Filippa K S/S collection gives sensual yet manly look

Men's Spring Summer 2010 collection represents Filippa K AB in its casually relaxed approach to men’s dressing – to play around and to mix and match the different pieces for an individual look. There is a balance of classic tailoring and modern styling, where the garments have a softer and more drapey yet elegant cut. New basics feel more important than ever, ranging from the perfectly cut chino and the modern fit polo shirt to the sporty nylon jacket and the timeless car coat.

Florida of the 1980’s with its easy-going mood and breezy feel has been a major source of inspiration. The juxtaposition of masculinity, lightness and playfulness in colour and cut, gives a look that is sensual yet manly and relaxed with a hint of glamour. Softly tailored suits mixed with casual t-shirts and espadrille style shoes sums up the mood.

To get that crumpled laid back look, most of the fabrics are pre-washed. The casual look can be found on cotton summer suits, as well as shirts ranging from classic white styles with rolled up sleeves to brighter tropical check patterns and sand washed silk. Jersey tops are either relaxed pastel t-shirt styles with generous necklines and button fronts or more sophisticated with collars and detailing. Linen is a summer favourite, ranging from sloppy knits and jersey tops to elegant summer suits. 

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