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Princess Diana

Fashionable is perhaps a rather underrated word if the charismatic princess of Wales is to be thought of.

Imagine, with 3,500 people in the congregation at St. Paul's Cathedral, Another 750 million people watching the ceremony worldwide; this figure rose to a billion when the radio audience is added in, Two million spectators lined the route of Diana's procession from Clarence House.

It took 4,000 police men and 2,200 military officers to manage the crowds, all trying to have the glimpse of a merely 20 year old English female in a puffed sleeved wedding gown with a full skirt of ivory silk pure taffeta, old lace and hand embroidery incorporating 10,000 pearls and sequins. 

While Young Diana struggled to make her way up to the aisle carrying a twenty five foot train, innocent and unaware of the burden of expectations she will have to bear from here onwards.

Ever since she became a public figure from the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles, she remained the focus of constant media scrutiny in not only just the Great Britain but also around world.

With absolutely breathe taking looks and spell bounding figure Lady Diana was a picture perfect face and became an instant hit with photographers hopping around to capture her glimpses. She had been quoted as one of the most photographed face of her times by various magazines and media groups everything she wore, from her Handbags to shoes, Hats and jewelry and even jeans, was scrutinized and commented on.

In fashion Diana had a very personal style statement that reflected and blended very well with her personality, she carried the royal tag of being the crowned princess of Britain with great dignity and therefore every bit of her looks justified the amount of work and personal inputs she used to give before stepping out of the royal premises.

One such example of her impeccable aesthetics sense was seen when she famously came out wearing a pearl brooch rather as a pendant originally given to her by the Queen Elizabeth.

Before her engagement Diana wore little make-up and her dress style was not sophisticated. She liked the comfort clothes that suited her position as an assistant at the Young England Kindergarten.

From the moment of her engagement Princess Diana image was very traditional and very British. How gradually she transformed herself from once being titled as the worst dressed celebrity to the most influential fashion icons of 80-90s is evidently because of the fact that despite of consistent Diana would always remain a woman of her own: listening to advice, but following her own instincts.

By 1990 she was the world leader of fashion and knew exactly how to dress according to the occasion diplomatically.

Romantic ball room gowns

Some of the worlds most talked about gowns were owned by none other than Princess Diana.

Justifying her royal status to the fullest these exquisite ultra feminine pieces were tailored exclusively for the princess by some of her favorite designers of all the times.

During the earlier 1980s and till the 1988s Diana was like any other young British bride and her styling reflected the symptoms of shyness a newly wed carries elegance c part of her personality and life could easily be seen in her dresses specially the gowns she wore

The romantic and ultra-feminine styles and looks that the princess carried brought the fashion of romantic puffs, and flowing sleeves back in fashion.

Her gowns had immense flairs and layering done with silk and sateen along with the detailing done with delicate embroideries, laces and stones.

The highly dressing conscious Diana would always used to find ways of making her simplest of styles most exclusive and special, for example the delicate blue silk gown with layers would have been nothing more than a simple ball gown, but the way Diana carried it off with a bold flaunting silver belt right at the centre along with equally important details like her famous brooches and clutch bags in silver made her stole the show.

With time as soon as Diana gained her confidence as a young British ruler her dresses became less elaborative and more simple yet sleek, with more emphases on her charismatic personality rather than her status of being the crowned princess of Great Britain.

She had once quoted dont call me the princess, I am Diana, and from that moment onwards the wardrobe she used to have was reinvented.

The fashion she dressed in during 1989 onwards was more matured and sophisticated with great emphasis on sleek cuts and deep necklines.

Diana allowed her designers to take maximum creative advantage of her model like figure and therefore the necklines became deeper, falling shoulders, tubes bustier figure, and deep boat necklines came in, this fashion of flaunting the perfect collar bones became an instant hit.

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