Summer enrollment heats up as more students return to Esmod

June 23, 2008 (UAE)

According to the preliminary enrollment summary from the internationally acclaimed French Fashion University, a lot of people are staying in Dubai realizing the fun and great value of condensed education for one month only; instead of three or six months in winter.

Open for registration; summer session will start July 1st and will last for one month, offering truly sensed experience by enviable team of instructors who are set to add an entirely new dimension to one's lifestyle through interactive methodologies that gives a greater understanding of technicalities of design & garment making.

"Summer may be the time to relax and forget about tight deadlines. However, as the only fashion University in the Middle East, it is important for us to regularly expand our fashion programs to stay on top of new trends and preferences.

Summer gives students a chance to break from routine - a good intense one month course minus theory books and classes truly makes summer education a heavenly experience." said Tamara Hostal, Director, French Fashion University Esmod.

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