100 Models will be chosen at Dec 11 for Project 2011

Forget the runway show and the catwalk. Say goodbye to fashion shows in which clothing is presented completely out of the context in which it was meant to be worn. Fashion Designers Bijou Champagne has a new vision, and he has created Project 2011 a two-week-long Beauty and Fashion Extravaganza to bring it to fruition.

“When a designer creates a garment,” explains Bijou, “it is meant to evoke a particular emotion in the wearer and the onlooker. Our vision is to showcase fashion in a setting that reflects this. How and where should the clothing be worn? How should it affect the community? How will a woman feel when she puts that item on? Project 2011 event will present fashions in context, in scenes meant to portray the emotion and relevance of the designs.”

Imagine, for example, a stage set with a detailed summer party scene, complete with swimming pool, barbecue and patio furniture. Models enter in swim suits and summer clothing, interacting with each other as though they’re enjoying a social event. Later in the day new props are brought out, and the scene turns into a cruise ship deck, where formally attired models are arriving for a dinner dance.

Various techniques will be used to add to the realism of the scenes, such as wind blowing, water falls, clouds, bright day, dark skies and more. Creative sound effects will be designed for each scene, to further enhance the visual impact and atmosphere created. All sound used during the show will be performed live (no DJs).

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