André Lima finishes fifth day of SPFW

June 24, 2008 (Brazil)

Inspiration comes from the “wings”. From butterflies to Batman, regardless, what counts is the study the brand did to generate volumes.

Volumes that finish in geometric, asymmetric points, in wings or bows. The shorter dresses are also the tighter fitting ones.

The gowns, a must in any André Lima collection, are neater cut and evasé. The incredible creativity with which the brand created unusual shapes added a conceptual freshness that united and explained the collection.

The butterfly look stands out with wings projecting from the shoulders and down the sides of the blue mini dress.

A detailed study on almost impossible shapes and their delicate adaptations.

Raw materials include satin, taffeta and jacquard. The color chart is generous and includes coral, grays, lilac, yellow, pink, navy, black and white.

Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association

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