REISS introduces 'Elements' with Jamie Morgan

For the launch of the Autumn Winter Collection REISS has collaborated with renowned photographer and filmmaker, Jamie Morgan, to create an artistic short film that highlights the feel and aesthetic of the upcoming collection.

"This season is a step forward for Reiss with a collection we are really excited about. Showing our key products in this new and innovative way felt right for where we are going, as a way of capturing all the energy and excitement that is apparent throughout every aspect of our brand. And generally, if we're this excited about it, I'm confident that our customers will be too." - David Reiss

David Reiss understands what his brand DNA is about as he has been successfully making innovative decisions at the helm of the company for nearly 40 years. He recognized that choosing to shoot the campaign on video was a bold move and was confident that it was the right time for the brand to take this step.

The creative inspiration came as the result of an artistic collaboration with Jamie Morgan, renowned photographer and film maker who founded London's creative collective 'Buffalo' in the 1980's.

The 'Buffalo' collective changed the nature of image making through its pioneering work in The Face. His sense of exploration and creative instincts then brought him to explore moving images which translated into a series of short but beautifully emotive films as well as portrait and documentary studies.

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