MANGO – Isabeli Fontana, the brand's new image

MANGO, Spain’s most international fashion brand, has entrusted Isabeli Fontana as the image for its new Autumn campaign. The firm has chosen the beautiful model for her extraordinary beauty and naturalness. Her style represents the ideal woman that MANGO wishes to dress: an urban, working and independent woman.

The photo shoot took place in a studio in Paris under the orders of the acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson, who managed to immortalise the exotic beauty of Isabeli to perfection. The model, who said that she felt very honoured and satisfied with this collaboration as the new image of MANGO, declared: I had a great time working with Terry. He is really great because he lets me move and be myself in order to create this person, this stylish, yet modern and dynamic woman. Consequently, it is always a pleasure to be around him. The styling was done by Anastasia Barbieri, while the make-up and hair styling was the responsibility of Charlotte Tilbury and Christiaan, respectively. 

The Brazilian model was photographed over a white background to emphasize the creativity of Terry Richardson and, above all, to make the clothes the main protagonist. The outfits reveal a sexy woman who is able to combine her masculine and feminine side to perfection. The colour palette focuses on black tones with white touches in the prints.

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