Rio a source & inspiration for Sandpiper collection

June 16, 2008 (Brazil)

Napoleão Funyat, owner of the Sandpiper brand, is the eternal boy from Rio and will always use the city as the source for his collections.

This 2009 summer collection brings the parties held on beaches, mixing people from all tribes, habits and fashions.

The men’s collection mixes closer-fitting pieces with voluminous ones such as tight-fitting plaid or striped shirts and sarouel pants.

Blazers with wide horizontal stripes, shorts and terry cloth pants, as well as safari jackets. For women, layers on washed out jeans, short, A-line dresses.

Prints are strongly determined by plaids and stripes of all shapes, colors and combinations. Some more organic blue and green balls in the white background also appear.

The fabrics, besides terry cloth, include serge with Elastane, plush, corduroy, voile and tricoline with dyed yarn providing a plaid pattern with less impact on the environment.

The color chart is in white, deep blue, yellow, green and violet.

Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association

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