Victor Dzenk walks the Royal Road

June 12, 2008 (Brazil)

From the white sandy beaches of Rio straight to the villages and baroque churches of Ouro Preto.

Victor Dzenk walked the Royal Road, passing through Parati, until reaching the historical cities of Minas, returning to his roots.

He brought a collection that highlights digitalized prints, with oratory floral motifs, angels, adornments, baroque ceilings, arabesques and all sorts of rococo.

The collection’s shapes portray the architecture of this style in columns, Imperial court and balloons, as well as ample dresses that recall the nightgowns of the time.

In contrast, tighter-fitting shapes provide the sensual look the Brazilian woman likes.

Light fabrics highlight the collection like jerseys, silks, silk gauzes, silk satins, lace and tulle.

The color chart is also baroque, with hues of gold, old gold, nude, emerald green, royal blue, violet, rose and black.

Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association

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