Lenny Niemeyer launches organic collection: birth of life

June 16, 2008 (Brazil)

Nature’s textures involve Lenny’s collection for the summer of 2008/09.

Lenny Niemeyer sought inspiration in the beginning of life, at birth.

"It is an organic collection," defines the stylist. Lenny’s proposal is to create diversified and always elegant beachwear.

Sequins emerge with differentiated, rusty treatment. Necklines are round. Bottoms are wider, better behaved.

There are models with high waists and others cut low. Single shoulder and conservative front, yet daring from behind swimwear are also present in Lenny’s summer, a brand that increasingly invests in beachwear.

The pieces have more volume and kaftans are revisited. Lycra still reigns among the fabrics.

In the color chart, Lenny uses blues, yellow, white and greens, among others.

Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association

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