Kingfisher Calendar 2011

Six ravishing beauties make the most of exotic Mauritian locales in this year’s Kingfisher Calendar.

January: Kingfisher Calendar girl 2011 Angela Jonsson heralds a new beginning as the world steps into a New Year amidst the beautiful landscape of Mauritius.

February: Lisa Haydon welcomes the Sun in yogic style as the winter gets ready to say a goodbye. With the blue waters of Mauritius and a matching sky, the summer gets ready to make a perfect entry.

March: As summer steps in, a splash of water is a welcome relief so says Anjali Lavania.

April: When the King of Fruits steps in, the summer peaks. Fiona Thomas lolls on the white stands in a mango-orange swimsuit.

May: Hot and sultry Lisa Haydon sizzles on sun-kissed Mauritius shores.

June: Cherlotte Lohmann waits for the monsoon with all eagerness.


July: Ahh.. the monsoon breeze is soothing. Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011 Angela Jonsson ambles on the sands in an aquamarine blue bikini.

August: The end of monsoon makes the season an ideal time to wander. Cherlotte Lohmann saunters around with the big cats

September: Amidst dunes, the month is ready for a fresh beginning. Anjali Lavania signals the arrival of September with a splash of colours.

October: A season when life springs to action. Lisa Haydon sets the ramp on fire.

Nov: Cherlotte Lohmann on a fast lane with a couple of Cheetahs as the world gets ready to welcome another year.

December: With the winter all set to come in, a bit of sunshine works magic on the body. Lisa Haydon says it in style.

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