Copenhagen Fashion Week kicks off with two amazing shows

The goddess Gefion, who according to Nordic mythology is the goddess of fertility, helped give birth to one of the first shows during Danish Fashion Week 2010. The CPH Vision Show was held at the beautiful Gefion Fountain in the Port of Copenhagen. 

About 250 fashion models sashayed designers clothes and accessories on the world's longest catwalk of about a mile at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Though the rain was coming down from the sky like the water from a fountain, the gods must have heeded the frustrations of the many guests standing under their umbrellas and waiting anxiously behind the velvet ropes for the rain to stop - because suddenly the sky brightened and the rain moved out to sea. The many umbrellas created what looked like a beautiful black flower blooming in the rain, but the flower slowly closed and guests were finally able to take their seats. 

Copenhagen fashion week and the world's greatest catwalk bring fashion on the street, and bring unique opportunities to Denmark fashion businesses," said Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish minister of economic and business affairs.

With the fountain dominating the view, the music started to play as the models stepped out from behind the fountain and walked down the runway to the sound of The Queen of the Night from the opera The Magic Flute, waving and blowing kisses to the many people who had showed up. The wavy dresses and ribboned straw hats made the show resemble an 18th century picnic - but things quickly became more 22nd century with girls in small bathing suits and futuristic sunglasses walking to the beat of contemporary electro. 

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