Ballroom & dancewear take new turn…with new Shining Star

Shining Star is conscientious that dance schools are not just attended by the youth striving to become professional dancers, but by people of all ages who have come to enjoy the freedom of dancing. Shining Star is offering a "New Look": streamlined and flattering silhouettes that everyone can wear. When buyers first see Shining Star's dancewear collection, immediate reactions are compliments to the rich styles, luxurious fabrics, and keen eye and attention to detail, especially when compared to the industry commonly selling pieces made in lower quality material, leaving garments with raw, unfinished hems.

Contrary to the overly glitz and glitter of stage costumes as seen in televised competitions, Shining Star's approach captures the glamour of dancing with clean and fluid designs that can also be worn beyond the stage. Shining Star says, "A New Look: streamlined, flattering silhouettes that everyone can wear; affordable and wearable styles for the dance enthusiast and professional." Shining Star intended that these beautifully designed and constructed pieces be wearable from the studio to stage and beyond - from day wear to the night out - '…making YOU the Shining Star'.

Shining Star was born out of a love and tribute to the lyricism of a 25 year old skirt that the designer holds dear. Shining Star's designer Jon Murata recollects, "In the early '80s while at dance school, I was stretching when I asked a fellow dancer about the skirt she was wearing for her Pas de Deux. It was beautiful and different from all the other skirts. I was truly inspired by the movement of that skirt and wanted to create my own version." Years passed during which Murata worked as a fashion designer in New York City. With the renewed popularity of dancing on television and in the media, Jon knew the time was right to bring his dream come to fruition. 

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