Color For Beauty : Black Inspiration

The mysterious, sexy and the sophisticated hue black. A black outfit gives the bold statement, "Observe me but do not interfere".

Black is a color that is often misunderstood. It is even defined as an absence of color. Both positive and negative, it is used for expressing grief, and by youngsters as rebellion. It might appear a little skeptical to think that black is an all time favorite color. But be it a punk, classy, preppy or chic style; black is the color that will make one stand out in a crowd. It is a dark color that absorbs more light, and makes the wearer look even hotter. A silent and concealing shade, black is a mixture of many other colors.

Black is a timeless color and is regarded as the most stylish hue in the world of fashion. A dramatic black outfit gives a thinner appearance to the wearer and is mostly a preferred choice of creative people. In the commercial society, black is considered as a hue representing power and authority. With regards to formal wear, no color is acceptable as black. This hue is considered as the most elegant choice. This silent, and dictating shade s flattering to all skin tones and body types and gives an elegant look.

The Fashion Spotlight:

In the world of fashion, black is used to add a touch of mystery to outfits. It gives a visually slimming effect to clothing. Dark charcoal gray, and dark brown are also used as a substitute for black. Black is a color that matches with every light color. It makes other colors appear brighter. This hue blends well with jewel-toned shades of red, green, blue and white. It offers a conservative look when matched with gray, or light blue.

The upsurge of black as a noticeable color in the fashion segment was the result of creativity of the fashion houses in Paris, and London. The Little Black Dress introduced by Chanel brought a new inspiration to this color. Later, Christain Dior made the black afternoon dress and jacket. During the 90s, wearing a black outfit for a party was considered as a high society fashion in cities like Paris, and London. Black thus became a fashion of high society. Later with the passage of time, the color was adopted as a staple color in any fashionable gathering. 

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