Lady Gaga To Write Fashion Column Books

Lady Gaga does not hide her love of fashion, so it is nice to see that she will get the chance to write about it in a magazine. V Magazine has hired Gaga to write for their upcoming summer issue’s fashion column. Here is what Gaga tweeted about the news.
Lady Gaga

Are you happy that Lady Gaga gets a chance to write about fashion now? I wonder if she will wind up designing her own fashion line? Or at least team up with a bigger label for a smaller collection? She clearly adores fashion, so I don’t see why she won’t end up one day designing her own line.

Are you planning to buy the magazine to see what she wrote? I have a feeling that it won’t be long until she publishes a book about her fashion tips. She could quickly become as a well of known fashion icon as Victoria Beckham.

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