Recycled Fashion - Gorgeous collection of paper, cans & used jeans!

This is again one of those instances where a picture speaks a thousand words, maybe even more. It is again amazing how fashion designers across the world have found ways to use the dullest possible trash (& nearly all trash is dull anyway) to carve out some of the most beautiful creations ever known. I’m specially & pleasantly surprised by this awesome collection of clothes. Neither am I a guy who has ever been interested in fashion trends nor do I really believe that having a wide range of wardrobe helps anything. I just feel the more you have, the more you need to take care of them & that is a drag. So quite naturally a conversation regarding fashion trends barely holds my attention (So do most other things)

recycled fashion

But this is different. Denise Van Outen has teamed up with leading ethical fashion designer Gary Harvey to launch Recycle Now Week. It sports the best recycled clothing I have ever seen till date & they really are very impressive. Gary has been a designer for Levis & works wonderfully well on this recycled fashion line. They are running an exhibition on the same between 2nd to 7th November to showcase their brilliant eco-friendly designs. But you can take a front row look at them as right. So enjoy the collection.

Another look at the fabulous dress:


fashion up close


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