Art Institutes students shine at Student Studio: Bonnaroo

A combination of art and talent exploded as The Art Institutes students worked behind the scenes at the 2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, June 9 – 12 in Student Studio: Bonnaroo. Student Studio: Bonnaroo is a first-of-its-kind partnership, through which students from Art Institutes schools contributed creative services to North America’s largest music festival. Art Institutes students embarked on a series of 15 festival projects ranging from creating merchandise design, to shade structure design concepts to a sustainable fashion line.

As festival attendees took in sights and sounds, Student Studio: Bonnaroo was in full effect as The Art Institutes students were busy putting final touches on dress for the first-ever Bonnaroo eco-friendly fashion show, setting up animations for the festival big screens, arranging artists’ dressing rooms, and ensuring the Bonnaroo merchandise was ready to be bought as souvenirs.

Other students saw their visions brought to life: Industrial Design students watched festival goers enjoy some shade under their shade structure design which was built on the Bonnaroo site, and Graphic Design students watched their designs walk by them on fans’ t-shirts.

Chris Issaq of Superfly Marketing Group, Bonnaroo’s marketing and partnerships division, remarked on The Art Institutes students’ presence at the festival, “The students became part of the Bonnaroo team. In truth, they were from the start. Cut from the same cloth with tremendous creativity and passion for building the ultimate experience for our community.”


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