Coquette Holiday With A Sexy Romantic Lingerie Outfit

Coquette International, a leader in the adult lingerie industry, has released its 2009 holiday collection. This year’s groupings are sure to appeal to the sexy siren as well as the seductive mature woman.

While other companies find it difficult to appeal to such a range of clients, Coquette focuses on what is at the heart of almost all of their fans. Designer Carrie Russell explains, “We know that each and every one of our customers is unique but they all want essentially the same thing…and that is to be is to look and feel sexy.

We’ve never shied away from what is erotic or risqué and keep in mind that often the sexiest garments are the one’s that showcase our clients’ best assets.”

This year’s collection has many classics such as rich satin corsets in warm tones like gold and burgundy, as well as fresh prints including leopard, argyle and candy stripe. With the growing demand for Coquette’s Darque line, the designers have added in a fetish x-mas grouping for those who are on the holiday naughty list. Many of the styles are offered in plus size which has proven to be a market Coquette draws more and more attention from with each catalog release.

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Launch Of Ed Hardy Swimsuit Collection At Ultra Supper

As announced earlier this season, Christian Audigier will be debuting his Ed Hardy swimsuit collection to follow his uber successful clothing line.

The collection will be launched @ Ultra Supper Club Tuesday, June 10th, to launch the venue's Tuesday Summer Katwalk Series.

After designing his first denim collection inspired by the rock and roll lifestyle of the Rolling Stones, Audigier was picked up by MacKeen Jeans, and began his career designing for diesel, Fiorucci, Bisou Bisou, Levis, NafNaf, and American Outfitters.

In 2004 Audigier created and launched Ed Hardy and was granted exclusive rights to the designs of Don Ed Hardy 'the Godfather of Tattoo'. Ed Hardy is now sold all over the world and is expressed as vintage tattoo wear.

The swimwear collection features the most inspiring designs in swimwear.

With a core based around the tattoos that made Ed Hardy famous; the line also includes Ed Hardy Couture which comprises of limited edition pieces that are hand embellished with Swarovski crystal.

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Job Opportunities In Fashion World

Fashion is what we wear, through a constant process of selection, adoption and change. It is triggered by people, events and social, economic and technological change. No wonder fashion and apparel designing have become one of the fastest growing professions in India in recent years. The world of cloths and accessories has expanded into a giant industry, both for domestic requirements and for export. Today, the Fashion industry in India is a high growth sector with a multi-core turn over.

There is an ever-growing demand for more designers who can come up with the innovative designs that are commercially Viable in the export market. With fashion becoming a big business and India emerging as one of the major players in the global garment market, the need for qualified professionals in this field has increased tremendously.

Fashion designing offers unlimited opportunities for those who are good at it. The status and income of the person goes up as he establishes a reputation of his own. Exposure to the fashion industry abroad may help in widening horizons since Indians still tend to copy western styles. With beauty pageants, fashion shows, foreign labels and a public that is increasingly becoming fashion conscious, you as a fashion designer have enough chances to exhibit your talent. If you are enterprising, you can set up your own manufacturing or export units, which will bring big financial benefits or you can find a lucrative job in the textile industry.

A fashion designer is no longer an anonymous entity- designer labels give him an identity. As long as people feel the urge to dress well, there will always be a need for more designers to provide a variety of clothing that is appealing, fascinating and up-to-date.

Export houses, domestic markets and manufacturing units throw up ample opportunities for you to work as a fashion designer in textile designing. It involves working with different fabrics and material. Textiles account for a major chunk of exports. The textile industry calls for technically skilled executives who are specialists in designing interpretation, pattern creation, gannent construction, grading, product development, marketing and computer aided design. So you could make a beginning with any of the export house or manufacturer.

More over, you can find a job in accessory designing- designing anything: from hair clips and sunglasses to footwear and luggage. There are a lot of opportunities for you in designing leather accessories.

How to become a professional in fashion designing?

The industry demands the vision to see beyond what is already there and the ability to see market trends. What you need is a flair for designing a willingness to learn, Imagination, manual dexterity, organizational skills, a sensibility for colors, textures and style and business acumen.

Like any other creative field, Fashion design does not depend so much on qualifications as on talent and creativity. Styles and tastes keep changing all the time and a good designer need to be on his toes to give the consumer the best and the latest. In the realm of designing, fashion is a business and it must not be misunderstood for an art fonn. Its dynamics are guided by conunerce.

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Fashion Trends For Autumn-Winter 2008/2009

For Autumn-Winter Bulgarian fashion houses offer a big variety of colors and models of coats that are in accordance with the world fashion trends for the season. The black is seen rarely, the trendy colors are red, blue, lilac, fuxia, green and white, that remind of the summer and create elegant look and spirit. The coats are garnished with embroideries and flowers, outer seams, attractive collars and sleeves that create a fresh appearance. Some models look like dresses with many inverted pleats and frills on the sleeves.

The lengths of the coats vary from about the waist to the knee. The belt is almost obligatory accessory for the outerwear this season.

Coats in white are favored by many designers and fashion houses this season.

Following the world trends some designers use large collars and 3/4 bell sleeves.

If despite the variety you do not find the desired vision, you can order a designer coat after an individual project. Such services are offered by the designer of Astella Alya Milusheva. She offers her own models as well as sketches and fabrics of Valentino and Ungaro.
The designer coats borrow elements from the formal dresses and do not economize fabrics and decorations - the natural wool is beautifully complemented with lace and satin, Swarovski crystals shine from the cuffs.

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Top Fashion Trend Tip 2008 - Full Skirts

Volume in SKIRTS

In particular skirt shapes have been refreshed again, so the volume trend seems new and lively. Easy gathered dirndl skirts that swish and swing, or full skirts consisting solely of tiered ruffles are a newer way to adopt volume. The waist can be a focus of interest if you have a waist to show.

Hot Tip - 2008 Must-have - Fuller skirts

This short Dirndl skirt and jacket shown left is from New Look Spring Summer 2008 fashion collection. Note the easy carefree movement in the floral printed skirt. No fuss, easy to wear, but pretty yet practical for the uplift you will get with summer days.

Full skirts are always popular with women since they enable free leg movement. With time, whatever your age, the Summer of 08, is one you will probably recall as the summer of lightness and freedom in fashion trends.

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Fashion Forward 2008 - The Top Hot Fashion Trends

You probably can"t recall who said it, but whoever first uttered that fashion comes full circle every 30 years or so was not too far off. This season on the runway is reminiscent of the flowing 70s in both fabric and style. We are seeing much more of the long skirt and much less of the micro mini. Materials like silk and chiffon, which tend to flow and gather, are much more popular for Spring 2008 than fabrics like cotton or denim which tend to hold shape and stay stiffer in appearance. The word for the season is feminine, feminine, feminine! The exception to this seems to be in outerwear, where rubber is oddly back in style. Indoors, though, thin little belts, hats, and scarves are also popular and a throwback to the 70s as well as being womanly. Don"t despair, though - some things from last season are still popular and can be recycled for this season. Accessories like metallic bags and clutches, as well as sequins and some of the longer pencil skirts can still be worn with confidence. Dresses with color blocks are still around as well, left over from last season and still cute. Headbands are still a popular accessory as well.

Sheers are in this year as a fabric style, which works well with the flow-y nature of the season. Pairing a sheer shirt over a camisole with denim jeans is a great casual look. In fact, a sheer scarf works with almost anything this season. Especially cute is the above-mentioned shirt and jeans with a little scarf and dressy sneakers. "Dressy sneakers" are another big hit this year, which will keep your feet happy as you get to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Low-lying, patterned variety sneakers with ties that sport the best of brand names are the most popular for the young trendsetter.

Speaking of patterns, big bold prints such as tropical themes and jungle prints are back. For whatever reason, and it seems to happen every several years, tribal and jungle themes like leopard prints and zebra stripes make their way back to the runway. This year is no exception. Color is back, and black is out, at least for now. Last year, brown was the new black, and this year it is muted silver and grey that"s all the rage when you want to opt for a non-color.

What about shoes, you ask? Pointy-toe pumps are back! Not that they ever really went out of style, but they certainly came second to the flip flop, the ballet slipper, and other such cutesy flat footwear, along with the rounded toe pump. Also noteworthy is what"s in store for later on in the season. Fall 2008 promises to be chock full of the "bigger is better" theory. Bigger, chunkier heels, bigger, longer boots, and bigger and heavier accessories on the shoes themselves such as thick buckles and chains should be on your radar for footwear.

Of course, if we are going to talk shoes we must talk shades. Still popular, especially with the Divas, are the ever-present round and dark sunglasses that cover most of your face. The celebrities, of course, brought this trend to the forefront of fashion and it doesn"t look like it"s going anywhere anytime soon. Also popular though, is the blue lens which seemed to disappear for a while. This lens is more appropriate with a smaller frame than with the oversized shades discussed. The RayBan Wayfarers, so popular in the 80s, also seem to be making a comeback this year.

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Fashion Trends 2009 Swimming Wear

1. Not as tightly fitting as a larger number of ’spray on’ monokinis their season, Amanda Wakeley’s grey one-piece pairs a deep neck chain among cut-away sides.

2. A two-piece amid boob-tube, presently bikini by Carmen Marc uses the cut-away tendency surrounded by subtlety. All the same, these types of cutaway briefs are a good amount as opposed to eye catching.

3. A monokini by Carmen Marc, their swimwear piece is equally as softer as the aforementioned two-piece, but far a good amount demure.

4. Similar to Amanda Wakeley’s grey one-piece (1) this moment screen-printed monokini is of Miss Sixty.

5. The the majority of luxurious of the pieces featured, now almost-two-piece monokini on Gottex pairs a halter-neck top, joined briefs, and gold piping.

6. - 10. are all on the one catwalk that screamed sex, decadence, and youth; the one catwalk overly so much grabbed my eye at New York Fashion Week; Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring/Summer 2009. With adequate cut-away as opposed to you can perhaps wear within the duration of Summer, these types of are knock-out pieces the current you are not necessarily likely to need to get wet.

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Hottest & Latest Fashion Trends For Winter 2008

You Can Look Stylish In This Winter.
Here Are Seven Of The Top Fashion Trends For This Winter.

Cashmere Sweater Dress

Now in this winter season Cashmere is everywhere this season in scarves, wraps, cardigans and the sweater dress. One can wear a sweater dress to the office with a pair of pumps and simple jewelry, or with tights and boots on weekends. So here is a basic black or grey sweater dress which can be your go-to piece in winter wardrobe.

Knit Hats

From wool beanies to chunky newsboy caps, knit hats are one of the top trends of the season. Grey and chocolate brown are great neutrals this year, but no need to be afraid to make a statement with a colorful hat instead. Red, purple and blue are top choices in hats this winter.

Colorful Pea Coats

Many of the women own a black or charcoal pea coat, but this season it's all about color. Bright reds, deep greens and other rich colors are just perfect in wool pea coats.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are "in" every winter and this season is no different. One can select tall boots in soft suede. If anybody lives in a climate that gets snow and ice, try to avoid high heels or choose a wedge rather than a stiletto.

Hobo Handbag

In this winter season the hobo bag offers a slouchy silhouette and roomy design that is perfect for winter. Select a hobo in suede or supple leather in deep colors to complement your winter wardrobe. If you are petite, don't pick a handbag that is too large, it will overwhelm your body. Follow our tips for choosing the right handbag for you.

Tartan Fabrics

Whether you are talking about plaid skirts or jackets, shoes or handbags, tartan fabric is definitely a top choice. Select one tartan piece and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

Bohemian Chic

Fringed boots, long flowing skirts, gypsy-like headbands, billowy white shirts and chunky charm jewelry are all part of the Boho or folk-inspired trend. One can incorporate these pieces into their everyday wardrobe to change up their look. Add ruffled white blouse to your business suit or wear a pair of fringed boots with your favorite weekend outfit.

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Wills Lifestyle Introduces Trendy A/W Collection Of Jackets

Wills Lifestyle presents a wide range of trendy jackets for both men and women in its new Autumn Winter 2008 Collection.


Influenced by the Old British style, the men’s jackets exhibits the sharp Prince of Wales signature styling element. Jackets with paisley printing and contrast collar and cuffs make an urban metropolis statement.

Color stories focus on season fresh palettes introducing Bordeaux, Blue, Purple, beige and color tones of Black, Gray & White, Pink & Green and Teal & Brown.

These fully fused and floating chest pieces range from 7000-18995. The fabrics like are Moleskin, Velveteen and soft Corduroy from European countries blend well with classy colors like Turkish coffee, pirate black and Kangaroo. All Clublife jackets for men are priced at Rs. 6,995/-.

Get in a sporty act with Wills sports collection, are an alluring array of Jackets crafted from fine corduroy, rare cotton moleskin and soft polar fleece.


For women, nouveau casual wear represents a folk story incorporating tribal prints and hand techniques in Clublife. Key style includes exaggerated details like big sleeves and collars.

Women have a wide variety to choose from the jackets collection. The Wills Clublife collection offers a charming color palette - from bold red to romantic wines and shimmering fuchsias to classic blacks.

Will’s Classic presents a distinctive look with a combination of British elegance and modern chic. Women can choose from British pattern influence for waistcoats and jackets.The jackets are available in the range of Rs. 1495/- to Rs. 3000/-.

Trendy jackets from Wills Sports to get cozy in the chilly winters are available in an array of colours and hues. The collection comprises stylish knit and woven jackets with sporty detailing. The collection is available in the range of Rs. 1295/- to Rs. 3000/-.

The range is available at the Wills Lifestyle stores across the country.

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Victoria's Secret: The New Hottest & Sexy Collection

Victoria's Secret is one of the most successful - and sexy - lingerie brands in the world. It is renowned for its star-studded roster of supermodels, known as ‘Angels’ - Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Laetitia Costa, Helena Christensen and Karolina Kurkova among them.

What is less well-known is that the head of the design team is a British retail and high street genius.

Janie Schaffer, formerly with Marks & Spencer and the woman who founded the Knickerbox chain, is today is the woman at the head of the 100-strong Victoria’s Secret design studio.

Its latest collection include not just the expected seriously sensual bra-and-knicker ensembles, teddies, basques and suspenders, but simple satin slips and surprisingly tomboyish, striped silk boxers, under the label Supermodel Obsessions.

Women, she said, love lingerie NOT underwear and “Victoria’s Secret is designed by women, for women. Sex sells. But we are romantic, glamour-sexy.”

Ms Turney revealed the company now commands a 34% share of the American market, is a US$5.5billion brand with 1,000 stores in the US and an Internet business which grew 12% last season to reach US$1.6billion. In November, it will open a major flagship store of 12,000 sq. ft over two floors on Lexington and 59th street in New York.

The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, one of which once crashed the Internet, and which have become a cultural phenomena, remain a must-see for millions of fans.

The next will be staged in the famous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami in November

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ADA Swimwear Collection "A Slimmer Thinner You Instantly...!!!"

The ADA 2009 SWIMSUIT season will create a unique swimwear experience for every woman. With exotic worldwide influences, the ADA collection is uniquely tailored to the Australian market through prints, colours and styling and most importantly - THE PERFECT FIT always remaining true to the ADA image.

Carnival of colour from a lush green forest to warm sunshine yellows, glimmering gold highlights, as well as core shimmering plain colours to merchandise back with the Watersun collection. Botanical influences with a mixing of textures and colours, as well as using different fabrics to achieve unexpected effects.

Desert contrasts of warm and cool tones, exotic and wild prints and trims, a glamorous oasis. Rich colours and textures, opulence and fine detailing, textural finishes and superb exclusive designs.

Key features of the swimwear season collection include:

- Removable cups feature highly throughout the swimwear collection
- Tie backs for maximum adjustability
- Dyed to match linings for added hanger appeal

- Glamorous high quality unique European trims to compliment the swimwear
- Key plain stories in key colours for the season that merchandise back with prints
throughout the collection
- Key prints for the season compliment the colours and trims for the season

- Superb swimsuit fits with improvements made on key ADA styles

- Each ADA swimsuit is finished off to the finest detail
- Less stories with more styles to offer variety
- New swimwear styles and more superbly engineered one pieces swimsuits as well as fashionable tankini’s and tops for larger cup sizes.

Our ADA swimwear range includes the CHLORINE RESISTANT swimsuit range. The fabric used to create these swimsuits is 100% polyester, which means that it has high performance characteristics and is chlorine resistant. Using the very latest technologies these fabrics have been designed and developed for exceptional wear and durability in chlorinated waters as well as offering sun protection to a factor of 50+.

• The chlorine resistant fabric used to create these swimsuits is made from 100% polyester.

• The fabric is manufactured using the very latest technology to provide exceptional wear and durability in chlorinated waters.

• Fabric that dries rapidly
• Offers a sun protection factor of 50+ “Ada Contour Suit – A slimmer, thinner you, instantly…!!!”

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Color Forecast - Inspirations For Spring & Summer 2009

"Colors speak all languages". They evolve from season to season. Effectively supplemented with other colors, they make intriguing combinations. The color kaleidoscope for the year 2009 is bright with saturated jewel tones. Darker shades temper the vibrancy with translucent and neutral hues. Stars of the season are nuances of red, palace and navy blues, hot pink and tangy lemon filling in the color palette. Shimmering shades of green with their own unique personality enhance the color palette bringing in a feeling of renewal to the garments. Followed by this, are a handful of pastels for the choice of dreamy designers.

Spring/Summer - 2009:

Traditionally the season of spring, with sprouting shoots, and the aroma of blossoming flowers; inspires a feeling of freshness and new beginnings. Designers feel inspired and pop out fashionable collections with vibrant shades. A myriad of colors; stronger and brighter continuing the 2008 trend will be seen in the summer and spring outfits. These shades create a dreamy summer mood where hues mute with the impact of light. Fashion savvy analysts foresee ten shades, an appealing assortment of vibrant shades, effectively supplemented by a few pastels as the trendy choice of designers in 2009.

Palace Blue: This will be the favorite hue of fashion designers for this spring. This shade offers a mix of sophistication, and style to the color palette. Dots damask and patches unite in hues of blue, and create color effects as in baroque arts, convoluted with a rich look of classical elegance. Blue, the magnificent and aristocratic hue never leaves the color palette. This makes it an 'ever green' color.

Fuchsia Red: Red is a color that mirrors intensity and power. This 'showstopper' shade, dominates the color palette adding a seductive appeal to the clothing. Not just for outfits, this color also suits for lipstick and nail polish selections. This is a bold color and obviously creates an intrepid statement, just what a celebrity requires to promote their new film. Bold is this hue that everything else needs to be kept simple so as to let the color stand out.

Vibrant green: Outfits of this shade appears rich, and pops off the background. Apparels of this vibrant hue have a relaxed and casual look, but can be made to appear formal with a little touch here and there. A green attire paired with black makes a sophisticated outfit.

Super Lemon: No longer tacky or gaudy, yellow in now in the row. This tangy lemon brings a vibrant and optimistic outlook to the collections of spring. A bold and dramatic color, it works well as an all-over color scheme. This eye-popping color brightens the look, and gives an undiluted impact of a solid color, making a fashion statement.

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Pamela Anderson : Host Fashion Cares And Donate $100,000

Pamela Anderson, the new face of VIVA GLAM V Lipstick will host the 19th annual Fashion Cares in Toronto will donate $100,000, on behalf of the Fund, to the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

Within just one month since she became the newest face of VIVA GLAM, Anderson raised over $1,8 mln. for the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. The 37-year-old Baywatch star has focused her attention on the importance of getting tested and knowing your health status.

As said by John Demsey, Chairman of the M.A.C AIDS Fund, "We always knew that Pamela would be an amazing addition to the VIVA GLAM V campaign. We chose her not only because she is a highly recognizable pop culture icon, but because she is so passionate about raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and encouraging people to Get Tested. But we just can't believe how incredibly successful the campaign is already doing-- with the addition of Pamela. It's a testament to her dedication and commitment to helping bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS,"

Anderson specified that, "I am honored to be back in my home country to participate in this year's Fashion Cares, I feel privileged and empowered to help raise funds and awareness on the importance for Getting Tested. Everyone, everywhere, has to Get Tested. It's the responsible choice. Knowing also helps stop spreading the disease that has no cure... yet,"

She will also be joining the list of celebrities like Ru Paul, Lil’ Kim and Linda Evangelista who have previously walked the Fashion Cares catwalk representing M.A.C. AIDS Fund, the main sponsor of the event.

Within the first year of the VIVA GLAM V launch in 2004, M.A.C AIDS Fund raised $15 million, having celebrities Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Chloe Sevigny, Linda Evangelista and Boy George representing it.

The M.A.C AIDS Fund VIVA GLAM V campaign was designed by M.A.C Senior Vice President/Creative Director, James Gager and shot by photographer Michael Thompson.

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Marisa Miller,Heidi Klum: Victoria's Secret Lingerie Fitting

Model Marisa Miller participates in a Victoria's Secret fitting on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 in New York. Miller is preparing for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Miami Beach which will be broadcast Dec. 3, on CBS. This year Marisa Miller was voted for the "The Hottest Woman of This Year" and the next year we are going to see Marisa Miller on the calendar pictures. She has just taken some sexy swimsuit pictures for the new 2009 calendar.

Model and television personality Heidi Klum participates in a Victoria's Secret fitting on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008 in New York. Klum is preparing for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Miami Beach which will be broadcast Dec. 3, on CBS.

Model Miranda Kerr participates in a Victoria's Secret fitting on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 in New York. Kerr is preparing for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Miami Beach which will be broadcast Dec. 3, on CBS.

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Scarlett Johansson To Co-Host Nobel Peace Concert

Scarlett Johansson has signed on to cohost the 15th annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Dec. 11, held, as always, the day after the Nobel Prize is handed out in Norway, E! Online reported.

"We're extremely pleased Ms. Johansson will join us for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert," Geir Lundestad, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said.

"Her compassion and influence will help us tremendously in our mission of spreading the global message of peace."

Johansson's cohost for the event will be announced in coming weeks.

The show, headlined by Diana Ross, will feature performances by Feist, country star Dierks Bentley, and other internationally known artists.

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For Jessica Biel, Serious Style Is a Fashion Failure

From left: Bad hair with an Oscar de la Renta gown, an ill-fitting YSL pantsuit, and a Vuitton we-don't-know-what.

In Hollywood of late, the term "It Girl" increasingly refers to the hotness of one's ass, rather than actual talent — ergo, it's not uncommon for a B- or C-level actress to shoot straight to the A-list simply on the strength of gushy headlines about how many squats she did last week. But while having a firm bum is enviable, being known solely for your assets makes it a struggle when you want the world to pay attention to your actual résumé. Just ask Jessica Biel, who, like former fellow It Girl and name-twin Jessica Alba, is probably most famous for having a rocking body, and not much else, despite having worked steadily on middling-to-decent projects for years. But now, with the new flick Easy Virtue to promote, Biel is being asked to present herself as a serious, bankable actress, rather than just That Hot Girl Dating Justin Timberlake. And, judging by her recent fashion choices on the festival circuit, she's flailing to find that identity.

We all know that clothes don’t make the woman. But when you don't have much else to say, what you wear often does the talking for you. So it's unfortunate that Biel's first foray back into the limelight in ages — an event at the Rome Film Festival — involved decking herself out in a YSL pantsuit that said, “Welcome to KFC. Try my grandfather's Original Recipe." The suit itself isn’t terrible; we love a smart jacket and pants on a woman, and we get why Biel’s handlers wanted to avoid something too va-va-voom, especially since we’re supposed to be concentrating on her wicked acting skills. But surely it wasn’t supposed to look as though she’d dug it out of the closet of someone much taller than she is. Wouldn’t a serious actress have a better tailor? When Tilda Swinton shows up places with her extremities swathed in yards of extra fabric, she at least always looks like it’s on purpose.

Biel's next outfit — a metallic, shimmery Oscar de la Renta strapless number — nailed the fit, but was undercut by limp bangs and lackluster styling that made it look like she was actually still AT the fitting, and about to change back into her jeans and sweatshirt so she could pop over to Trevi Fountain for some sightseeing before the party. Casual can be cool, but not when you’re repeating the hairdo we’ve already seen in countless paparazzi shots also featuring sweatpants, giant Ray Bans, and a cup from Starbucks.

Unfortunately for Biel, instead of going out on a positive note, she saved the worst for last — in the form of a drop-waisted, puff-sleeved Louis Vuitton crappy black sack...thing…that she wore in London. Forget saying “I’m a serious actress.” This dress screamed “I am in mourning at an eighth-grade formal.” It monkeyed with Biel's proportions so that her torso appeared longer than her legs, and it had the air of someone who is trying desperately to look avant-garde, but isn't sure how to do it because the on-set tutors at 7th Heaven didn't teach French.

Look, we get not wanting to be known only for your booty (although if we had Jessica Biel’s butt, it would be hard to get us to put away the assless chaps). But what feels like very strenuous efforts by Biel to re-brand herself as serious, succeeded only in making her look unfocused — and, in the case of the Vuitton Hefty bag, a bit depressing. So what’s an It Girl to do? This one could start by hiring a new stylist.

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Guy Had Almost No Sex Life With Madona

Guy Ritchie had apparently told his friends that he had almost no sex life with wife Madonna as she was obsessed with her daily four-hour workout regime.

Guy is said to have made repeated pleas claiming that they should spend more time with each other but was turned down by the singer owing to her fixation with her exercising routine.

He got more and more frustrated as she spent nearly half the day working out. Afterwards she’d be too tired to make love, News of the World quoted a close pal of the couple as saying.

And towards the end Guy wouldn’t be there. He’d get fed up waiting for her and go down the pub with his mates, the pal added.

The close friend further revealed that even when the couple did indulge themselves in acts of passion, Guy reportedly felt he lay with a bunch of bones.

The friend said: After a few drinks one evening Guy said it was like cuddling up to a piece of gristle.

All the soft feminine tones have been replaced by the build of an athlete.

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First Lady Elect Michelle Obama Shocks With Narciso Dress

It has been the great news for all that Mr. Obama has been selected as the president. Following nearly a year of feverish anticipation Barack Obama has been elected as president. While all eyes were on the President Elect last night as he delivered an intensely moving acceptance speech, the world’s collective gaze soon turned to future First Lady Michelle Obama as she joined her husband on the podium in Chicago’s Grant Park. And, what they saw will likely keep the fashion world buzzing for days. Whether you loved it or hate it, Mrs. Obama’s frock choice was a red-and-black sleeveless sheath with a criss-crossed black satin cummerbund off Narciso Rodriguez’s SS09 runway definitely made a statement.

Michelle Obama’s decision to sport an American designer was no surprise; she’s been doing so with everyone from J.Crew and Thakoon to Mario Pinto throughout the campaign. But it was the latter’s significantly more conservative coral-red silk sheath with a high, pleated neckline that the most avid of Mrs. Obama’s fashion followers were predicting the future first lady would don. And, while on the aforementioned blog’s commenters went wild calling fashion foul and criticizing the choice, I’d argue Michelle Obama made her most commendable fashion statement as of yet. The dress was by all accounts unexpected, unconventional, and right on trend. Like any true fashion icon, Michelle Obama knows how to push the sartorial envelope, and how to ruffle some fashion feathers. I just can’t wait to see what’s awaiting us come Inauguration Day.

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Pitt’s Parents Upset With Jolie’s Breast Feeding Photos

Angelina Jolie’s breast-feeding pictures in W magazine have reportedly left Brad Pitts parents upset.

Father Bill Pitt refused to talk about the published photos, mum Jane Pitt has been displeased with the way the couples kids have been used for advertisement purposes.

Fox News quoted the magazine, "Brad’s dad won't talk about it that means he’s upset.

"Brad’s mom feels they're using their children as a marketing campaign tool and thinks it’s unacceptable.

The pictures of the actress, who had posed for the cover of the American fashion magazine while breast-feeding one of her 3-month-old twins, had been shot by Brad in mid-August at their French Chateau Miraval.

So, this had been a huge topic of discussion in most of the news hubs and many other news sites.

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10 Hot & Beautiful Women In the World ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Catch the World's Top 10 Sexy & Beautiful Women In the World.

1) Jessica Simpson = Best Smile

2) Jennifer Aniston = Best Hair

3) Hilary Duff = Best Lashes

4) Keira Knightley = Best Cheek

5) Angelina Jolie = Best lips

6) Jessica Simpson = Best Smile

7) Alicia Keys = Best Brows

8) Jessica Alba Best Glow

9) Rachel McAdams Having Best Skin

10) Rachel Bilson Having Best Eyes

11) Lindsay Lohan = Best All-Around

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Fashion Designing - The Then And Now

Fashion designing can be loosely defined as 'the art of creating fashionable apparel'. With the passage of time, however, the concept of 'fashion designing' has extended to other things such as fashion accessories such as jewellery, bags, footwear, etc. Keeping in mind the evolution of fashion designing, it would not be wrong to define it as 'the creation of fashion'.

Fashion designing has indeed come a long way from the mere designing of clothing. Fashion designing has evolved into a full-fledged industry today. It is well accepted as a career option all over the world. Apart from designing, there are a number of other career alternatives that have emerged in this industry with the passage of time. This article seeks to study the evolution of the industry of fashion designing the then and now.

The origin of fashion designing dates as far back as 1826. Charles Frederick Worth is believed to be the first fashion designer of the world, from 1826 to 1895. Charles, who was earlier a draper, set up a fashion house in Paris. It was he who started the tradition of fashion houses and telling his customers what kind of clothing would suit them.

During this period, a number of design houses began to hire the services of artists to develop patterns for garments. Patterns would be presented to the clients, who would then place an order if they liked them. It was during this timeframe that the tradition of presenting patterns to the customers and then stitching them began, instead of the earlier system wherein the finished garments would be presented to them.

In the beginning of the 20th century, new developments in fashion would take place in Paris first, from where they would spread to the rest of the world. New designs of clothes would be born in Paris before they found their way to other parts of the world. In other words, Paris emerged as the 'fashion capital'. 'Fashion' during this period was mostly 'haute couture', exclusively designed for individuals.

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Schwarzkopf Professional Celebrates Intl Men’s Day

Men are inherently handsome, healthy and attractive and at times to evolve these qualities, all it takes is – few experts to direct changes. With the International Men’s Day around the corner, FitnessOne and Schwarzkopf Professional got together to celebrate the resilience of every progressive man on 31st Oct 2008 with free hair makeover sessions for men at the Alwarpet, FitnessOne center.

The International Men’s Day falls on 1st of Nov and is historically deeply connected with their often risky & strenuous life that they lead in order to protect their family, elders and children. As an ode to every man, this event has been conceptualized to gift them a day of mane enrichment.

Interested ones can call 044 – 24671222 and register their names and details and fix appointments. On this occasion sisters, girl friends and wives gifted a surprise makeover to their men respectively by registering on their behalf.

The style booths at FitnessOne from Schwarzkopf Professional are all geared to tackle ones everyday hair-menace, thus giving a new lease on life with a brand new look. The male members of the gym got mane-care tips, snips and quick-style-fixes with Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium styling product –OSIS and premium care product-Bonacure coming to their aid.

A complete express makeover was also on the cards for these lucky men apart from the expert advice from the experienced, internationally trained Technical Advisor from Schwarzkopf Professional, Ankita Madan.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vivekanand, MD, FitnessOne said "We at FitnessOne have always given significance to good health but we all know that the enduring relationship between fitness and style is never-ending. The youth of India are redefining masculinity; this eminent trend is seen in the man today.

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