diamonds, designed to fete a young woman’s foray into adulthood.

“Stefan Hafner’s three new collections are a splendid assertion of his acclaimed design prowess that succeeds in springing a surprise element time and again. In Lunari, Geode and Young Chic Hafner presents jewels boasting bright coloured stones with gold of various hues such as white, rose and even black gold displaying an adventurous spirit,” said Mr. Tawhid Abdullah, Managing Director, Damas Jewellery.

Lunari, as the name indicates is a collection inspired by the moon’s timeless beauty where Hafner aptly reflects its mysterious allure in a blend of black gold, black diamonds, and flame coloured orange sapphires, rubies, amethyst cabochon, fire opal cabochon and citrine cabochon. Curvaceous and smooth lines offer rings that are tactile delights while being visually riveting. Its drop earrings fall in bewitching splendour from very unusual designs gracing the wearer’s ear lobes.

Hafner’s Geode collection on the other hand pays ode to the beauty of geodes, the hollow, spheroidal rocks bearing crystals and other precious or semi-precious stones. In its stud earrings and dramatic rings, white and rose gold partner white diamonds, pink and yellow sapphires with amethysts to recreate the raw beauty of geodes.

In its Young Chic collection Stefan Hafner assembles delicate round diamond brilliants and pear-shaped diamonds in effortless, flowing lines offering winsome necklaces and rings for the young woman.

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Shenzhen City Sets Out To Tap Potential Underwear Market

Shenzhen City recently hosted the Third International Brand Underwear Fair from April 11 to 13, which saw participation by popular foreign brands like DIM from French underwear industry.

Yang Shibing, leader of China Knitting Industrial Association urged manufacturers to make the best out of local underwear industrial base, international brands underwear fair and such other opportunities to develop their regional brand.

It has been observed that due to rising cost of land and labor cost, some of the crucial orders of Shenzhen underwear industry were lost to Shanghai City and Shantou City of Guangdong Province.

Shenzhen City will now focus on brand innovation to tap the top-grade underwear market. Already, market for this particular industry in the city is developing at a pace of 20 percent annually.

In a bid to revolutionize the underwear sector and develop a niche in the domestic and international market, more than 60 enterprises of Shenzhen City will unite to set up an Underwear Industrial Association before the end of this year.

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Making Up a Career in Make-up

Make-Up As a Profession

Does the variety of make-up that you see in the departmental store enthrall you? Do you love giving make-up suggestions to your near and dear ones? Do you love keeping in touch with the latest trends in make-up? If your answer to these questions is 'Yes', if you have an inherent passion for applying make-up and a flair for it, then a career as a make-up artist might be just the right choice for you. And that is what this article is all about.

What it Involves

The most important prerequisite for the profession of a make-up artist is a lot of creativity and imaginative power. This would help the artist in visualizing what style would look good on a certain person, and in developing new styles. A careful eye for detail and concentration would also be prerequisites in this profession. A passion for make-up and an interest in traditional as well as contemporary make-up styles is very crucial.

Good communication and networking skills would be other must-have qualities, especially if one plans to work freelance. A good business sense and diplomacy would also help to a significant extent. Punctuality and reliability, a highly professional attitude in other words, would be a must to build up a reputation as an artist.

Becoming a make-up artist involves long hours of work in studios as well as in outdoor locations. This makes it essential for the artist to have the ability to work under pressure, as well a high degree of physical and mental fitness.

As is the case with any career, the initial days involve a lot of struggle. To cope up with this, it is necessary for the artist to have a lot of patience and strong determination.

The profession of a make-up artist might require him or her to travel on occasions or frequently. Hence, one of the prerequisites of this profession is a willingness to travel. In case sufficient client base is not available within the area in which the make-up artist plans to operate, traveling would become inevitable.

How to Go About it

Before going about beginning a career as a professional make-up artist, it would be advisable to undertake thorough research about the field. It is necessary to undertake a careful study of the particular geographical area in which the person intends to establish himself or herself. This would give a fair idea of the level of competition that would be involved, as well as the client base in that area.

The pay that a make-up artist would get depends largely upon his or her skill, as well as on the type of clientele. Research would help in getting an idea of the financial possibilities in the area.

It would be advisable for a potential make-up artist to prepare a portfolio, containing a few samples of his or her work. This portfolio would be of great help to a beginner in securing work, if showcased at strategic locations.

One important decision to be taken by a potential make-up artist is whether to go for a freelance job or join an employer. Both these forms have their own benefits and pitfalls, and the decision would ultimately depend upon the liking of the individual. Joining an employer would comparatively involve less risk, but afford comparatively less freedom to the employee. On the other hand, working freelance would allow for greater flexibility, but the risk involved would also be greater.

In case the make-up artist decides to work under an employer, there are several alternatives available, such as beauty parlours, cosmetic companies, advertising agencies, film production companies, magazines, or fashion designers, among others.

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Refreshingly stylish and classy collection from Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle presents refreshingly stylish and classy evening wear for the party season for those who enjoy partying and being in the spotlight.

Women's collection includes classically styled black dresses for Women. Perfect for a svelte retro '80's look, the bubble dress is especially flattering. The dress in satin from Wills Lifestyle Clublife range in turn gives off a charming vintage vibe. The balloon sleeve dress is in keeping with this season's voluminous styles and exudes subtle elegance.

Wills Signature line of exclusive designer wear too has irresistible options with exquisite pieces like the elegant warp around black dress with meticulous embroidery by Anamika Khanna or the rich jacquard dress by ace designer Ashish Soni.

Wills Lifestyle men's collection comprises styles crafted in the sinful colors of the dark & metallics with a stunning interplay of jacquards and prints. The sharp crisp look creates fascinating desire. The slim fits for men make for the smartest drapes. Vibrance in the palette of colors add flair to your style.

Attention to exquisite style detailing makes each piece from the collection unique. Sleek slit cuffs and chic satin trimmings are just some of the highlights that set the collection apart. Trousers crafted from finest uncut corduroy or flocked velvet capture the exuberance of the party spirit. The accent is on usage of mischievous colors of the dark with a large focus on ultra marine, red, purple and green.

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The Science and Secrets Of Sexy Body : Fashion Tips

This article discusses on what flatters your body and focusing on your assets to bring out the best of you!!!! So, in the following article the discussion is regarding the four body shapes and what kind of dress flatter them!

Body Shape Number 1 : Hourglass Shape

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size, and you have a well defined waist. The hourglass shape is very envy shape by women and adore by men. The key is to wear pieces that hug your curves. Be grateful, you were well blessed; here are some ideas to showcase your hourglass figure!

Body Shape Number 2 : Pear Shape

Pear Shape which is also known as the triangle shape: your hips are wider than your shoulders. The key is to balance out wider hips with your other sexy assets!

Body Shape Number 3 : V Shape

V Shape which is also known as the inverted triangle: your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips. It’s essential to fill out your lower half for a balanced and sexy look!

Body Shape Number 4 : Rectangle Shape

Your shoulders, bust and hips are similar in size, and your lack a defined waistline. Don’t feel that you have a boyish shape; the key is to create feminine curves!

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Sona Swiss Offers Glittering Jewellery Collection For Christmas

Christmas season is just around the corner and everybody wants to cherish this moment by sharing goodies to their loved ones. To make the moment memorable and create eternal memories, Sona Swiss offers ‘CHRISTMAS’ COLLECTION the glitter of unconventional beauty of 24k gold foil products specially designed and created for the XMAS & NEW YEAR.

Sona Swiss has introduced whole new range of 24k gold flower hair accessories, 24k gold flakes pendants, 24K gold frames on Jesus & 24k rose flower. Sona Swiss also has a wide range of 24k gold flower collection, which includes 24k gold rose, 24k gold carnation, 24k flower bouquet for a stunning centrepiece.

Sona Swiss products are handcrafted & have been specially created using traditional goldsmith's skill combined with the latest patented 3D Art Technology. All Sona Swiss products are made of pure 24-carat Gold leaf with a purity of 999.9 in thousand.

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Delightful, Romantic & New : Three Words For Next Up Coming Spring / Summer Season

Benetton launches Undercolors of Benetton collection for spring/summer 2009. Delightful, romantic, new: three words to describe the Undercolors of Benetton collection for next summer. A collection that starts in the 19th century and then embraces today's technology and dynamism. Lace and hi-tech, openwork and simplicity, soft colours and bright whites with the fragrance of old lace. References to the past with an eye on the future and an immediate air of glamour.

Chic serenity - Exquisite taste and romantic naughtiness: tricot bonds with satin and becomes similar to lace, cotton plumetis is gathered and decorated with bows, openwork light jersey mixes with Lurex, silk net marries shirt-stripe woven fabric, modal is embroidered, microfibre blossoms in hydrangeas and tiny roses. Minimal corsetry and simple nightwear, sometimes with a backstage feel. Snow white, sage, mauve and pastels for florals. He chooses seamless jersey, ribbed cotton, pastel-striped yarn-dyed fabric, Lycra with romantic flowers. Figure-hugging briefs, trunks and T-shirts with pyjamas to match.

Country “routes” - Where posies and narrow shirt stripes abound. Underwear for a chaste trousseau in cotton Lycra and muslin and in pink, white and pale blue. Different patterns and pieces mix and match, such as the narrow-striped briefs with the pansy-printed top, the upholstery-stripe bra with men's flowery boxers. More stripes for him, too, and a revival of large and small checks in sugary pastels. Together with bolder-coloured jersey boxers with contrast stitching and elastic for a sporty look.

Ironic gallery - Kangaroos, butterflies and ducks in full-colour central prints or as positive/negative decorative motifs: a little fun for grown-ups and tiny tots, in purple, periwinkle, pink and grey for soft cotton pyjamas and minimalist underwear. Mother and daughter also have the choice of punched, mottled jersey night- and home-wear decorated with snapshots of Sophie, the seasonal mascot straight from the Sixties. Pieces that travel alone or in the company of others or jersey details with pastel mega-dots, very Sixties.

Beachwear Collection

Vibrant and dynamic under the summer sun: Undercolors swimwear doesn't do half-measures. Bright, scrumptious colours, basic models with glamorous touches, the nautical spirit in different shapes from minimal bikinis to seductive one-pieces. He's very much more classic, although his colours and patterns are nonetheless exuberant.

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Dani Kates Unveils Designer Sexy Line Of Swimwear

Dani Kates Corp., New York based design company announces the launch of its KanDi Swim by Dani Kates 2009 Collection.
KanDi Swim by Dani Kates is a sophisticated and sexy line of swimwear.

This collection continues it’s tradition of stylish designs with attention to detail. Dani Kates, the company’s designer, states, “The KanDi Swim by Dani Kates’ 2009 Collection allows women to feel sexy, confident, and flirty.”

This collection features five groups that are inspired by women’s guilty pleasure, dessert. The swimwear features high-quality European fabrics and adds a unique twist to familiar design elements such as stripes, and color-blocking.

This fashion forward label was founded by New York based designer, Dani Kates, whose artistic training at Cornell University, followed by a degree in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design is evident in the unique merging of retro silhouettes with edgy color blocking and flirty ruffles.

About Dani Kates Corp

Dani Kates Corp. is a unique, high-end and fashion forward design company. Its KanDi Swim by Dani Kates line of swimwear offers women a refreshing selection of sophisticated and playful pieces. The Parsons School of Design alumna and New York native, incorporates her passion for indulgence into each collection, while never losing sight of what women want-fashionable swimwear that fits.

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Opening Of ‘Love Fashion Space’

March 26 Night, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Zhu Yongxin, vice chairman of China Association for Promoting Democracy Central Committee, attended the "love of the Night" - the fourth "Color China" opening dinner, and the new space opening love fashion.

China Textile Industry Association vice president Sunruizhe, the international flavor of the Principal Bairui President of the Association at home and abroad more than 100 guests and delegates were also invited to attend.

Zhu Yongxin President also contact the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, China Fashion Color Association executive vice president of Liang Yong, vice president of China Fashion Color Association, love Group Chairman Zhang Rongming, accompanied by other leaders visited the new love fashion space .

My love is marked underwear fashion manufacturers, China has repeatedly issued on behalf of the Chinese underwear fashion trends, love fashion three-dimensional space through the cultural interpretation of the performance history of the development of underwear and love the process of the development process in the next 15 years.

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UK : 'Party Chick' Camilla Al Fayed's Rebirth As Fashion Show Presenter

Camilla Al Fayed, the daughter of the Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed, was reborn as a TV presenter, when she presented fashion news on Lorraine Kelly's show.

Ms Fayed who was recently hailed as one of the season's foremost "Party Chicks" by a fashion editor will put her in-depth knowledge of Christian Louboutin footwear to good use when she reports from the forthcoming New York and Paris fashion shows for GMTV.

In her new role, the journalist-turned-TV presenter aims at mixing high street and high fashion in such a way wonderful fashion that GMTV viewers can get a sneak peek of what's hot for next summer.

For the 21 year old girl, who has grown up with Lorraine Kelly, it is such a great honour to be asked to report from the New York and Paris fashion shows for her programme.

For the unknown, Ms Fayed is the half-sister of Dodi Al Fayed, who died in a car crash with Diana, Princess of Wales.

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NEM Launches New Fashion Lines For Christmas & Tet Festival

Nem Fashion Joint Stock Company one of the prominent fashion houses in Vietnam, has recently launched a series of new, smart and sophisticated designs in its showrooms to celebrate upcoming occasion like Christmas and Tet festival.

This year NEM is bringing an assortment of innovative designs for the locals during the winter holidays. Company officials expect that silk dresses, fur coats, jackets with unique, creative and smart styles are bound to become popular among customers, especially women.

In addition to presenting new designs, NEM fashion has recently opened its largest fashion showroom in Ho Chi Minh City with an expectation of making it modern fashion center.

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Hot Fashon News at Fibre2fashion Innovates For Providing Better Coverage For Fashion Industry

Justify FullNews at Fibre2fashion innovates for providing better industry coverage

Adopting new technology and look, News section gets hi-tech at

A comprehensive coverage of the apparel, textile, and fashion industries is now available in a format powered with advanced technology that user-friendly and affording better categorization.

At fibre 2 fashion's News section, you will find the latest news segregated under textiles, apparel/garment, fashion, technology and general categories.

The realignment is basically to facilitate our visitors and members to easily access latest happenings in their industries, from all over the world.

Best of all, B2b portal’s news section has global reach, and is free to view.

A one-stop source, is accessed by buyers and importers, buying houses and their representatives, sourcing professionals of international chain stores, textile/clothing/fashion professionals, and other decision makers from 190 countries, who regularly frequent the news section.

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Japan : Sexy Shibuya Casual

It has been 3 months since the opening of 109-2’s men’s floor and the sales per month is over 100MJYen. Companies are viewing this trend to be faster and larger than the hip hop trend that is evaporating into thin air as we speak.

The new trend is “Sexy Shibuya Casual”, abbreviated as “Seku Shibu Trend”. This trend is big among men in their early 20’s but little by little it is seeping into those in their 30’s.

Men, more like boys, in Tokyo encountered the Wild & Sexy trend about 4 years ago and was quickly adopted by trend conscious young boys segment. The trend included key words such as wild, sexy, gorgeous, skinny/tight fit, lame, gold foils, studs, and damaged.

The market included many accessories like chains, belts, rings, wrist-bands, and necklaces. The trend came right after the hip-hop trend, in the back streets of Harajuku, to more elegant and sexy, in Shibuya. The shift is said to be the influence of the girls market. As girls who shop at 109 bring their boyfriends, and the boyfriends became interested in the similar styles.

What is interesting about this new trend is that as the boys who had been wearing the wild & casual since the beginning are becoming over 20 years of age and retailers and magazines are going to supply them. Men’s Egg, the leader of the trend, will publish a new magazine targeting those over 20 with the same wild and sexy tastes.

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Kate Moss Gets Naughty In Agent Provocateur

Kate Moss has appeared in naughty lingerie in an online ad for Agent Provocateur. Its the first of 4 steamy commercial dreams where Kate stars as ‘Miss X’.

"The supermodel has been signed up by underwear giant Agent Provocateur to front their latest advertising campaign. The first advert, a short four-minute film, features Kate in bed dressed in all-black in a pair of tiny briefs, a corset, bra, sexy tights and a pair of leather gloves. At the moment fans will have to log onto the company’s website to see the steamy film, the first in a series of four. It is not yet known if it will be aired on television. Kate is even more daring in the third film of the Agent Provocateur ‘Miss X’ series, in which she strips off naked.

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I Am A Virgin : Adrina Lima

Adriana Lima, who's one of the world's best paid supermodels, insists that she is a virgin.

The 27-year-old beauty, who has been a Victoria's Secret Angel for eight years, is planning to marry Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, who plays for US team the Memphis Grizzlies, next June, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The stunner's first fashion show for Victoria's Secret was in 1998 and since being contracted as an Angel in 2000, she has appeared on subsequent shows ever since.

She starred alongside Mickey Rourke in 2001 film The Follow and played herself in an episode of Ugly Betty this year.

Meanwhile, Adriana was also in news for being the face of world's most expensive bra costing 5 million dollar.

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Karolina Kurkova Named World's Sexiest Woman

It takes a lot of things to be sexy: An angelic face, well-toned body, smoking hot appearance. Karolina Kurkova has it all and that's what earns her the title "The Sexiest Woman in the World!" She was named by E! entertainment television as being The Sexiest and tops the list beating some of the sexiest women in show business like her fellow Angels Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum!

I wonder why Megan Fox or Marisa Miller are not on the top 10 list, as they were too given a similar titles.

The Victoria's Secret model was recently ranked by Forbes a one of the world's highest paid models as well. Gorgeous and rich?! Some girls get all the luck!

Anyway, here are the remaining hotties from the complete top 10 list:

Karolina Kurkova

2. Bar Rafael
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Scarlett Johansson
6. Adriana Lima
7. Heidi Klum
8. Penelope Cruz
9. Manuela Arcuri
10. Shakira

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Is CHANGE Your Lingerie Style?

This Saturday night, India gave a very warm welcome to the entry of the leading European brand in lingerie - CHANGE. Lingerie denotes excitement, sensuality and elegance and is the most intimate wear of any woman, & captures the feminine, fashionable and adventurous essence of a woman. Lingerie is a secret expression of her innermost feelings. No wonder today's women are always attracted to a glittering array of styles, colors and textures. Realizing this, CHANGE the world famous premium lingerie brand has announced its debut in India.

CHANGE set the stage on fire for Indian consumers to experience the gold standards in a "lifestyle brand" with a glittering event held at Hotel Ashok.

The highlight of the scintillating event was a showcase of models walking on the ramp, displaying the beautifully designed, highly innovative, latest trend of intimate apparel for the Indian consumer.

The show witnessed the who's who of the industry, very eminent personalities of the fashion industry of India and abroad.

CHANGE LINGERIE is designed and developed in Denmark by Danish designers since 1997 offering a complete range of lingerie, beachwear, home wear and nightwear. CHANGE Products are made of the finest silks, exclusive embroideries, the softest micro fibers and sophisticated laces, sourced from reputable suppliers around the world.

The meticulously design offers the customer a variety in styles and sizes ranging from A-Cup to J-Cup, with the combined unique experience of a personal fitting with highly trained staff.

Today, CHANGE enjoys a presence in over 20 countries throughout the world, over 100 company owned CHANGE concept stores, lingerie specialist stores and department stores.

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New Intimate Wear Showcase Released!!!!!!!!

Intimate Wear Expo’ 08 at, which was to launch on 20th November 2008, is online. The expo is to remain online for a period of 60 days i.e. till 20th January 2009. Intimate Wear Expo’ 08 is set to color the whole internet with its colorful lines of intimate apparel, it seems.

Best suppliers of international standards from the Asian continent like Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan etc., plus Australia, USA, UK, France, and Egypt etc. have come to display their collections. Now that the show is online and the stage is raging, sourcing agents, distributors, retailers and buying houses are invited to visit and take home a great experience of networking and business sourcing.

You can have a Glimpse of it as under :

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Bikini Clad Server’s At Your Service! ! ! !

An entrepreneurial business man has hired beauty pageant veterans to serve in his restaurant. wearing nothing but bikinis.

Meet America’s hardest-working beauty queens - Middle American pageant veterans living in New York City rent free in exchange for hustling cocktails in their bikinis at a Times Square hot spot.

For the young beauties, it’s a shot at becoming a top model.

For the customers, it’s wall-to-wall lovelies who can juggle drinks and dinner orders while looking gorgeous.

Owners of the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, an 800-person-capacity restaurant that just opened on 49th Street, recruited ambitious women from pageant competitions across America as its first wave of bikini-clad employees. Those women have since been joined by 82 local waitresses.

The out-of-towners live in a dorm-like apartment on the Upper East Side - it’s "The Real World" meets "Gidget."

The models live with eight other recruits in two three-bedroom pads in an eight-story walkup on the Upper East Side owned by Dennis Riese, who owns the Hawaiian Tropic Zone with PM nightclub honcho Adam Hock.

Under the terms of their Hawaiian Tropic Zone deals, the models live rent free for six months, pay $200 for the seventh month, $400 the eighth and $600 a month until they leave. They also get discounted gym memberships and tanning, because they’re required to take part in both.

In return, they weave in and out between crowded tables as waitresses for the restaurant, welcoming guests, serving drinks and taking dinner orders while wearing Nicole Miller bikinis.

Every night is a beauty pageant. The waitresses strut their stuff twice a shift in front of the usual crowd of suit-clad bankers and brokers who quiet down and cast their paper ballots for the hottie they most admire.

The pageant winner gets a $100 bonus on top of $100 for each eight-hour shift and tips as high as $100 per table.

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USA : ‘Victoria's Secret: What Is Sexy? on E!

On the eve of the Super Bowl, Victoria's Secret will celebrate its third annual What is Sexy? list with a VIP and Celebrity party in Scottsdale, AZ.

As America's sexiest brand, Victoria's Secret has been the authority on who and what is the sexiest, naming categories including actor and actress, male and female musician, athlete, eyes, lips and even mom and dad.

The What Is Sexy? 2008 Valentine's Day party hosted by Victoria's Secret Angels including Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and Selita Ebanks, will be Super Bowl weekend's most exclusive engagement.

The Valentine's Day themed event will take place at Scottsdale's Taste Ultra Lounge and will feature celebrity pink carpet arrivals and special performance by Josh Kelly.

In addition, E! Studios Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions have joined forces with Victoria's Secret for a one-hour special entitled "Victoria's Secret: What is Sexy? 2008" airing Saturday, February 9th on E! Entertainment Television at 5/4c.

The one-hour program, hosted by angel Adriana Lima, is Victoria Secret's first-ever television special on their What is Sexy? list and features the winners on this year's list complete with exclusive interviews from some of hottest names and a full recap of some of the winners from previous years.

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Sexy Lingerie For Your Dream Wedding Day!!!
Sexy bridal lingerie may at first glance seem to be an oxymoron. The wedding gown is, after all, a symbol of purity and innocence. Historically, many brides have chosen demure lingerie items that reflect the same innocence. As a practical consideration, some wedding gowns are quite bulky and unwieldy, leading the bride to select a bridal lingerie set that is designed to hold up the dress. Functionality is clearly an important consideration. Nonetheless, there is no reason not to choose beautiful and sexy bridal lingerie.

Types of Sexy Bridal Lingerie

It is possible to find sexy lingerie that is specifically designed for the unique needs of the bride. Whether your taste runs to the softly elegant or the bad-girl erotic, you are sure to find pieces that work for you.

There are bridal versions of nearly every type of lingerie. To provide the support necessary to carry a heavy dress, consider purchasing a bridal bustier. The solid construction of the bustier will add support while softly defining your body. Pair it with a pair of the highest quality stockings and a sexy garter belt. Add a bridal thong or other sexy panties for a complete set. While the traditional bridal colour is white, increasing numbers of brides are choosing black instead. Most gowns are heavy enough that the colour does not show through, and knowing that the black lingerie is underneath the innocent gown can be exciting for both the bride and groom.

If you wish to be a bit more daring, consider a bridal corset. The corset will shape your body dramatically, enhancing your curves while trimming your waist. Keep in mind, however, that the corset may become uncomfortable throughout the day, so lace it fairly loosely to provide plenty of breathing room.

Non-bridal versions of your favourite sexy lingerie styles may also work. However, bridal sets are normally designed to maximum both elegance and functionality underneath a gown that is typically much heavier than the average dress.

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'The Enticing World of Colors' - Fall & Winter Palette For 2009

Shopping for fall and winter is an exciting experience. Magazines are filled with color and fashion trends, and new styles come into the market. The color palate of fall and winter, 2009 gravitates towards sober tones. The coming year's assortment offers nuanced hues, providing more opportunity for creativity, along with unexpected color combinations. It holds dark hues such as earthy greens of algae and mud, rich browns, bright shades of mauve, and, volcanic blazes of violet and lava. Designers are preparing themselves for the bold colors, with an optimistic hope that it will be what the customer desires.

Fall/Winter 2009:

Fall '08 witnessed purple and blue rising to the forefront of fashion. Forthcoming winter's palette has a mix and match of lighter and darker shades, with the former dominating the season. Colors are firmly in accord with nature. Darker shades of almost black and deep purple add a dramatic effect, while soft neutrals show a mysterious, feminine mood, mingling futurism and fantasy.

Classic Black: 'Black is back' in a big way. A popular color in fashion, ever stylish, and never out of trend. It has always topped the color trends, and 2009 is not an exception. Black appeals alone and also when supplemented with neutrals or combined with dark hues of red and sapphire blue, or with prints. Black and white combinations will be in fad making the garments to look peppy and sharp, Whites will be soft and flattering with their creamy cast.

Cool Lilac: Lilac is a beautiful color that elevates and gives a feminine appearance. This pale hue offers an iridescent view in the winter sun giving a sensual experience. Supplementing shades of wine purple with a hint of red to violet purple and pastels of delicate lilac will be in fad.

Beige Tint: Beige, the yellowish cream color has its share in the forthcoming winter palette. This icy snow pastel is for those who are light minded and young at heart. Hues of fresh marmalade and almond biscotti along with stripes and check patterns give an ultimate sophisticated urban style. Dresses in grayish tan will portray their shades under the frosty dew.

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Do We Need To Follow Fashion Trends????

Fitting in- slavish, sensible or sensational?

Renato Palmi from The ReDress Consultancy-South Africa asks if following trends is a good practice for young South African fashion designers.

Seasonal change cues fashion media editors to present the public with "must-have" and "no-no" listings, which, no matter how individualistic or judicious we might think we are, subtly compel us to reconsider the stock in our private wardrobes.

In these times of economic strain and budget adjustments, does "fitting in" with rapidly changing fashion cycles not pose challenges to designers and consumers alike? Are we prisoners of fashion dictates, or could we consider co-creating new looks with minimal expense? How can local fashion designers sustain themselves by working around and within global and local market forces?

Through aggressive marketing, our individual identity can become effaced by homogenised clothing, a veneer that suggests we are part of a recognisable whole. Trend forecasters, retailers and brand conglomerates launching new styles, fabrics, cuts and colours stoke the coals of peer pressure that conditions us to be seen in the latest ranges. As social beings, we are construed as a collective commodity travelling in a continuum of design renovation that is dictated by a few but embraced by the masses, often with little thought to suitability or personal imagination.

Being seen in the right brand wearing the "in" label of a particular designer neutralises our individuality and leads to a contradiction of the purpose of fashion: individual style portraying human uniqueness; instead, we become fashion clones.

By conforming to seasonal trends, are we not impeding the innovation and growth of young fashion designers emerging in the market? There are a few designers who have created distinctive aesthetics and have steadily built a brand following. These looks are not confined to the examples seen on catwalks at Fashion Weeks events; idiosyncratic, semi-mass-produced, wearable garments are also available.

The old saying, "catch them when they are young" can be applied to fashion education. For example, when experts visit fashion colleges and advise students on the latest European trends - as if these are the unassailably essential forms of good design and as such, critical to design success - are we not diluting their imaginative resources?

Both student and established designers are required to be in touch with global fashion directions, but is it a prerequisite to emulate these trends without any re-interpretation? The colours for 2009 are, according to the style forecasters, moving away from metallic finishes to a more earthy, subdued colour palette; ripped denim might resurge, and for younger women, appropriation of men's jeans (known as "The Boyfriend Jeans") will be in vogue and Deep-V-T-shirts and jerseys could be the 2009 new style for men.

We need to respect the genius of our learner designers, and support them in steering away from reliance on European trends. This information is available for reference, so rather than delivering lectures on trend templates, their curricula should cover instruction in sourcing, assimilating, and interpreting the data, with a view to redefining trends in the local context and according to their own design sensibilities.

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Coquette Holiday With A Sexy Romantic Lingerie Outfit

Coquette International, a leader in the adult lingerie industry, has released its 2009 holiday collection. This year’s groupings are sure to appeal to the sexy siren as well as the seductive mature woman.

While other companies find it difficult to appeal to such a range of clients, Coquette focuses on what is at the heart of almost all of their fans. Designer Carrie Russell explains, “We know that each and every one of our customers is unique but they all want essentially the same thing…and that is to be is to look and feel sexy.

We’ve never shied away from what is erotic or risqué and keep in mind that often the sexiest garments are the one’s that showcase our clients’ best assets.”

This year’s collection has many classics such as rich satin corsets in warm tones like gold and burgundy, as well as fresh prints including leopard, argyle and candy stripe. With the growing demand for Coquette’s Darque line, the designers have added in a fetish x-mas grouping for those who are on the holiday naughty list. Many of the styles are offered in plus size which has proven to be a market Coquette draws more and more attention from with each catalog release.

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Launch Of Ed Hardy Swimsuit Collection At Ultra Supper

As announced earlier this season, Christian Audigier will be debuting his Ed Hardy swimsuit collection to follow his uber successful clothing line.

The collection will be launched @ Ultra Supper Club Tuesday, June 10th, to launch the venue's Tuesday Summer Katwalk Series.

After designing his first denim collection inspired by the rock and roll lifestyle of the Rolling Stones, Audigier was picked up by MacKeen Jeans, and began his career designing for diesel, Fiorucci, Bisou Bisou, Levis, NafNaf, and American Outfitters.

In 2004 Audigier created and launched Ed Hardy and was granted exclusive rights to the designs of Don Ed Hardy 'the Godfather of Tattoo'. Ed Hardy is now sold all over the world and is expressed as vintage tattoo wear.

The swimwear collection features the most inspiring designs in swimwear.

With a core based around the tattoos that made Ed Hardy famous; the line also includes Ed Hardy Couture which comprises of limited edition pieces that are hand embellished with Swarovski crystal.

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Job Opportunities In Fashion World

Fashion is what we wear, through a constant process of selection, adoption and change. It is triggered by people, events and social, economic and technological change. No wonder fashion and apparel designing have become one of the fastest growing professions in India in recent years. The world of cloths and accessories has expanded into a giant industry, both for domestic requirements and for export. Today, the Fashion industry in India is a high growth sector with a multi-core turn over.

There is an ever-growing demand for more designers who can come up with the innovative designs that are commercially Viable in the export market. With fashion becoming a big business and India emerging as one of the major players in the global garment market, the need for qualified professionals in this field has increased tremendously.

Fashion designing offers unlimited opportunities for those who are good at it. The status and income of the person goes up as he establishes a reputation of his own. Exposure to the fashion industry abroad may help in widening horizons since Indians still tend to copy western styles. With beauty pageants, fashion shows, foreign labels and a public that is increasingly becoming fashion conscious, you as a fashion designer have enough chances to exhibit your talent. If you are enterprising, you can set up your own manufacturing or export units, which will bring big financial benefits or you can find a lucrative job in the textile industry.

A fashion designer is no longer an anonymous entity- designer labels give him an identity. As long as people feel the urge to dress well, there will always be a need for more designers to provide a variety of clothing that is appealing, fascinating and up-to-date.

Export houses, domestic markets and manufacturing units throw up ample opportunities for you to work as a fashion designer in textile designing. It involves working with different fabrics and material. Textiles account for a major chunk of exports. The textile industry calls for technically skilled executives who are specialists in designing interpretation, pattern creation, gannent construction, grading, product development, marketing and computer aided design. So you could make a beginning with any of the export house or manufacturer.

More over, you can find a job in accessory designing- designing anything: from hair clips and sunglasses to footwear and luggage. There are a lot of opportunities for you in designing leather accessories.

How to become a professional in fashion designing?

The industry demands the vision to see beyond what is already there and the ability to see market trends. What you need is a flair for designing a willingness to learn, Imagination, manual dexterity, organizational skills, a sensibility for colors, textures and style and business acumen.

Like any other creative field, Fashion design does not depend so much on qualifications as on talent and creativity. Styles and tastes keep changing all the time and a good designer need to be on his toes to give the consumer the best and the latest. In the realm of designing, fashion is a business and it must not be misunderstood for an art fonn. Its dynamics are guided by conunerce.

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Fashion Trends For Autumn-Winter 2008/2009

For Autumn-Winter Bulgarian fashion houses offer a big variety of colors and models of coats that are in accordance with the world fashion trends for the season. The black is seen rarely, the trendy colors are red, blue, lilac, fuxia, green and white, that remind of the summer and create elegant look and spirit. The coats are garnished with embroideries and flowers, outer seams, attractive collars and sleeves that create a fresh appearance. Some models look like dresses with many inverted pleats and frills on the sleeves.

The lengths of the coats vary from about the waist to the knee. The belt is almost obligatory accessory for the outerwear this season.

Coats in white are favored by many designers and fashion houses this season.

Following the world trends some designers use large collars and 3/4 bell sleeves.

If despite the variety you do not find the desired vision, you can order a designer coat after an individual project. Such services are offered by the designer of Astella Alya Milusheva. She offers her own models as well as sketches and fabrics of Valentino and Ungaro.
The designer coats borrow elements from the formal dresses and do not economize fabrics and decorations - the natural wool is beautifully complemented with lace and satin, Swarovski crystals shine from the cuffs.

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