Hard acts to follow by NZ Otago fashion graduates

Five fashion Designer graduates from the Otago Polytechnic School of Design, selected from a field of 21, will launch their fashion careers at the 2011 iD Dunedin Fashion Show. Their work will be unveiled on the platform of the Dunedin Railway Station on Friday 8 April and Saturday 9 April 2011.

Key Points

• Sara Dooley (22, Timaru), Rachel Webb (20, Tapanui), Amelia Boland (23, Nelson), Liz Ung (28, Dunedin) and Elise Barnes (20, Invercargill) will showcase their final-year collections alongside other established high-profile New Zealand, emerging international and new generation designers. Since 2002, the event has included a special section for graduate designers.
• Collection highlights show the use of a diverse range of textiles and recycled fabrics including a macramé dress accessorized with possum fur and leather, knitted textiles, beautiful appliquéd and hand dyed fabrics, gorgeous embroidery, quilting and a collection adorned with ruffles, lycra strips and knotted knitted fabric.
• iD Dunedin Fashion Week has helped launch the fashion careers of a number of Otago Polytechnic graduates including Anjali Stewart (2005), designer and partner with popular label “twenty-seven names”; Charmaine Reveley (2002), who manages her own successful label; Sara Aspinall (1998), with her label “Company of Strangers”; Tara Viggo (2005), now working for British fashion designer Giles Deacon in London; Roxanna Zamani (2010), bridal section winner at Mittelmoda in Italy and overall winner in the Fashion TV Online Designer Awards in 2010; and Sophie Hardy (2010), winner of the lifestyle section in the Fashion TV Online Awards in 2010 and now working for Dunedin based label Nom D.
• Watch out for more information on the 2011 iD Dunedin Fashion Week including details of International Emerging Designer Awards finalists, special guest designers, judges, VIPs and release dates for ticket sales.

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